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Dotlessdomain is using abusive and deceptive advertising methods and target small business / new business to sell internet advertising for about only $3 000 for 3 key phrases for 6 months.

They have you go to their website and they show you a demo of their product. You type in your website and a keyword; then miracle, your site shows on top half of the page and a google search shows on the bottom half.
Then they have you read the number of page that search produce on Google (this is usually in the 1 to 4 million range.

They have you switch to Yahoo and repeat the process, to let you think that if you deal with them you will be on the 1st position. What they forget to tell you is this is only on search performed on their own search bar! What mislead you is your site show on top and you see the Google page below.

An other trick they use to gain credibility: They say we are acredited by the Better Business Bureau, we have no complains and they have you click on a link on their website toward the BBB site. Its true the page that appear show the accreditation and no complaint, a A+ rating, BUT you are redirected to the (Los Angeles BBB) and the company that shows up is WebMenu, Not dotlessdomain!

If you go to the national BBB and search Dotlessdomain, the BBB site show you Business Concept Of Nevada (dotlessdomain is a DBA) witch is not acredited, and has quite a few complaints...

I'm an internet guy and never heard about the WebMenu bar before, and I checked them out quickly while on the phone with them, I checkd first the Ripoff and they traffic ranking, a search engine should be in the top 50, WebMenu is over 200 000 and Dotlessdomain is over over 648 000 (for comparison, a startup site made by good friend is in the 64k in less than a year).

I did not fell for their false promises. I'm writing here to alert hard working people not to fell for that high pressure speech and internet scam and lose their hard earned money.


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