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On june 14, 2010 I joined instant online income for $49.95, then they said I should upgrade to Pro which brings me to Homewebsitecenter for a additional $47.95, so with these two I got ten websitedomains, I submitted them. Homewebsitecenter said effective immediately my website domains would go to the search engines. I upgraded to the unlimited websites for $14.95, and upgraded to supercharge for $49.95. The problem is my websites domains we're never submitted to the Search Engines, Also catch-ur-cheating-spouse E-book was purchased by a customer in july 2010, and to this day she never received it, , customer paid $49.95 for the e-book.Instant Online Income/Homewebsitecenter support refuse to respond, I e-mailed them day after day after day. I requested a refund and they still do not respond. Please help me with matter. Also, I want to ad, that I purchased that e-book on wife laptop to see if the online business was ligit or not, appartly it's not. When I emailed that my websites we're not in the search engines, and the customer didn't receive the e-book (catch-ur-cheating-spouse), Instant Online Income and Homewebsitecenter never responded back to me. P.S. Unhappy, and Dissapointed

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  • An
      Nov 06, 2010

    This is a scam. To get your FULL Refund NOW:

    1. Call ClickBank [protected] directly to file dispute (get your reference # ready) and you will get your refund initially charged by ClickBank and you will get refund within minutes. I guess this is a known and recurring dispute at ClickBank.
    2. File dispute over request of the transactions charged via PayPal (especially people with PRO upgrade) and you will get refund within minutes. I guess this is a known and recurring dispute at PayPal, too.

    Don't bother to email for any refund because you will waste your time and get nothing back.

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  • No
      Jan 28, 2011

    Someone is using my address and phone number. Although I do work online my company is and I am NOT affiliated with in any shape manner or way.

    Reg Charie

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  • Co
      Mar 30, 2011

    I have located the owners and scammers / contact the Utah BBB / Utah Consumer Protection / & the FTC as they have cases open currently to file criminal charges against the owners.
    NJ Corporate / Nicholas Johnson
    7440s Creek Road #300
    SLC UT 84093

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