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D'Pizza / The customer is wrong!

1 United States

To whom it may concern. I called in to order a pizza on Sunday September 9th at 4:59pm, 2007. Normally, I order a large pizza and have it delivered. The pizza quality has always been good and I've not had any problems with the last 6 pizzas I've ordered. Today, I decided to try carryout for the first time since it's still daylight out. When I talked to the person answering the phone calls I said, "Hi, I'd like to order a pizza. Do you have any specials going on?" He responded, "Yes. . . large. . . or two medium one toppings for 19.99." I said "cool, I'll take the two mediums." He responded, "for delivery" or "where do you live" or something to that effect? I said no no, I'll come by and pick it up. He said about 15-20 min. I said, "cool, I'll be there in about a half and hour." When I arrived at approximately 5:30pm I handed the cashier(same guy I talked to on the phone) my credit card and he handed me the receipt. As he wrung up my card, I noticed that the receipt had come to a total of 26.?? I mentioned that I thought it was 19.99 for the special, and he replied, "That's only for delivery." I was agast! I had ordered two pizzas instead of my normal 1 large because of the special I thought I was getting. Then I was paying extra for the privilege to pick up my own pizza? Immediately I was indignant. The guy seemed calm, as if people pay extra to pick up their own pizzas all the time. I said, "You think I drove down here, just so I could pay extra for my pizza?" He was silently calm. I said, "the guy I talked to on the phone didn't say it was only for delivery. I said are you the guy I talked to on the phone?" He said, "You asked about delivery specials." I said, "No, I asked what your specials were." Then I said, "well I don't want them them then, and stood up from my chair and just looked at the guy in astonishment, waiting for him to respond." He said,"Ok, here you go" and handed me my card back. I walked out disappointed. After walking outside and reaching my car, I felt upset. I came to order a pizza, got into an argument, and now I'm upset and have no pizza. I thought, ok, even if it's an ego killer, I should go back in and work this out. I walked in and said, "Look, I don't want this to be me upset and you guys upset." He said, "Is it?" I said, "Well, yeah, you're telling me that as a business, you'd rather have it end up like this? He said, "You think I tried to rip you off?" I said, "Well, not necessarily, but if it was a mistake, I think it was a mistake that you made, not one that I made (referring that he didn't tell me the special was only for delivery)." He said, "I'll take the blame; I'm a big boy." I shook my head as I walked out. I would gladly have purchased my usual large pizza instead of the two. The only reason I bought the two pizzas was because I thought they were on special. Had I not been so upset, when I arrived to pick up the pizzas, I would have said, "Ok, charge me the 19.99 and deliver them, I'll meet you at my house." I would have been happy if he wanted to sell me just one of the pizzas. Any win win would have been great. Instead, two pizzas are dead in the window, two people are upset(maybe just me), and I'm without the best pizza on the island. If this goes to the same guy that I talked to on the phone and in person. Hey man, do you think it makes more sense that I was trying to rip you off by coming to pick up my pizza, but get special delivery pricing, which is cheaper? Or do you think, from my perspective, that you might be trying to rip me off my getting me to order a larger order by saying it's on special, then when I arrive saying it's not, because I came to pick it up and didn't have it delivered???? That doesn't make any sense. I give you the benefit of the doubt, that you made a mistake and that you weren't trying to rip me off. I didn't make a hearing error over the phone, but if I did make a mistake and didn't hear you say that the special price was only for delivery, why do you think I would pay more to come pick up a pizza? Wouldn't you emphasize that the price is only for delivery or something? Surely, when I show up you would give the customer the special delivery rate since it costs the business nothing to do that. I'm sorry it ended up this way and I'm sorry I got indignant so quickly. That being said, I really hope, for my sake, the guy I talked to isn't the manager, because I love D'Pizza Pizza and I would like to patronize it again in the future.


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