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Dotless Domain / They scammed me for $2190.00

1 1306 W. Craig Rd. suite #E160North Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-944-8801, 702-310-8801

I have receive calls from Dotless Domain for several months before I decided to listen to what they had to say about their business. What they (I talked to a man first and then he turned the call over to a women) explained to me seemed at the time very promising. I was told that there are 30, 000, 000 people who have downloaded their toolbar and with the common phrases they had available I would surely have business. I couldn't understand how those phrases could be available since they were so common but I was assured that they were. The phrases were natural products and natural weight loss. Can they prove that 30, 000, 000 people have downloaded their toolbar? I don't see how. After going through their presentation I was convinced that this was a legitamate company and surely they couldn't charge that much money for this long and be a scam. Also what convinced me was that they showed me the BBB rating. Later I tried to look it up myself and I couldn't find it on the BBB. What was listed on the BBB was Webmenu which apparently is partners with Dotless Domain and other companies like Solutions for the Net or S4TN, and more. They all do the same thing which is to prey on unsuspecting victims like me.

I was asked by Fiona if I had an American Express card and I told her that I didn't. I found out later that American Express is a 24/7 company and it was after hours when I talked to her, so if I found out in time that they were scams I could have stopped the charge before it went through. Unfortunately I didn't. After I made the credit card transaction Fiona told me that she would call me back and give me a walk through the back office in about three days once it was set up. I never got a call back. I finally called them back and talked to Alec. She told me that she would call me back in a week. She never called me back either. I spent $2190.00 and this is the treatment I get? I called back after a week and talked to Alec again. She went on and gave me a two-minute walk through and didn't cover everything because later I noticed more things on the back office that I didn't understand nor did she ever touch on it. Also, every time I tried to enter into the back office by clicking on 'traffic' I got a big security warning telling me to get off that website. Later I read on FCC about pfishing and spyware and that account numbers and personal information can be gotten from one's computer. I decided it was best to not go back to Dotless Domain since I know now that I cannot trust them. After finding this out I called Dotless Domain and told them that I want a refund and I want them to take me off their so called advertising campaign. I was told that once I got it started they can't stop it nor give me a refund. I found several complaints on the internet about Dotless Domain. I believe the tracking system they have is bogus and the claim of 30, 000, 000 toolbar downloads is false advertising. I called several people who have bought into this company and absolutely no one had any results yet the back office stats show that in six months about 10, 000 people visited our websites. I was promised that out of 10, 000 visits I would get at least 2% response rate. I got none and neither did any of the people I called. I personally don't know if I got 10, 000 visits recorded on my stats because I stopped checking my stats because of the security warning. I stopped checking my stats at about 1000 hits or views that showed on each key phrase. I noticed that each key phrase always had about the same number. I also noticed when I was on the internet that when I typed in any word or phrase a web site would pop up that is not related to what I typed in and that is very annoying and that leads me to believe they have it set up so that our web sites pop up randomly no matter what key word or key phrase is typed- that is very annoying. From what I could see the main people they target are people who are distributors for some company and since we are all trying to make money we are not trying to buy from each other especially since most of us are in the same related field and Dotless Domain employees know this. They make empty promises and false claims. Very Very misleading.

I read on the internet on a blog post that one of the employees of one of these related companies ( they use different names, all partners with Webmenu) apologized to us victims about his job and that he feels bad about what he is doing but he needs a job right now and he has to work for awhile longer until he can find another job. Even an employee is admitting that what they are doing is wrong! He also said that he wishes he knew about this company before he got hired. Why are they still in business?

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  • Pe
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    This is very interesting since I just received a sales call from them today. I have been in sales myself for many, many years and wanted to hear their pitch. It was vise versa with me, I spoke to avery fast talking woman who then passed me to a slick sales guy. I read right through it. I can't stand salespeople but I enjoy working with a consultant who cares about my specific needs and offers options.

    They continued to press upon me different promotions they have considering it was around the holidays and they needed to generate revenue since the economy "sucks" - their words not mine. Nice business talk. Boy, did it motivate me to want to give them my money.

    To a novice, it did look like a good program, but the old saying holds true with this; if it sounds too good, it proably is...

    I have never done business with them and I am not saying they are a bad company; I'm just sharing my sales experience with them today and I was not impressed.

    May the buyer beware and ALWAYS check with Complaints Board first before doing business with anyone online.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Je
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I agree ... very similar story ... i have many more details, but will spare you the reading

    Dotless Domain is a scam and they were unwilling to help me.

    I gave them almost $3, 000 ... lesson learned on my part!!!

  • Mi
      20th of Dec, 2008
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    They're a SCAM as what company doesn't give you some time to get your money back if you have changed your mind ?
    I asked for a trial period as I couldn't afford $3000 for 3 WORDS which is a SCAM right there - $1000/word !!!
    They kept on switching me with operators to try to get me a trial period before I wound up with a tech guy who was downloading the "Web Menu" but was having trouble and couldn't finish the job so he said I'll call you on Monday as it was the weekend ?
    I printed the bill and realized that there wasn't any phone number or email listed because as soon as he hung up I tried to cancel the order but it was never downloaded too ?
    I emailed them to cancel the order and refund my $2, 985 without any reply by Monday but a supervisor called me and he said there's no way they could refund my money !!! I told him that I reported the company to the BBB and he said he didn't care but they didn't join because there with some other D&B ? I went through because they give you that fast sales pitch as they don't stop switching you around plus AMEX is behind you in case they are a SCAM! He mentioned that they've won every court case as I wanted to call him all the NAMES in the BOOK but I tried to calm down but PLEASE tell everyone to stay away from this company as they're RIP-OFFS as any good company will give you a REFUND but NOT THEM ???

  • Ge
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    HERE IS THERE fedex account number think they might need a few care packages!!! (DOG S___ MIGHT BE NICE!)

    they couldnt get the FEDEX truck out to me on a fridaynight so advised me to "dropoff" my check at the local FEDEX.

    bill to recipient- dotlessdomain-352289060

  • Si
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    Dotless Domain - Fraudulent company
    Dotless Domain
    United States

    Was contacted on FTC-registered 'do-not-call' cellphone while on out-of-state business trip and asked if I had access to a computer. After an affirmative answer, I was asked to go to where I was guided to numerous gimmicky webpages including a Los Angeles Better Business Bureau website for about two hours while I was handed off between three female telemarketers.

    I was very reluctant and saying no until the second person told me she had been in contact with numerous YTB referring travel agents like me and convinced me to charge my AMEX $2895 as a business investment which I would more than recoup through my websites. My computer would not download the required tool bar software, so I was handed off to a third person who finally advised me that a tech rep would get back with me in a few days.

    After I hung up, I decided to try one last time to download the software before I shut down my computer by saving it instead of running it; my computer told me to immediately shut it down to stop a trojan virus from entering, which I did. After restarting it and running a complete scan, I immediately called AMEX to report the scam with hopes of recovering my money.

    I have since filed complaints with the FTC and the Nevada Attorney General Office of Consumer Protection as well as continuing to work with AMEX to get my money back.

  • Al
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too received a call from Dotless Domain and reluctantly gave them a credit card to hold the contract. I told them I would pay by check . They scheduled a Fed Ex pick up for the next day to pick up my check. The next day I called to cancel and was told I could not cancel. I got phone calls and an e mail saying they would sue me since there was a no cancellation clause in the contract. Tim James from accounting was very rude and continued say he would work out other ways of collecting the money. He said he would cancel the Fed Ex but he didn't. The Fed Ex driver showed up at my business the next day and I told him I would not give him a check. Good thing I didn't. So the next day I get this email that says they will take me to collections and file a lien on my credit. I called and told him that if that is the way they do business to go ahead, because I will have nothing to do with them. I run a very reputable team business and was looking for a way to duplicate some massive traffic, but find out that they don't produce any results. They are so eager and hard up for the money that they will do anything to scare you into giving them the money! That is a red flag that it is a scam. I immediately logged into your site and found all these posts. I see the same thing happened to others and will try to contact them to see if they ever went through with any more of their threats. Some people did mention that they finally quit bugging them and never did get sued. I can only pray that they do not attack my excellent credit record.

    Thanks for all you do here.
    I will create warning posts on my Team sites.
    David Bone just trying to live

  • Pa
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    Ihave not had a call fro these people yet, but I want to put everyone's minds at ease over being sued, and not getting a refund.

    First- to get a refund, call your credit card company and tell them you have not recieved the goods or services you contracted for, they refuse to refund you and you want to file a charge back.

    The CC company will walk you through this. If Dotless Domain charged your credit card even when you tried to cancel, then tell the CC that it was an unauthorized charge, since you cancelled within the legal 3 days allowed by law for cancellations. Dotless Domain has to allow you 3 days to cancel your agreement by law.

    Second - Dotless Domain is not going to sue anybody. They know once they get into court, the judge is going to nail them to the wall and hang them out to dry.

    It would cost them a whole lot more than thye could ever hope to collect, especially since they have to sue you in your home state. There is no contract. They are committing fraud and the FBI would love to hear from everyone who has been ripped off by this company.

    Email the FBI internet fraud department and file complaints. File with the State's Attorney general for your own state and the state they are in, as well. This will light a fire under their butts.

    Don't ever fear a thief.

  • To
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    When I tried to cancel Dotless Domain less than a day after I agreed to the contract, they threatened to take me to court because the 3-day cancellation policy is not valid in Las Vegas. They said I would have to use a Vegas lawyer, not one from NJ, and I would pay more in the long run trying to fight them. Tim James from Dotless Domain
    Accounting,, 866-944-8801 ext 203, wrote, "The collection process can and will affect your personal and business credit. This email also contains a copy of your contract that clearly states our no cancellation no refund policy. This is our one attempt at resolution by law and will be our last, Please contact us for a resolution, you have 24hrs from the time of receipt of this email to set up an alternative arrangement." Not a nice man!!

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