Double Tree; Tampa Airport / Sexual harrasment

1 Tampa, FL, United States

If you are a woman and enjoy being hit on and asked out by the front desk management team, this is the place for you!! First let me say I am a diamond member at Hilton property and travel weekly for busines. I am an attractive 33 year old woman so, I get my fair share of guys in restaurants and bars hitting on me. However this one is a manager at the Tampa, FL Doubletree hotel and creeped me out because he has a key to my room and slid a note under my door at night.

Waiting about 15 minutes for the shuttle to take me over to the international mall, the front desk manager tells me he will take me because the shuttle is at the airport still. This is great customer service, right! Till we get in the van and he tells me how pretty I am and starts to ask me about what im doing that night and then the next night. He actually came out and asked me if I wanted some company when he gets off... (Really?) I let him know I was good and was polite in my rejection of his company.

When I get back to my room at about midnight im getting ready for bed and at about 12:30am there is a note slipped under my door! The note is from him! The front desk
manager, the guy who has a key to my room! It again tells me that he wishes he could have joined me that night and he gives me his personal cell phone number and a free drink on him at the bar!

I have to say, a stranger in a bar, doesn't know what room im in, and doesn't have access to the key. How can I even sleep in this place when I know this creep has a key and can gain access to my room at any time. This is so unprofessional and makes me worry about even staying at this property again as who's to say he wont try to get in my room on my next visit. So ladies if you want harassment and getting picked up from a place that has a key to your room, this is the Tampa, FL Doubletree hotel for you!

Lastly, my boyfriend who met me the next day, sat down with the Assistant GM the next day to show him the note and inform the upper management about this incident. The Assistant GM assured us he would look into the matter and call us to bring our mind at ease that the member of his staff was at least spoken to about this. We never received a call. My boyfriend called the Assistant manager and the GM to discuss a week later and left voice messages for both men and, again no call. This must not be important to the upper management at this Tampa, FL Doubletree. Would they react differently if the guy entered my room? Would they react differently if he touched me in the van when we were one-on-one?

Needless to say, I want to warn other women about this place, STAY AWAY they are creeps and obviously the upper management condones this type of behavior at the Tampa, FL Doubletree.

Double Tree; Tampa Airport

May 19, 2015

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