DP Exclusive Design Inc / This guys is on drugs he will steal your money to get his fix and abandon your job

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All of you who have been ripped off by this guy David Partiel DP Exclusive design inc deluxe remodeling here is what you should do .

1st file a claim against him personally with the sherifs department/ LAPD for diversion of funds, grand theft, fraud not every thing is a civil matter and if the officer at the front desk tells you so ask to speak to the commander.Insist on filling a criminal complaint .

2nd file a claim against his bonding company HCCS was is bonding Company up until they received so many complaints and paid out on my claim that they would not renew his bond . (dp Exclusive design) remember it makes no difference that they cancelled his bond and that dp is no longer with that insurance company .If you were harmed by that ### David and he had a bond at the time you can file against the bond .
Deluxe remodeling is still bonded with HCCS (601 south Figueroa Blvd Los Angeles .Ca
Dp exclusives bond information I do not have just get onto the CSLB.GOV website plug in partiel david and all his information will come up .

3rd be strong in numbers partiel has numerous law suits and police reports filled against him

One of the attorneys representing a client OF DAVIDS WHO WAS LEFT OUT TO DRY (information Below)

I am a lawyer in Beverly Hills and am representing a homeowner that is suing DP Exclusive for many of the same types of things that, apparently, they did to you.

Could you please contact me so that I could learn more about your problems? Thank you very much.

Sepehr Daghighian
As you have been subjected to DP Exclusive Design's 'handy work', I was wondering if you could furnish me with a letter stating exactly what happened, how you pursued him (David Partiel), and if you had any positive results in the end. I would like to take this to arbitration, and possibly to court... as we might be dropping arbitration as a result of him placing illegal liens. Any help in painting an ugly picture of this thief would be muchly appreciated.
Kindest Regards,
-Adam Chiplinsky

I can provide you with additional customers that have been swindled By David Partiel of course David blames every one else .
What an idiot this guy is he needs to pay back everyone he as harmed.
He is abandoning jobs after having pocketed the money.and not finishing them or doing them with no permits .and no inspections .

May be you can all hire one attorney so your costs wont be so high

4th Go to small claims sue him for $5, 000.00 win your case, win his appeal witch you know he will. Then send your judgement to the CSLB in Sacremento they will give him 90 days to satisfy the judgment or yank his license .

5th send your small claims award to his bonding company and ask for payment .

if I can be of any further help please contact me at

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  • Dp
      Aug 21, 2009

    The real DP Exclusive Design:

    1. A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (visit our website and click on left yellow BBB block logo to find link and verification)
    2. All licensing, bonding, and insurance up to date and can be verified by the Contractors State Licensing Board by going to this link:
    3. Good standing with the League of CA Homeowners:
    4. Great customer reviews and testimonials on our web page:

    If anyone would like to contact our company to have any questions answered about the above situation, we would be more than happy to answer any concerns. Patrick Wachs (known on this site as “helpshutdownDPExclusiveDesign” and “getyourmoneyfromDavidPartiel”) was employed with our company in early 2008 for a short time. He was let go from our company for being unreliable, intimidating and frightening clients –to the extent that clients were requesting he wouldn’t step foot on their property any longer, and for stealing personal belongings from a client’s property. Since then Patrick has tried blackmailing and threatening the company and using websites like this for his plan.

    Be aware that the posting above is by Patrick Wachs and not other individuals named on the posting. This alone is illegal by misrepresenting another person and for falsifying information. Patrick provides his email at the bottom, but you can tell this is ONE posting. Besides using other people’s names to misrepresent, he has also been taking my rebuttals to his postings and replaced his name with mine. In doing this he is making me seem like I am the one with the drug problems, the one who steals and so much more. You can tell just by reading the posting above that this man is unstable. A person who uses other people’s names to hide behind, just goes to show what they are saying is unreliable and fabricated.

    Patrick Wachs doesn’t know about laws, the laws that us other respectable citizens live by because he is careless. He has a long record of offenses and has already been in jail. The LA Times wrote an article on him when he served time in 1999: He has obviously not learned his lesson from jail time. He is NOT a licensed contractor and is representing himself on social networks as a “Independent Construction Professional.”

    Anyone can post anything online. I could post anywhere that the sky is green and you know that you’ll have people who believe this, run outside and check! So I am here to provide the truth, the evidence that the sky is blue. Verify information anytime you plan on doing work with anyone. Patrick has this right – that you should look someone up to see their records, but not using unreliable sources like these websites, but going straight to the source; The Better Business Bureau, Cotractors State Licensing Board, League of CA homeowners, customers (who are willing to be contacted for references on our work).

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and consider which side you want to believe as truth; the side written by an unstable individual who’s a criminal and con-artist or The State and other established and reliable resources? Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

    David Partiel

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