Dongguan Worlon Metal Products Factory / Fraud - Got paid but not sent the order

1 408#,Xiansha Industrial Park ,Goabu Town, Dongguan City, China
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On 02.04.2014 I ordered from GOLD SUPPLIER Dongguan Worlon Metal Products Factory, Alice Zhu, 8 x 3L Sausage Stuffer, 2 x 5L Sausage Stuffer and 1 x BBQ for 950 US$. First I ordered with Escrow Service and paid with Visa-Card and everything was good. But on the next day closed the Transaction about payment security reasons without more information. Maybe because I am living in Thailand and paid with my German Visa Card??? So I connectet the GOLD Supplier and paid direct to she on 04.04.2014 with TT from my German bank account.On 08.04.2014 the manager Alice Zhu received my payment. On 16.04.2014 she connectet me at last and asked me to change the ordered BBQ in 2 x 3L sausage stuffer. Further she told me that my order were sent out in this week.After this I tried 3 times to connect she with email/messages but I don't get answer anymore.But I see every day that she are online on and try to find more buyers for cheating? Also I made a complaint to on 29.04.2014 but still to now I never get a answer from!!!

May 5, 2014

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