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[Resolved] Doon Technologies Inc / Avoid them at all cost

Iselin, NJ, United States Review updated:
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I am one of the past consultant worked here. It has been long time since we left Doon Tec, and even today blood boils when hear the word 'DTI'.

They act smart but they are not, they play around all legal tricks, but they don't invest this valuable time to make client and grow firm, they don't have any good client associated with them, nor do they have any good consultant :(

Symptoms which your wife find when you join this company
sleepless night
no job and by luck if you get than also low wages as they don't have good direct clients
late salary and bad living standard in US as they pay you less in market.

They lie you too their best and make you feel they will help you at every step, but ones you join them they start showing their original face. And by mistake after working long if you ask raise in salary they give you good convincing reason, see we also need to money... work sometime and we will take care of you, are you happy now?

Resolution statement

Doon Technologies Inc customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.


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  28th of Mar, 2008
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I have filled my H1B with them and they have charged me Rs.1.5 lakh for that, but till this date haven't recieved any papers or my money back. I have email them number of times but didn't get any reply from them. If anyone planning to join them don't pay them anything for visa filling. They have promise me that your money is safe and this is deposit which we will return you ones you work their for year.
  30th of Mar, 2008
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this company had played bad tricks with me. I have charged big amount to go there, from india these consultancy are charging big amount and ones you give them they will not help you with papers. my visa was kept for wait because of bad reputation of this company. I have asked them that look for my matter and sanjay starts shouting on me. also one of my senior who is been through them also complain me that do not come through them. They will promise you to provide guest house, food and everything till you are on project. but are promise and they are not helping in any matter, also they are signing you papers. they dont have good clients and it is difficult to find a project. my case is pending but i am afraid because of my senior words and personal experience i am having from 2 years.
  6th of Apr, 2008
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Agree guy's i am also victim of this company, hey but don't worry of signing documents it has practically no meaning in USA. He plays this tricks so that he can threaten you till time you knows how law system works here for employee.
  14th of Apr, 2008
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Avoid them!!!

NJ is famous for Desi Consultancy Bazaar and this type of consultancy are stars of this Bazaar, who hire anyone without asking anything.

Stay away from them, they always play NEW Cards to play OLD Trick.

SPAM1 : we have our offices in india, in other part of USA, blah blah (All Fake, as your resume :(
SPAM2: we have lot of consultant working ( <10 few and that to because they are non-technical and use this **** for coming here.)
SPAM3: we have direct client (NO Direct Client)
SPAM4: we will pay you this and that (All Fake again as your resume.)
SPAM5: consultant saying that this is best consultancy (ask him 1 question, than brother why you are on bench and are you getting salary for not working?)
SPAM6: as you are now becoming to their fake system, make a habbit of speaking false, as you need to.
SPAM7: we have our guest house blah blah... (Nothing is free, again try asking the same consultant who were praising them)
SPAM8: this time we are having lots of consultant coming to join our team from all over the world. (again fake as your resume, only 1 consultant might be coming and that to after 2... anyways that you now come across so no need to mention that figure the big $$$$)
SPAM9: we are provinding training blah blah (Nothing is free, again try asking the same consultant who were praising them)

Fact - only few consultant worked for them and all have complain their bad practise so better prepare to search another one as they are closing soon.
  8th of May, 2008
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I hd worked for them for 2 years and they gave me what they promised, i think everyone has their own exp.
I left after 2 years and no complaints.

Good luck to guys ###..

I know many people break the contract like i did with TCS and had to pay the damage.
  22nd of May, 2008
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am one of the past consultant worked here and as said ealier no complaints bro
I know if you break the contract no one will leave you, it may be bill gates company, yes wages are whatever promised.
I ask them 55K and later come here and say can you pay me more like 100K. Is that fair?
I talked to the Management and solved my grievences?
They have a Guest House and also paid for my Food and Lodging.

I know once you get married you may have problems at home but you have to solve it, my friend ajay, worked for them for few 2 years.
I think if we as human being should have loyalty to the company like we are loyal to our parents.
Though i am no more working for them but i feel once just be fair in the dealing with the company and viceversa.
Send me email for any questions.

Kala( Sanjay Pannu)
  22nd of May, 2008
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I just talked to Mr Patel and he says GROW or have the COMPANY GROW fill it with all complaints with or without names, one day to live and one day to die.***

As per Swami Vivekananda: Just look in your heart before blamming others...
  22nd of May, 2008
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Happy to see atleast few of comments are positive and only 1 person can right positive comment, i guess no explanation requires... Yes i am also one of victim of this company and i know how i suffered badly but no worry now, as like me many of them have complained to DOL.

They don't pay you, and they don't have work, so it is like not only spoiling your career in terms of money but also by lossing your skill without implementing. And by luck you get work than pay you bad and which is no where nearer to market rate... they have also given one example: 55K, good but don't believe, as they have lot of hidden factor to calculate this cheap rate.

They would be not lasting long as every bad practise has an end, regarding law suite and all than as one of the co-worker had already mentioned that they have few employees working for them, so natuarally they need to collect all money from them, BUT DON'T WORRY TO ALL WHO ARE SCARED BY LAW SUITE MATTER AS THEY START BREAKING LAW, so they don't have right to claim for law. They break the law to its best by not paying you, so if you are not been paid like me, than complain to DOL, and leave this ***

As per Swami Vivekananda: Just look in your heart before blamming others... its a good thing atleast mention by positive commenter, please look into your heart first and you will get all answers why after so many years few non-technical employees are working with company.

If company is paying good, if they have guest house food, etc than do you think anybody would be on this forum, do you think people complain to DOL for not paying, do you think they need to worry about anything if they are satisified. (As they have signed contract knowingly what they are doing, so if you have paid them on what you have said, than ...) Even a small company establish just 1 year back might be having more than 20 consultants working, think for it and you will get all answers.
  26th of May, 2008
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Air Ticket: No Airfair (from India to USA) All companies do, including desi consultancy.

Insurance: No or 50%+ Cut from your salary

Relocation expense reimbursement: No

Expected Bench Period: Lucky to get job. (Enjoy the long rest without get paid)

Bench Salary: No Work, No Money

Contract: Yes, 2+ Years (Hard to accept terms) Don't Signed it.

Tricks: They will ask for Leave/Vacation Letter for time during bench period, don't signed that letter it will make you into trouble.

Links for help:


  26th of May, 2008
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I was with these guys for a very long time..did not bother to arrange for any interview. money suckers and to top it they give very good marketing talk!!! Empty words..never really keep up to the promises...when they get the money at the initial onset..they talk as if they will place you the next day itself!!! Never trust your future with these guys...there are people working in this company without any raise as promised.They have a room full of people waiting to be placed, some of them go as long as more than 6 months in the queque.
  22nd of Jul, 2008
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Man behind scene is coward, he use many ways to frighten you. Mr. *** stop doing this, this is AMERICA., * mistake and you will pay me till I die... you are already in trouble don't add more trouble *** I have came here with empty hand and in worst case will go with empty hand, but you will loose everything. I don't do bad to someone and at same time don't tolerate someone doing bad to me. Don't be greedy. EVERY BAD THING HAS END, SO WAIT FOR IT or Keep Quiet.
  22nd of Jul, 2008
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Be aware of your rights. Charging for H1B processing is illegal. Charging for any training is ILLEGAL. NOT PAYING ON BENCH IS ILLEGAL. To make things simple for you I am listing all the lawsuits from the following site and summarizing the findings. Dept of Labor has it very clear. Not paying on becnh is illegal. A person is considered on bench if the employment is not properly terminated.

Look at all these cases

Charging for H1B processing is illegal. Charging for any training is ILLEGAL. NOT PAYING ON BENCH IS ILLEGAL
2003-LCA-12 Neerja Rajan vs International Business Solutions.

Making employee sign bonds which says that employee must pay XYZ $ if he /she leaves before n months IS ILLEGAL. THERE IS NO BONDED LABOR.
2006-LCA-29 USDOL Vs Avenue Dental

You must complain to DOL if you feel you have been wronged. There is no time limit for complaining. You can complain even if you ARE NOT IN USA. You can complain from India. The judge will listen to your case on phone. You DON’T NEED A LAWYER. THE DOL WILL FIGHT THE CASE ON YOUR BEHALF. YOU JUST NEED TO MAKE A COMPLAIN TO DOL WITH SOME SOLID DETAILS. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PROVIDE SOME SOLID INFOR. DOL MAY THINK YOU ARE JOKING IF YOU DONT PROVIDE SOME CONCRETE INFO.


2004-LCA-6 Amtel vs Yongmahakapakorn ( Rung)

Employee need not ask for bench pay. Employer must give even without asking
2005-LCA-36 Zhaolin Mao vs George Nasser

Employment is not terminated unless employer does the three things –
1) Give employee notification of termination
2) Inform INS
3) Offer return ticket
2005-LCA-36 Zhaolin Mao vs George Nasser

Employer cannot retaliate against employee( if employee complains to DOL) by cancelling his/her visa. This is because complaining to DOL is protected activity.
2006-LCA-9 USDOL vs Clean Air Technologies
2004-LCA-6 Amtel vs Yongmahakapakorn ( Rung)

Employer needs to pay employee what amount is mentioned in LCA even though employe may be making extra money through other sources
2004-LCA-21 USDOL vs Pegasus Consulting
2006-LCA-29 USDOL Vs Avenue Dental

Employer must pay even though employee has lied in resume
2003-LCA-12 Neerja Rajan vs International Business Solutions

Your LCA doesn’t stop even if you convert to another visa. The employer has to pay you till end of LCA unless there was bonafide termination of employment i.e. notification to INS etc
2004-LCA-21 USDOL vs Pegasus Consulting
2005-LCA-36 Zhaolin Mao vs George Nasser

Interest must be paid on backwages
2006-LCA-9 USDOL vs Clean Air Technologies
2005-LCA-36 Zhaolin Mao vs George Nasser

Employer is personally responsible for the LCA violations. The DOL can make the employer pay from his own pocket by piercing the corporate veil. Company formation doesn’t remove liability of employer as an individual. The bodyshopper cannot declare bankruptcy to run away from his obligations
2001- LCA-10 USDOL vs Mohan Kutty
2004-LCA-40 USDOL vs Home mortgage
2006-LCA-29 USDOL Vs Avenue Dental
2005-LCA-42 USDOL Vs Priority one software

In case employer fails to affect a bonafide termination then backwages need to be paid till end of visa period.
2004-LCA-6 Amtel vs Yongmahakapakorn ( Rung)

Courts will impose additional fines and penalties on employer.
2004-LCA-6 Amtel vs Yongmahakapakorn ( Rung)

Employer cannot mask bench time by deception by making you sign leave of absence letter
2003-LCA-22, USDOL vs Synergy Systems
2002 – LCA-22 USDOL Vs Novinvest

Employer is required to keep LCA ( all immigration papers) for Public examination and give you your visa papers. If employer doesn’t give immigration papers then he cannot terminate you. That means you must be paid as there has been no bonafide termination. The employer is required to keep LCA papers near the kitchen/coffee room.
2001- LCA-10 USDOL vs Mohan Kutty
2003-LCA-15 USDOL vs Ken technologies
2006-LCA-29 USDOL Vs Avenue Dental

Employer cannot park visa by taking calculated risk
2004-LCA-21 USDOL vs Pegasus Consulting

Courts understand that employee is desperate to maintain his/her visa status and sometimes is late for filing complaint
2003-LCA-12 Neerja Rajan vs International Business Solutions

Most bodyshoppers are willful violators. Civil penalties will be imposed on them
2004-LCA-40 USDOL vs Home mortgage
2006-LCA-26 USDOL Vs API Accounting
2003-LCA-22, USDOL vs Synergy Systems
2001- LCA-10 USDOL vs Mohan Kutty
2006-LCA-29 USDOL Vs Avenue Dental
2006-LCA-26 USDOL Vs API Accounting
  1st of Aug, 2008
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I am one of the victim's of this scapy company. This is a company with NO rules, no policies, No project, give u no money, no insurance, no 401k, no mental peace and so on...

They lie at every step, trying to show that they care about u but at every step they actually keep on trapping u in llegal paper work and trust me u dont even realise that.
this company tortures u a lot, doesn't pay u on time, pay u after "n" number of months that too very less, doesn't pay u on bench, doesnt care about ur career and doesnt even let u leave the company if u want to.

Please dont get traped in Doon tech's Web ... Trust me find some other company but Say No to them at all cost.
  12th of Aug, 2008
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You are about to END why you are not stopping your harresment. Hold your seat, I would fight till my last nerve to get justice. Buy a brand new LOCK and Key for your firm, to close it forever.
  15th of Aug, 2008
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Unnatti Have you also been kicked out from Doontec?
  18th of Aug, 2008
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Do this company afford to kicked anybody off??? What a Big Joke

If they can why they need to make their employee sign agreement. So have you started winding up? and If you are conducting garage sell call me, I would purchase coffee machine, so Are you happy now? So this make sense right!
  19th of Aug, 2008
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Garage sale ... LOL .. I will also contribute some pennies. Let me know when is it.
I wonder how come this company is not closed till now... Well will wait for that goodnews.

And for all thoes who are still sitting on bench ... YOU CAN TRANSFER UR H1 WITHOUT PAYSTUBS! just read blogs to find out how. So dont be scared. Dont listien to his fake and harsh comments!

Ya! I remmember some of the fake comments ... u will pay me till u die ... " This is America ..ur wife can leave u .. ur husband can leave u, no one is ur friend here, we r always here for u(expect when it comes to pay u!), Company has to earn something, how can u expect this much, u know how much company spends on u ... blah blah
  19th of Aug, 2008
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To all good things which you might done to me, let me make a note of Few lessons for Mr. Gupta

1. Try to understand that everybody is here to earn money. Don't expect anyone to be loyal unless you are loyal to them.
2. By now you might understand Agreement has NO MEANING, because you don't stick to it. If you want to fight through law, FOLLOW LAW, stick to your words, don't get double standard.
3. Earn lot of money, but don't earn by exploiting anyone. It is always better to earn blessings along with money. Your words Money is made by whore, earn respect, so its time for you to follow it.
4. Don't Tie consultant with agreement, tie them by making them happy, explain them the situation, and share reasonable profit to consultant when he/she is on project, if you follow this step no one will run away, and finally you will get chance to kicked somebody off.
5. Most important, don't commit something, and when you do so stick to your words. Trust is everything, if this is lost everything is lost.
6. Don't invest all your egg's in one basket.
7. Spend some money on website, presentation makes difference.
8. Don't speak bad words, control on your language, no one can tolerate bad language, except your wife.

Consider this points for your new firm.
  20th of Aug, 2008
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Mr. Sanjay I only wanna say to you that Respect Others so that you will be respected by others. Money is not the every thing. You can not buy the happiness, calm and honor with money. You never give respect to yours consultants therfore nobody wanna stick with you. You treat them like your servants.You should understand that they are here to work for you and they represent your company in all over the USA . Don't you want them to represent your company in good words. Why are you so greedy? What impression are you giving to your family and other Indians. Make Good relationship with your consultants so that your company could grow. You have been working for so many years but still you are zero. If you would have had good relationship with your consultant, you would be No. 1 company today.
  21st of Aug, 2008
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I have worked for the Company for last 3 Years and have them to be helpful and also honest.
I have recieved all that was promised by the employer to me i, e employee.
They have an excellent Guest House and Great Marketing and Sales Team to work with and also i was paid on Bench.
I will just say " Have Trust in yourself and never think of Free Money"
God will help those who help themselves, no just by lying or making false claims.

I think people have enough time to write like : shaitani brain!
I do not recognise and names here and there of the past employees!! All look fake !!!
Send me email: pallavpatel27@yahoo.com

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