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Double J Boomloading / unpaid

1 10538 Road P.5, Warden, WA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 5097500037

Claims to be employer pays under the table and does not deduct taxes. Overcharges for product. Did not pay me and hid monies from his exwife. Claims to be married to a woman who controls all of his business and accounting. does not report her wages to the federal government. sold equpment and did not report to federal government.

Feb 16, 2015
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  • Ha
      23rd of Apr, 2016

    Annettekaye casady
    3 hours agoeditedpublic
    Johnny and I were chatting this morning and he asked about the lawsuit in id against candalee parker... I said "oh it a bill" he said "166 that's not very much" I said "yea but it is proof she just refuses to do what is right and pay her way" then I said "the attorney can't get candalee served so I sent him the address I have to find her" he said "you told the attorney where she is?" I said "yep" then we talked about and my promise to candalee that her behavior would be on page #1 for the world to know who and what she is. I am very happy with the search results when her name is searched. johnny kind of giggle and said "what is page 1" I said the "it is the place that I tattle on candalee" before this mess is over she will pay back the stolen money and return my name for me to use as I see fit" so candalee parker page 1 this morning hell yea!!! stolen id’s are still active and stolen $5000 still not returned so this proves candalee is still a thief… she has new id’s and a cell phone was posted in iowa (not sure if it is her but her name is basically very unique and when having affairs and embezzling money a new id might be needed) minimomaz newest email [protected] @clparker430 @codyschult @caitlinkaser @parkercandalee @dressagequeen61 @tgclparker candalee parker 4/30/1961 ammon id idaho falls id or queen creek az married to thomas g parker is still a thief and liar c parker [protected] minimomaz newest email [protected] thomas-candalee parker

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  • Ca
      8th of Oct, 2017

    @Harassment Lawsuit PDF completed and forwarded to legal.

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  • Ha
      18th of Jul, 2016

    Actually Mrs. Casady-Reynolds is misinformed. The actual judgment amount was $1250 and NOT $166. As you can read from her statement, this woman is mentally incapacitated and intent on ruin of my family and myself. This judgment was a medical bill that was not paid by our medical insurance and one that we missed to pay. Since my husband is critically ill, this woman is a sad case in her attempt to taunt and twist the facts to suit her disorganized and cluttered life. We are grateful for such posts and we are sure there are more to come!

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  • An
      18th of Jul, 2016

    Pdf done

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  • Bu
      10th of Sep, 2017

    Updated on civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc against annettekaye casady bedwell and husband, brandon m bedwell: damages award has been granted to candalee & thomas g parker by the judge in bonneville county for defamation and slander which is written in these posts! now on to the next item to be asked for! harassment and stalking to be addressed next! annettekaye casady bedwell has posted that she is part owner of double j boomloading and is a forensic accountant with no college training.

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  • Ca
      3rd of Oct, 2017

    Updated on civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc against annettekaye casady bedwell and husband, brandon m bedwell: damages award has been granted to candalee & thomas g parker by the judge in bonneville county for defamation and slander which is written in these posts! now on to the next item to be asked for! harassment and stalking to be addressed next! annettekaye casady bedwell has posted that she is part owner of double j boomloading and is a forensic accountant with no college training.

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  • Ca
      3rd of Oct, 2017

    Annettekaye bedwell

    Off to othello for a couple days... perfect... plans for dinner and dancing... what a glorious fall we are in. love the tractor as we prepare for the water to be off... this is the beginning of time together as his days are shorter of work and more me time. only a couple months of down time. so happy my schedule is free up for snow birding. so happy harvest checks make it available. hard working farmers make great paychecks. love fall it is my favorite. love my johnny ray

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  • Ca
      8th of Oct, 2017

    off to othello for a couple days... perfect... plans for dinner and dancing... what a glorious fall we are in. love the tractor as we prepare for the water to be off... this is the beginning of time together as his days are shorter of work and more me time. only a couple months of down time. so happy my schedule is free up for snow birding. so happy harvest checks make it available. hard working farmers make great paychecks. love fall it is my favorite. love my johnny ray


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  • Tg
      6th of Nov, 2017

    Annettekaye bedwell
    Nov 6, 1:29 pm
    A good abuser always tries to dig at another the narcissistic abuser can not make the jump from doing this is abusive and look I just did that... that is the problem the narcissist can not see their personal behavior as black or white... name calling is wrong yet the narcissist uses it... hitting is wrong yet the narcissist justifies it... stealing is wrong yet the narcissist believes they deserve to steal the hard work of others... the narcissist can be shown in black and white their behavior and still it is ok for them to do exactly as they scream don't do that to me... the latest of my bully was to create a web page in my name... she literally took me to court because I had created a web page about her and screamed I am the victim... then she goes on to create a web sight called annettekaye bedwell... she tells the judge of the extreme emotional distress my web page caused her and then attempts to inflict that pain on me... well to her surprise it really doesn't effect me at all... everyone in the circle knows me and who I am and her little attempt to disgrace me is only a reflection of her narcissistic personality... and it creates more people to not trust her, even hate her... the narcissist can not help themselves... they have a mental illness that has a name and a definition. it is written in medical books and discussed by some of the greatest minds in the world. each and every time she acts out I ponder the disease she fights everyday. narcissists are obsessed with the lies they tell and the drama they cause for others. and my narcissist hangs in wait to see what lie I will expose next... and that is the fuel to her personality... she has to prove she is better but with lies she proves me right... she has to get the last word in... which shows I am the winner... she abuses daily and her bragging rights prove she is less than those she is abusing. I always check her and this week it was amazon that told me the truth... isbn numbers she published don't exist and the new book she just wrote and published is not in amazons library... amazon sells books so they do the seo work for their authors... even in interrogatories she refused to provide her hundreds of published materials... because they don't exist... it is extreme mental illness that creates her to need to lie, get the last word in, and create a person she is not. when will she quit??? when will she move on to positive points in life??? when will she not be obsessed with me??? according to medical findings she will never quit. her brain does not work in a world of right and wrong... her brain works to survive against all evil even when no evil exists. she is not capable of seeing life as a list of facts... but in all the caos she is correct in her deep belief that people don't like her... people don't trust her... people avoid her... people chat with each other about the abuses she has inflicted... people try to stay clear of her wrath... so even in extreme mental illness she is correct about those facts. today she said rotten things... she has a web sight in my name... and she has no published books or articles... and today johnny still loves me... respects me... chats for hours with me... plans dinner with me... teases my children... and holds me up during trying times... today my husband still adores me... my children still turn to me... my bills are paid... and her attorney wants to dismiss... because he finds this case dismiss able... not as winnable as he once thought it was... dismissed the papers attorneys use to quit... so johnny quit her, and now her attorney has asked to quit her... so do we yet have a winner??? yep we do but the narcissists mind can't comprehend it. as she reads this she will be mounting a new attack, a list of pity party favors, she will justify each and every thing I wrote, and her obsession will create her to act out... she will lash out at me with more lies and she will try to convince the world she is right and I am wrong... funny thing is all I have to do is tell the truth and her character is relieved. I always ask how long did it take for you to stalk my page??? 12:21 pst 11-6-2017 minutes from now her attack will go viral. sometimes it takes an hour. but never can she go a day without attacking me... her mental illness forces her to dig jab insult lie and stalk me.

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  • An
      9th of Nov, 2017

    Judgment for damages for plaintiffs

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  • An
      22nd of Nov, 2017

    The posts by mrs parker, canda, candalee, mr parker, bullied in idaho, and harassment lawsuit are not true. there are lies, defamation, and harassment in them. even the id court case did not go as she describes. if you would like all the facts please email me directly at annettekaye at annettekaye dot com

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  • Ca
      25th of Nov, 2017

    @annettekaye The Idaho Case did go as planned and is the first of its kind in defense and damages judgment against defamation and slander by Mrs. AnnetteKaye Bedwell. A permanent injunction has been granted, damages, and Mrs. Bedwell's motions completely thrown out for lack of evidence. Since Mrs. Bedwell is not suppose to mention my name or my husband's per the permanent injunction, this post will be brought to the attention of our attorney and the court. If you wish further information, please contact [protected]

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  • Ca
      9th of Dec, 2017

    Another wonderful rant by mrs. annettekaye bedwell. this posts proves, in her writing, that she is obsessed with my life and those involved in it. since I haven't even begun to put up a christmas tree, it is amazing how she knows such and who is supposedly going to be there! kudos for her! she talks of loyal to her "only" husband and yet her google plus posts boasts of undying love and admiration for another man. wow! great rant, though! thank you!

    Author: annettekaye - (united states)

    Submitted: sunday, december 03, 2017

    Hi daniel, please contact the sherriff of the county for the alleged theft (which because it is a lie and published it is defamation). benewah county sherriff phone number is 208-245-2555 and adams county sherriff phone number is 509-659-1122 I know for a fact that I have not stolen from anyone. so lets lay your claims to rest.

    I am pretty sure your name is not daniel and you are yet another alias created by a narcissist to harass me. I only have one husband. the other husband is made in the mind of the fact I just wrote the chapter about her mailing johnny and I congratulations cards in 2011. it was my daughter that got married and in her mind she twisted it up. just like the 15 year old daughter being pregnant it was in fact the 20 year old married daughter that was pregnant. it was indeed a fun chapter to write. the mind of the mentally ill is a funny thing. one husband is all I have time or love for he gets my all. unlike people who are cheating on their spouse or his spouse. your 2 sides of the story claim is funny as that was the title of her blog post today also... she also commented about "creating an army and being coward" my posts have my true legal name attached... no created friends I have lots of people that support me but I don’t play the make up the army... are you the facebook person that called her this week?

    Daniel... please contact the authorities, I do love it when they take a complaint and prove me right and the lies told wrong... that is chapter 7 all the false reports to authorities. prosecutors and law enforcement and the subpoenas I issued all prove me right and the complaints wrong. the subpoenas are chapter 9... even her friends that attack me have the same isp as her... the ones in wa state posting from az isp's and the ones in az posting with an idaho falls isp... the exact same isp's as her phone and email address. it is all revealed in my book so for everyone that has read it says it is pretty good which makes me feel great. "the last word... lies told... and my happiness anyway" by annettekaye even if I publish as a novel it is indeed filled with crazy, suspense, crimes, it seems it is a page turner. the point is my happiness anyway because I refuse to let her have that.

    Daniel, you have a wonderful day and let the reason for the season wash over you and start following his commandments and life will get better... sincerely, annettekaye bedwell (same as my husband) direct email is [protected]

    Residence of al, or, az, va, and fl, did not all go to id this weekend to decorate a christmas tree... but in the mind of... "the last word" is the important part. the key part of the narcissist’s personality is grandios thinking and telling lies to make themselves feel and look better about the simple life. if all the kids and grandkids were keeping her busy she wouldn’t be on the internet writing about me. she would be busy with hugs and games and reading them books. making hot chocolate and taking snap shots.

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  • Ha
      6th of Jan, 2018

    Sierra morgan
    Member since december, 2011
    Sierra's businesses
    Crow farms
    Mesa, az 85203
    (xxx) 649-xxxx (same number as hortensegay & fred jones)

    Sierra morgan said on stevensloading (stevens business page created by sierra or hortense)
    "company owes more than $124, 000 to creditors and does not complete work as promised. there are no business ethics and should not be asked to complete work of any kind."
    January 1, 2012

    Stevensloading this page is administered by annettekaye casady (another stolen id) I never created this page nor did steven. it has comments by hortense under 3 names and sierra. january 2015 steven and I had been split up for over 2 years. never were we in business together, never was I a part of stevensloading. never did I live in warden, wa,

    Annettekaye casady
    Member since january, 2015
    Annettekaye's businesses
    Warden, wa 98857

    Annettekaye's recommendations

    January 29, 2015

    When the subpoena was returned sierra and hortense have the exact same ip address even tho they live 3 hours apart. but hortense and annettekaye also have the same ip address even tho they live over 1300 miles apart.

    In court documents for civil case #3 hortense provided sierra's mailing address in sierra vista, az I sent a letter with tracking numbers and it was returned “no address” I believe the post master in sierra vista is sure to know the address’s for the town.

    An internet protocol address (ip address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the internet protocol for communication. an ip address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

    Please note: mrs. bedwell manifests paranoia: is an instinct or thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality. paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself (e. g. "everyone is out to get me", which is an american parochial phrase). paranoia is distinct from phobias, which also involve irrational fear, but usually no blame. making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia. for example, an incident most people would view as an accident or coincidence, a paranoid person might believe was intentional. paranoia is a central symptom of psychosis. it is also a matter of personal tolerance for the individual that might be in conflict with psychiatric diagnoses.

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  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2018

    Thursday, january 11, 2018 the obsession grows but the need to find the truth should be foremost and not make up stories. this is a person who is being sued in idaho for not paying rent for nearly a year and destroying property.

    While on her own vacation

    Hortense knew my grandson had passed away 11-9-2016 and she knew the date of the funeral 11-19-2016. while she was on vacation in organ she typed up and had notarized her affidavit for preliminary injunction. what kind of a woman is so attention starved that the day after a funeral for a 7 month old she types up an affidavit for any court proceeding. and directs her attorney to file and serve papers. and her needs were while on her own vacation. that is one sad way to live a life. the shocker to the whole mess is she had a son pass away, so if she was normal she would have known the pain in my family. narcissists don't feel for others, they have no empathy for human kind. at this point hortense had shown the "need for attention" at all costs many other times. the day my dog died, the pain of olga and olga and steven's daughter, while my mother was in hospice and after her death calling dr phil, so in hortense and i's relationship the reaction to my grandsons death didn't surprise anyone. steven and I talked on the phone the day I received the papers for preliminary injunction, and like with so many other things hortense does, steven and I rationalized it "was the other hortense" in my first letter to attorney for jones I told him about "the other hortense" steven is convinced that hortense has split personality along with narcissistic personality disorder. the loving; caring; caretaker; that was dedicated to her children; that takes care of her dying husband; that is honest; sincere; hard working; respectable; god fearing; temple worthy; and passionate, person she screams about on social media and in emails steven and I have never met, seen, or witnessed. when hortense's attorney told me she couldn't attend her mother-in-laws funeral because she was to upset about and dealing with the death of her son; I sent him the two obituaries, her son passed 3-20-2010 and her mother-in-law passed 9-20-2012 which is 55 months and he was fighting my request for a 30 day continuance because I "needed to behave like an attorney". only a terribly cold and callused person would feel that way, using a 55 month example to justify behavior. I am sure attorney for jones never read the two obituaries to make the connection. and it wasn't until I received his affidavit of fee's that I was made aware of how many attorneys were working on the case. i'm sure attorney for jones did not realize the 55 months when he typed in papers that hortense couldn't attend her mother-in-laws funeral because she was dealing with her sons death. yes, he put it in public court documents. it has now been a year and 2 month since my grandson passed. I am a fully functioning part of society and my family. the difference is I don't have an unexplained need for attention. yes, I still tear up, yes I visit his grave, and yes there were angels purchased for him for christmas, at times I still ask god why? but I get up everyday and do what needs done, take care of what needs taken care of, and support my husband through his devastating facts of life.

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  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2018

    The person who is suing her contacted me via Facebook in regards to the judgment order.

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  • An
      15th of Jan, 2018

    Please note: this gives proof of mental inability and lost touch of reality of mrs. annettekaye bedwell and mr. johnny reynolds.
    Sunday, january 14, 2018
    Judge brown threw out all evidence (350, 000 pages) some proving mrs. jones perjury to the court
    annettekaye bedwell
    Full name of party filing document
    mailing address (street or post office box)

    City, state and zip code


    Email address (if any)

    In the district court for the seventh judicial district
    For the state of idaho, in and for the county of bonneville

    Hortensegay jones, fred jones,

    Annettekaye bedwell
    Annettekaye casady,

    Case no. court case #3

    Brief as a matter of law
    Response to summary judgement

    Brief as a matter of law response to summary judgement: affidavit of counsel in support of summary judgement affidavit of hortensegay jones 4/11/2017 and affidavit of fred jones 4/11/2017

    1. dismissed with prejudice
    3/18/2014 mrs. jones was awarded her dismissed with prejudice. all documents before 3/18/2014; have been involved in and ruled on by the honorable judge herrod. maricopa county superior court case number cv2013-010016

    Exhibit sjr 90 3/18/2014 case dismissed with predjudist

    2. a two year staute of limitations

    5-219. actions against officers, for penalties, on bonds, and for professional malpractice or for personal injuries. within two (2) years: the idaho statute of limitations for defamation is two years. this means that a plaintiff has two years from the time the alleged defamatory statement was made to file a cause of action against a defendant. this case was filed 9/6/2016 and served xxx so libel, slander, and defamation has a 2 year limit of liability which is 9/6/2014

    3. defamatory statements fall into two categories:

    Libel when it's written, and slander when it's spoken. regardless of which form it takes, in order to be successful in a defamation lawsuit a person must usually show that:
    1. a person made a statement; defendant has made statements
    2. the statement was published; defendant has published statements
    3. the statement caused injury; defendant has not caused any injury to plaintiffs proven
    4. the statement was false; and all statements made by defendant are true
    5. the statement didn't fall into a privileged category. defendant has only shared public or information received through freedom of information act nothing shared has been privileged.

    4. affirmative defense
    Whether it's libel or slander, there are a variety defenses available to a defendant in a defamation case. one absolute defense to defamation is consent.
    If the plaintiff consented to the publication of defamatory information about him or her, the consent is a complete defense.

    Plaintiff has given consent, in writing, or implied by re-publishing publicly, sharing publicly, contacting dr. phil, making statements to police, prosecutors, and courts that were false and defendant was forced to prove or disprove,

    Consent exhibit sjr 45 3/4/2017 reshare 8/4/2015 twitter
    Consent exhibit sjr 46 3/5/2017 reshare 10/22/2014 and 11/15/2014 twitter
    Consent exhibit sjr 48 3/6/2017 mrs jones retweeted 10/30/2014, 10/30/2014, 10/30/2014, 10/30/2014, 10/30/2014, 11/5/2014, 11/7/2014, 11/10/2014, 11/10/2014, 11/13/2014, 11/14/2014, 11/14/2014, 11/14/2014, 11/14/2014, 11/14/2014, 11/19/2014, 11/24/2014, 1/2/2015, 1/15/2015, 1/19/2015, 1/19/2015, 1/19/2015, 1/19/2015, 1/19/2015, 1/19/2015, 7/26/2015, 7/26/2015, 8/3/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 8/4/2015, 11/29/2015, 11/29/2015, 11/29/2015, telling google bing avg yahoo look at this it is important and needs to make page 1.
    Consent exhibit sjr 79 10/26/2012 mrs jones check out my blog consent
    Consent exhibit sjr 80 10/26/2012 consent
    Consent exhibit sjr 81 10/27/2012 consent and harrasment
    Consent exhibit sjr 82 10/27/2012 consent
    Consent exhibit sjr 85 10/29/2012 please send it to my bishop
    Consent exhibit sjr 86 10/29/2012 concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 87 10/29/2012 mrs jones shaing blog consent
    Consent exhibit sjr 95 10/29/2012 concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 96 10/29/2012 concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 97 10/29/2012 concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 101 8/8/2016 mrs jones resharing
    Consent exhibit sjr 102 7/21/2016 intimidation from mrs jones about my faith resharing
    Consent exhibit sjr 103 7/19/2016 resharing and stalking
    Consent exhibit sjr 104 7/19/2016 mrs jones resharing her mugshot concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 105 7/6/2016 mrs jones reshare 75 posts concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 106 7/6/2016 mrs jones reshare concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 107 7/6/2016 mrs jones reshare concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 108 6/26/2016 mrs jones reshare concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 109 6/26/2016 mrs jones reshare concent
    Consent absolute exhibit sjr 113 10/31/2012 mrs jones absolute concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 114 10/31/2012 resharing concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 115 10/31/2012 sent to everyone I know concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 117 11/1/2012 concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 118 11/1/2012 added to be friends
    Consent exhibit sjr 119 11/1/2012 concent
    Consent absolute exhibit sjr 120 11/1/2012 with in one hour concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 133 7/29/2015 concent resharing
    Consent exhibit sjr 134 7/29/2015 resharing stolen id
    Consent exhibit sjr 136 8/2/2015 concent resharing
    Consent exhibit sjr 139 8/4/2015 resahing concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 144 8/5/2015 using stolen id's and reshaing
    Consent exhibit sjr 100 8/28/2016 mrs jones following me
    Consent exhibit sjr 110 6/25/2016 mrs jones adds me as a friend
    Consent exhibit sjr 111 6/24/2016 mrs jones reshares concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 112 10/31/2012 sharing blog concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 132 4/24/2015 new blog
    Consent exhibit sjr 142 8/4/2015 reshaing concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 143 8/5/2015 concent mrs jones sharing stolen id's
    Consent exhibit sjr 147 5/6/2015 reshare concent
    Consent exhibit sjr 149 5/12/2015 reshaing stolen id's
    Consent exhibit sjr 150 5/12/2015 resharing concent

    5. another defense to libel or slander is truth.
    Traditionally, it was presumed that a statement was false once the plaintiff proved it was defamatory. under modern law, if a plaintiff is a public figure or official, he or she must prove the statement is false in order to recover damages. some states have extended this requirement to any plaintiff. if proving falsity is not a requirement, truth can be an affirmative defense in a defamation case.

    All statements by defendant are true, they are facts

    6. finally, privilege can also serve as a defense in a defamation case.
    There are absolute and conditional privileges. absolute privilege means that the nature of the statement or the intent of the person making the statement doesn't matter, the privilege always applies. examples of circumstances where there is absolute privilege are: judicial and legislative proceeding, publications required by law, some executive statements and publications, and publications between spouses.

    7. idaho rules of civil procedure rule 9 (i). libel or slander.
    In an action for libel or slander it is not necessary to state in the complaint any extrinsic facts for the purpose of showing the application to the plaintiff of the defamatory matter out of which the cause of action arose; but it is sufficient to state, generally, that the same was published or spoken concerning the such an action, the defendant may in his answer, allege both the truth of the matter charged as defamatory, and any mitigating circumstances to reduce the amount of damages.

    8. 18-4803. truth may be proved — malice –
    Jury to determine law and all criminal prosecutions for libel, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury, and if it appears to the jury that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted. the jury has the right to determine the law and the fact.

    9. intentional infliction of emotional distress (cornell law school)
    The tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress has four elements:
    (1) the defendant must act intentionally or recklessly; defendant has not acted recklessly all actions have been a direct reaction to plaintiff’s actions, ie; criminal, false reporting, perjury in police and court documents, invitation by plaintiff to dr phil, defense of claims of fraud made to government agencies by plaintiff,
    (2) the defendant's conduct must be extreme and outrageous; and responding to plaintiffs illegal activity, to police investigations, to court filings, toward defendant is not extreme or outrageous conduct using a online web page to chronological order the case is also not outrageous.
    (3) the conduct must be the cause no injury has been proven so no cause can be proven.
    (4) of severe emotional distress. defendant still holds that all distress has been the plaintiffs making. 6/28/2011 defendant began telling plaintiff to cease and desist
    Note mrs jones’s life in supporting documents in no way is her life in distress.

    10. libel per se
    N. broadcast or written publication of a false statement about another which accuses him/her of a crime, immoral acts, inability to perform his/her profession, having a loathsome disease (like syphilis) or dishonesty in business. such claims are considered so obviously harmful that malice need not be proved to obtain a judgment for "general damages," and not just specific losses.

    “broadcast or written publication of a false statement about another” statements made by mrs. bedwell about mrs. jones are facts they are true. or they are opinions mrs. bedwell holds. mrs joness past and current criminal activity are facts. ie having an affair while going into the temple is wrong (opinion even tho it is widely held by many it is still an opinion)

    11. libel per se
    False statements that are so widely understood to be harmful that they are presumed to be defamatory, such as an accusation that a person has committed a crime, has a dreaded disease, or is unable to perform one's occupation.

    12. weeks v. mp publications, inc., 516 p.2d 193 (idaho 1973)
    Idaho supreme court
    Filed: october 24th, 1973
    Precedential status: precedential
    Citations: 516 p.2d 193, 95 idaho 634
    Docket number: 11201
    Author: joseph j. mcfadden

    "it seems to me that at most the language complained of is unpleasant, annoying and irksome and may well have subjected the plaintiffs to jest or banter so as to affect their feelings all of which creates something less than libel per se. it is impossible for me to believe that these statements, obnoxious though they may be, tend to expose plaintiffs to public hatred, contempt or disgrace."

    "in determining the defamatory character of a publication the article must be read and construed as a whole; the words used are to be given their common and usually accepted meaning and are to be read and interpreted as they would be read and understood by the persons to whom they are published." gough v. tribune-journal co., 75 idaho 502 at 508, 275 p.2d 663, at 666 (1954).

    Weeks v. mp publications, inc., 516 p.2d 193
    (idaho 1973) the judgment of dismissal is affirmed. costs to respondents.

    Donaldson, c. j., and mcquade and bakes, jj., concur.

    Shepard, justice (specially concurring).

    Blaine larsen processing, inc. v. hapco farms,
    Inc., not reported in f. supp.2d (2000)

    B. the court's defamation per se decision idaho follows the common law rule allowing plaintiffs to receive an award of general damages without proof of special damages in defamation per se cases. see, e. g., barlow v. int'l harvester, inc., 522 p.2d 1102, 1117 (idaho 1974).in order to determine whether the court or the jury should determine whether statements are defamatory per se, the court must first determine whether
    The statements alleged are “plain and unambiguous.” see weeks v. m–p publications, 516 p.2d 193, 195 (idaho 1973). if the court determines that they are, it is then for the court to determine as a matter of law whether the statements constitute libel per se. id. that is, the court must determine whether the nature of the statements allows for the presumption of damages without specific proof thereof. on the other hand, if the statements employ language that is not plain and unambiguous, whether the statements are libel per se “is a question of fact for the trier of fact.” id. (citation omitted).

    Adjective un·am·big·u·ous ˌən-am-ˈbi-gyə-wəs definition of unambiguous for english language learners
    : clearly expressed or understood : not ambiguous (merriam-webster)

    D. adequacy of the evidence as to actual malice*9 the court determined that larsen was a limited purpose public figure and that hapco's statements regarded a matter of public concern. accordingly, the jury was instructed that, in order to recover presumed, general damages, larsen was required to prove by clear and convincing evidence that hapco had acted with actual malice, that is, with knowledge of falsity or with reckless disregard for the truth. see new york times v. sullivan, 376 u. s. 254, 280 (1964). hapco disputes the adequacyof the evidence supporting the jury's finding that hapco acted with actual malice in its defamation of larsen.

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  • An
      18th of Jan, 2018

    More craziness.. btw.. steven is johnny ray reynolds. she is too much of a coward to put his name out there.

    The last word... lies told, and my happiness anyway

    My story of fighting back. all good abusers have a tool box of methods to maintain control. stalking... bullying... and the narcissistic mind... the pain it causes is real.

    Wednesday, january 17, 2018
    You are just to smart for me
    I had a blog for myself about therapy. it wasn't shared with anyone but it was public so that the exercises I received each week could be done and tracked in time. it was just me and occasionally my therapist reading through as we chatted about becoming a better person. this blog ended up in the evidence for court case #3. I was deposed about it's content. on march 22, 2012 hortense found this blog and emailed it to steven. my response was this post.

    Friday, march 23, 2012
    Dear my only reader,
    Dear my only reader, 3/23/2012
    I am dumbfounded that you would violate the privacy and courage of treatment. it took you a lot of searching to find this journal between me and my therapist. wow even for you this is … well nothing about you surprises me anymore.
    Last june you asked for an apology, and I did apologize. again in august. over and over I have apologized to you. you want them public, copy and paste them to your page, email them to everyone you want to read them, and send steven a copy. I apologized for your pain, I have apologized for everything you say I have done to devastate you.
    I don’t think it is me you want an apology from, but there are a lot of things about this mess that I am truly sorry for.
    I am sorry that steven couldn’t be what you wanted him to be, he wasn’t for me either. I did however accept from myself, less that I am worth, because I am in love with him. for you, me, my kids I am sorry for that too. but believe me our relationship was sex, that’s it, no matter what I wanted the reality is there was nothing there other than a man and a woman having sex. for that I am sorry too. it was never done because of you or to hurt you. I am sorry that it caused you pain.
    I am sorry that as I was elated to be in love with steven, that you felt it was to hurt you, taunt you, or in any way cause you any pain. believe me allowing myself to love him has caused me as much pain as it has you.
    I have tried everything I can to get away from you, donna, natalie, daniel, I have tried all I can. I have deleted profiles, begged you to stop, called the police, filed restraining order, been in the prosecutor’s office, fought steven, broke up with him, begged more, pleaded more. you are just to smart for me.
    You even have private documents for my therapist. you have outsmarted the police, hid from the sheriffs, you have proved to your circle of family and friends that I am crazy, and probably steven daughter too, you have shown that even my email address isn’t my own, you have attacked my business, and then made welfare statements publicly, you win, you are smarter more cunning, and more capable than me. I am sorry that I ever defended anything, any quality about myself. I am sorry that my self esteem came into play with all of this.
    I am also sorry that steven’s daughter knows any of this. there are so many things she should know about her dad but all of this is not her pain to carry, I am truly sorry for her pain. I have never met her nor sent her any of her dad’s faults, I have however prayed for her pain. I do pray for her heart to be as forgiving as steven’s is, as it would be one of the greatest gifts he could give her.
    I am also sorry that my moral beliefs ever said I should stand behind the man I love. if I hadn’t wanted to stop the fight between you and steven, because I am loving and caring, none of this would have happened. my love for him and my understanding of your hurt should have never been a strength for me to draw from. I am sorry that recognizing your pain wasn’t relayed well enough for you to see I do recognize your hurt.
    You win the only thing left for me is hope for your forgiveness. I am not strong enough to deal with this anymore, so my promise is no matter what you do with the private conversations I have in my journal with my therapist I have to forgive you.

    Posted by annettekaye bedwell at 11:55 pm

    This was the opening to the blog and never before march 23, 2012 did it have a post that was about hortense. and even this posted was about my shock at her behavior.
    My borderline personality
    My treatment, my story, my pain, let's hope my success
    I have been fighting myself for 40 years, 25 of it medicated, 30 of it in therapy. my fight has included a lot of diagnosis, adult child, adult grandchild, bipolar, depression, ptsd, clinical depression, situational depression, unhappy, victim of rape, survivor of rape, victim of incest, survivor of incest, add, adhd, and borderline personality disorder. the medications have ranged from upper, downer, stabilizers, hormones, and at times none at all. I have 4 beautiful children, 2 failed marriages, some college education, a lot of failures, and a lot of success’s. I have never truly attempted suicide, but I have written many suicide notes, and I have begged and pleaded with god to let me die.

    In the deposition I shared this opening was indeed "a hook" and the plan was that my story could help others. before march 23, 2012 it had nothing in it about hortense not her name or private information. but her infiltration into my private thoughts did create my reaction to build and copy and past every word she said to me. that blog is now private, hortense would comment which created an email up to 840 times a day. so that blog was changed to a web page so there could be no comments to the posts. is now owned by a lady in ohio. 350, 000 of hortense, judge brown ruled it inadmissible evidence yet he also ruled I could not post the truth. kind of a weird ruling. which is a violation to my first amendment rights. but judge brown has no jurisdiction over residence of ohio. i'm sure at some point the web page will reappear, because no matter what judge brown does to me, the facts in this still irritate some and amuse others.

    I am smarter than hortense gives credit and this blog, under another name is helping others. the followers to it are engaged, with my journey through my mothers cancer, treatment and death, the death of my garrison, the recovery of alcoholism in the family, the stark contrast of methamphetamine, and the family recovering and/or dealing with drugs. I had hoped when I started this blog that my journey would help others and it has, it is just hidden from hortense.
    At january 17, 2018

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  • An
      18th of Jan, 2018

    Meet donna mckenna yes another imaginary friend

    Donna was an interesting one. she lived in the same town of 300 people as me. her husband was a state trooper and her brother a detective. it has been said that I had an affair with a sheriff (which is not true) but that same sheriff knew there was no husband or brother that worked for any law enforcement.
    One day donna walked right past me and my son at the post office (at that time I did not have a son) hortense and donna went to the rodeo together, took pictures of my home together, they were partying in moses lake "saving horses riding cowboys" (both of these women married). donna bought retirement rentals in lind, moses lake, and othello. donna went to the airport to pick hortense up and they together seen attorneys to take steven and i's property.
    Donna posted crazy on facebook and google and even emailed steven on a couple occasions. on facebook some of her posts had that blue "in lind, wa" well one day I clicked it. it was a local business on the super station highway in mesa, az. donna was in az at hortense's home and sent children down to stay with hortense. donna was going to testify against me in several different courts, she even called the adams county sherriff on me, (the sheriff never logged the call and it was never given a case number or added into hortense's case numbers) she was going to write to prosecutors and the fbi about me, threats from hortense. I recognized early in the donna mckenna relationship that donna, natalie, and daniel were all made up so hortense could have friends on facebook and google. I felt horrible for hortense that she needed to create people to talk with on facebook, the psychology behind that is scary.

    Donna mckenna; response to hortense november 15, 2011 hang in there. we know what is exactly true. you have worked hard, lived in the same place for for years and so what information she thinks makes her happy, let it. getting information for the collection company you had no problem in giving your collection company her and his addresses and telephone numbers. what a sad excuse! she is obviously not satisfied with her own life and has to interject into yours. she must be extremely jealous to put a dollar amount on you when she knows how crushed and hurt you were and both he and she caused it. not only to you, but to other women and their families as well. she just can't admit it to her public because she would have to eat crow. she has destroyed other men's families, she has caused chaos among relationships, and she continues to do so. of course, if I could I would post this on her wall and name my brother since she had an affair with his wife as well. she shows interested in men on her profiles but is in a relationship. what does that tell her public? I know you would not allow it. you are a better person and you are doing an awesome job. your service to human kind and your work ethic are incredible. your family is very proud of you and very blessed to have you in their lives. she will received her true due very shortly as will he. you are not the only one he has wronged and when he loses everything, who will she blame then? there! you needed a positive note in light of all of the negative she wishes to bring to you. we love you!
    Annettekaye wrote ok so who is the brother?
    Share · november 15, 2011 at 2:16pm ·
    Annettekaye herreid kruse casady I have 3 letters from natalie holland sent to me from her email signed by hortense, I do believe this is an imaginary friend of hortense's. but maybe the az authorities can sort it out for me?

    November 15, 2011 at 3:21pm
    Annettekaye herreid kruse casady
    Does any one in the area know a donna mckenna?
    Share · november 14, 2011 at 8:02pm ·

    Annettekaye herreid kruse casady I didn't think so a town of 300 its hard to get lost in the masses!!
    November 15, 2011 at 11:55am
    And then a threat
    Donna mckenna; guess she is going to be a little surprised when she finds out the the 'brother' is the detective that just set her up and recorded all of the posts that we wrote on her wall.
    Crow farm; fell for it hook, line and sinker; she didn't believe me. wait until her boyfriend gets the civil lawsuit papers with her name all over it. wonder if he will still like her then.. she thought I was an idiot.
    Likeunlike • • share • november 15 at 6:38pm
    Annettekaye herreid kruse casady
    Well thank you the brother first off I don't date married men and second I have never been with a detective. so your last post was just blown out of the water, hortense if you do have a civil lawsuit against us your attorney would have advised... you to shut up. it is good advice you should take it, last time you threatened a lawsuit was months ago, it doesn't take this long to serve the 2 of us. and as for thinking you are an idiot, I don't I think you are a woman scorned with no manners.
    November 15 at 6:41pm •

    12/7/11 donna mckenna via annettekaye herreid kruse casady
    ‎annnettekaye wrote "some days just??? steven saige casady whisper airee casady and I went to dinner, subway is steven's favorite, so all is good. I get home and check my email, I have a beautiful card in it from hortensegay jones, she still owes steven $5000 and it says she is having a great holiday cuz she is going on vacation. hahahaha I am having a great holiday cuz I am spending it with him. some peoples kids!!!..."

    Donna mckenna wrote "I am sure that ms. casady's mother is very very proud of her. when the facts are completely known she will definitely be the nut case that is she already labeled. one that has to be so demeaning and cruel will surely meet with a very sad ending. if I were her fiance, I would be very scared. and for the record everyone got the same christmas card. kindness has been twisted into degradation. very sad person with a lotissues. see more
    Christmas at chudwell's - animated flash ecard by jacquie lawson
    Christmas at chudwell's - animated flash ecard from bertie and fluff get cosy inside a bookshop at christmas time music:
    8:15 am 7 dec 11
    Donna mckenna 12/7/11
    Works at state of washington criminal investigations lives in lind, washington married from portland, oregon
    Donna mckenna
    For the public to understand because I am not allowed to post on annettekaye casady's wall, my friend has healed. she has received very naughty intimate emails from this woman, texts, crude comments posted publicly and the list can go on and on. she has healed and moved forward to the point of sending a christmas card to show that there is no animosity and is met with more degradation. I believe the posts speak for themselves. she has been lied to, manipulated, and hurt by this woman's fiance and itis a funny thing that she is the only one speaking for him. you are only receiving one side of the story and this has now been validated for the legal authorities.
    7dec11 12:53 pm

    Donna threatens a little
    Date: fri, 23 mar 2012 14:37:07 -0700
    Subject: really
    From: mckenna. [protected]
    To: [protected]

    I think you had better see the attached. there are more attached. hortense has not bothered or even cares. annettekaye is trying to be like her for some reason and after reading this it is scary you need to get this gal help. I will not have hortense hurt again by you her or whoever. she is in a great place right now and getting better every day. please help her to stop. if I give this to hortense, annettekaye will be arrested as it is a violation of the harassment order unless you do not care which we do not doubt. hortense has never mentioned her and is actually writing a short story about the experience. she just earned $1500 for her first story about the situation. thank you for giving her the inspiration that she needed. she is the best friend ever and I will not see her hurt again.
    Donna and family

    Donna posted this on my blog my borderline personality

    Donna & family march 24, 2012 at 12:34 pm
    Annettekaye, do not blame hortense for your leaving your blog public and having her creative writing mentor find it. you need to pull full blame on yourself for this craziness. I am the one that forwarded the copies to her and yes, she read them and it gave her a very clear idea of how you are and how you function. she violated no privacy expectations as your blog is public.
    You have apologized for nothing."I apologize for everything you say that I have done". that is not an apology. you did not say"I am so sorry for contacting your husband in my jealous rage, I am sorry for contacting your employment in my jealous rage, I am sorry for posting horrible and untrue comments openly on facebook, I will make sure that I public apologize on my facebook page for the horrid untruths that I wrote about you, and the nasty taunts and teasing using images and words on my facebook about you."the whole blog is only about you. what you are feeling and the hurt your are now enduring because hortense was the one that told the truth. you have never contacted the police and told them the horrible things that you did to her and her family. you did not win your restraining order because there was nothing to win. hortense proved undoubtedly that you were the one bullying and stalking her. she was able to get her harassment order because she was able to prove without a doubt that you were harming her. if johnny treated you this way, do you not think that he was not telling you the truth about her? she could care less that you are in love with him as she has come back stronger and better for the experience. she is a beautiful, strong, dedicated, tenacious, intelligent woman who has withstood more than any one should have and still have heart, compassion, and motivation to make her life better and more successful each day. you could follow her example instead of insisting that she is the one bringing you down. you are only using her as an excuse for your own inadequacies and failure to move forward and improve your own life. hortense forgives you but she will never forget how you made her feel and you have not apologized sincerely to her because you are incapable of it. and besides, there is no private conversations between you and your therapist. you would have had to copy and paste those statements to your blog. if your therapist did that for you, I would definitely change therapists as she put your pyschological history right out in the open for you! and by the way, as your friends attacked hortense, did you not expect that we would attack you back. I think had better rethink your apology because it is still all about you and not about how you are going to help hortense heal. go back to your therapist and maybe we need to visit her with you so that she/he gets the full story.

    Donna & family march 24, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Too late I have already been printed so people know what was written word for word

    Date: sat, 24 mar 2012 12:48:32 -0700
    Subject: annettekaye
    From: mckenna. [protected]
    To: [protected]
    I think y9ou had better read this. you owe a major apology to hortense you will burn in hell for all of this madness that you have caused - via my iphone

    Donna switches from first person to writing facts as if it is hortense

    Date: sat, 24 mar 2012 10:37:59 -0700
    Subject: annettekaye
    From: mckenna. [protected]
    To: [protected]

    Maybe you will understand what is going on and how adult hortense is after your betrayal. pretty sad that you cannot defend her as she has defended you and still does unfortunately. believe me we all try to talk her out of it we know that you will forward this to her because that is the coward you are but she should read it as well. good luck with this annettekaye lady you will need it. she soon will be making your life very difficult if it hasn’t happened already. btw remember me at the cafe?

    It was brought to my attention from a couple of friends that my cyber bully has started a blog about me and in my name.. and has dedicated it to me..!! at first this was alarming but as I was directed to another one of her blogs by a fellow writer, I found her to be fragile (or at least pretending to be). mixed emotions have replaced anger but as I read more and more of her blog, it seems that she has had a horrible life filled with failures, depression, prescribed medications, and the list that she wrote went on and on and on. I understand now her need to"mirror"my life and its successes. it still is somewhat unsettling as I would never want to meet this person in real life or speak to her or have her in any part of my life, and I feel that her facade is one to make others feel sorry for her and label her as the"victim"in this situation as her blog reads. am I to be flattered to she is writing about me and her assumed facts? I think her mood swings, she has contacted my employment, my family, my friends, and much more. this has actually been a good thing as it more than supports my theory of her psychotic condition(s) which she openly admits to in her blog(s). since her world is a loss of contact with reality, usually including false beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations), I am unsure whether to be sorry for her or alarmed by her. her claim that I have many 'imaginary' friends on facebook that stalk her and post incriminating messages 'about her' is blatant proof that she is not in touch with our real world. one such imaginary friend lives just down the road from her and has passed her and her son in their small town and even said 'hello' to the son but she continues to insist that this person and her family are not real. I hope that she continues writing her blog as I am sure it will make for an intriguing story that will help her practice the needed skills she claims to want for herself. good luck to you, annettekaye.. I wish you all of the best.
    No virus found in this message.
    Checked by avg -
    Version: 2013.0.2742 / virus database: 2617/5855 - release date: 10/26/12

    Date: wed, 4 apr 2012 10:44:41 -0700
    Subject: hahahahahahahahaha
    From: mckenna. [protected]
    To: [protected]

    Wow I think you both have been caught you really knew what to say to her didn't you and break her heart love the letters! annettekaye casady sure did a number on you
    No virus found in this message.
    Checked by avg -
    Version: 2013.0.2742 / virus database: 2617/5855 - release date: 10/26/12

    Donna making threats and defamation

    Donna mckenna posted on your wall tue 8/7/2012 6:02 am
    "then why the lies on facebook? we don't play that game! we tell it like it is! and he won't have his money or his farm for long! I guess he hasn't told you! why live in warden? things with you do not make sense! tell the truth; we have and you have condemned us for it! you can't even tell your friends the truth! believe me, othello and the surrounding areas know the truth about him and are laughing behind his back. I feel so bad for my good friend because she has been condemned by you over and over again because you could not tell the truth either. grow up or take more medication. loving respect?? you make me gag! there is no justification for your actions!"

    Donna mckenna wants to be friends with you on facebook.
    Works at state of washington criminal investigations · washington state university · lind, washington
    37 friends · 15 wall posts · 1 group
    (I looked through the web site for the state patrol and there is no criminal investigations, so I called the sheriff and he stated there was not.)

    Donna mckenna posted on your wall 8/13/12
    "and for the public record; did we mentioned that this is our family? no! my husband and I are purchasing properties in lind and moses lake for rentals and retirement income. we are particularly impressed that a family has taken such great care and has such pride in their property. maybe you should look at the real estate ads since you are such the "research" person and think that you know it all. so, any one in lind that is selling a home, please contact me, excluding ms. casady."

    Donna mckenna 9/11/12
    This is written by my friend's bully who says that the attack on 9/11 is similar to the assumed attacks on her by her mother and my friend. what do you think of this? I think it is a very sad person who needs to find a real life, a real job, a real home, and fill her life with the responsibility that the rest of us do and don't make excuses for their life not being the same as everyone else. please comment about how you feel about this?
    Share · 17 hours ago ·
    Donna mckenna likes this.

    Hortense was forced to give me contact info on all people listed as witness in court case #3. she did provide donna mckenna in a town about 30 miles away from lind, wa and I sent her a letter. the donna that received my letter called and stated she doesn't know hortense, never posted to my facebook page and had no knowledge of any of this. because I always knew donna was really hortense; I thanked her for her time, and she wished me well.
    Dear donna, 5-14-2017
    As I am sure you know hortensegay and I are in a lawsuit. I need to ask you some
    Questions about the facebook posts and email you sent in 2011 and 2012, and your
    Visits to my home. daniel williams-york, natalie holland, fred, your husbands career
    And background checks he ran on me. your children or grandchildren adrianna? the 2
    That went to hortensegay’s home in az. and also your vacations to az? hortensegay stated
    Daniel passed away I am sorry for your loss.
    I know you and hortensegay are “”besties”” but all I am asking is for truthful answers to
    Some questions.
    I know this is asking a lot but witness to the truth is the only way to approach a law
    Suit. please email or text me to make the conversation go faster. I have lots of
    Documents for review and email is easiest.
    A warm thank you,

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  • An
      18th of Jan, 2018

    Steven is Johnny Ray Reynolds of Warden WA

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  • Ha
      21st of Jan, 2018

    yet Judge Brown ruled that NONE of the 350, 000 of evidence was admissible. So I motioned the court to GO THROUGH the evidence with Hortense. With Judge Brown DENYING MY REQUEST TO FACE MY ACCUSER I then motioned the court for him to recuse himself. He denied that motion also but did give me a lengthy speech about Mormons in the Idaho Falls area.

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  • Ha
      21st of Jan, 2018

    Friday, January 19, 2018
    Whisper then it was emailed to Steven
    3-27-2012 (Whisper Airee Casady posted on Facebook)
    my mom has a hide and seek stalker buddy on her computer!!! this chick is seriously mental like straight up crazy !!! i think this chick needs some help she is obsesed with messing with my mother!!! and my DADDI !!! someone needs to find her a hobby!!! SHE'S CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!
    at January 19, 2018

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