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Dowdle Gas / Policy

1 DeFuniak Springs, FL, United States
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I signed up with Dowdle Gas in January 2008 I explained I had a 35ft motor home that when I ordered gas for my home it would need gas sometimes as well they told me they could do that. I ordered my tank, (paid for the tank rental and gas) and ordered gas for my motor home. I ordered gas for my home throughout the year no problem. My son who lost his job in November (the business he worked for closed) moved into my motor home with his girlfriend and pets (2 mini daushounds) in January. I ordered gas for my motor home and home in January 2009 (400.00) including the tank rental again. I called and told Dowdle since I did not know how many gallons our motor took I could pay them with my debit card the girl told me not a problem. They delivered my gas on Thursday (the only day they deliver to my area), I called at 8 am Friday morning and gave them my debit/credit card number to pay for it. I called today for the same thing and they came knocked on the motor home door and told my sons girlfriend that they needed the money for the gas. She called my husband and I called Dowdle gas where Daniel informed me that my account was COD I could pay for it with a card now(I am at work) my purse is in my car, or the next time i could leave a blank signed check made out to dowdel gas under my tank. He then said that the gas man would be back in my area the next day and i could give him a check or use my card at that time. Stupid Me I thought since i had not ever given them and bad check and had paid for my gas everytime i got it that they would put the gas in my tank and i would give the driver my card number the next day, WRONG. My husband got home and let me know we had NO gas. I called Dowdle again and talked to Daniel AGAIN and was told POLICY AGAIN and explained how things were done in the past where i was informed he was not the manager at that time. They came back out at 5:30 tonight DID NOT fill the motor home, i explined these kids would be out of gas and had no way to cook, he didn't care. I talked to the driver and was informed that the driver was JUST INFOMED of that policy and was instructed NOT to fill my motor home. I don't mind playing by the rules but let me know the rules first. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DOWDEL GAS THEY CHANGE POLICY WHEN IT SUITES THEM AND ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND WILL LET YOU GO HUNGRY OR COLD RATHER THAN HELP YOU!!! Oh his other solution was they would charge my card for what they thought it would cost and credit my account anthing over that, or fill it just to that amount reguardless of what the amount they filled it to was. So if i pay for 30 gallons and it only took 20 they would credit it or if i paid for 30 and it took 40 they would only put 30. WHAT DOES FILL MEAN TO YOU?


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