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DownloadsForIpod.com / Fraud and cheating!

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I was under the impression that this was the itunes website and believed I had to pay £40 to down load i tunes (which I have now found out can be done for free!). I gave my credit card details to take this amount. However a fee of £88 was taken and since then a further £92 has been taken. I was conned out of £40 and have been robbed of £120. I see CSinfosite has been doing this to many others, if you have had similar experience to this, let it be known and maybe they can be prosecuted. I am in negotiation with the bank!!

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  25th of Jan, 2008
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the same i have paid out 53.00 pound for nothing and had no use of it and cannot get my money back off my c/c and have no number to get un touch with them .
  4th of Feb, 2008
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Yes I agree there is no number to contact and talk to a human being. I am very disappointed having parted with £70.00. I would like to know what the company is planning to do.
  8th of Feb, 2008
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I was also robbed they add a virus protection software for £18 extra i managed to get a refund on the £18 but correspondance stopped when i asked for the further £53 i am still waiting to get my money back i am realising this will not happen not happy. Also my bank wont help as i gave my details.
  21st of May, 2008
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I have been robbed it started out at £35.94 and ended up at £63.72.this site needs to be exposed for the fraud it is.
  8th of Aug, 2008
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I agree with everything above and fortunately my fiance told me about it after I forwarded the receipt email to him and have immediately cancelled my card and called the credit card company to dispute and take the money back from them as soon as it's posted.

I hate the feeling of being robbed and violated. And will do everything I can to get the money back.
  23rd of Aug, 2008
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I agree totally with the following people, This website in a fraud and has conned me and other people out of money.my advise is not to use it.im at the minute contacting the fraud squad about been done out of 70 euro.
  24th of Mar, 2009
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Thought i had bought into i-tunes for downloading mp3. But gave my bank details, and in my next next statement was billed € 56.28.
Contacted my Bank who then told me that it could be a direct debit and could happen again in a years time.
Found out to late that i-tunes is a free download.
  15th of Apr, 2009
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Thought i had bought into i-tunes for downloading Iphone.
I have been robbed out at €40.11
This site needs to be exposed for the fraud it is.
Found out to late that i-tunes is a free download.
  25th of Aug, 2009
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DownloadsForIpod.com - riped off
United Kingdom

I was downloading itunes as i thought and payed £43.89 it was`nt till they sent a email i realize it w. as`nt itunes.i have`nt been able to get on this site or contract anyone. Also 4days later they tryed to take £46.97 i rang my bank and they stop this payment they told me to watch my account
  2nd of Sep, 2009
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Well, this is a massive rip-off, and I have NO interest in music downloads, what I paid £4.95 for a trial period with them for a geaneology web-site and now I find I have now been charged for £65.97p, i will be contacting my bank, surely with what I've read, someone or some organisation surely must be aware of this and the fact that they're web site finishes this year, there is no phone, e-mail, so contact is out of the question.
I don't suppose... no, they are rip-off merchants.forget it.

  23rd of Dec, 2009
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We are posting here in order to assist you in resolving any issues. As we pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service, we invite you to please use the link below in order to contact our team directly. We assure you that we will provide an appropriate response in a timely manner.


Looking forward to assisting you!

Best regards,
Customer Service
  29th of Dec, 2009
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can't believe I fell for them too!!!
  21st of Sep, 2012
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We too have been duped having paid $83.78 Australian Dollar
We got nothing!
Not good enough
There should be some protection in place against these companies/persons who rip off the community

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