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Done Rite Van Lines / Avoid them at all Costs

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Horrible experience with Done Rite Van Lines – Everything Done Wrong (Chicago, IL).

I have never before filed a complaint but I have had the worst move ever with Done Rite Van Lines and feel it is only responsible to warn other people so they do not have the same awful experience I have had; I know they are cheap but whatever you do, DO NOT MOVE WITH THEM. Not only do workers solicit tips but my biggest concern is the 3-10 day period in which Done Rite says you will receive you things which is very misleading if not a flat out lie. There is no guarantee they simply put this window out there and then you get your things when you get them. I tried to get my things on the 28th of the month and called several times to verify that this would be not only possible but easily accomplished. I was working with Emily who I later found out not only straight out lied about when my things would get there and the availability of trucks but also had no idea what was going on with my things in the meantime. She told me for over a week that a truck would arrive to pick up my things “the next day” and every day I would call to confirm and not only did she have no idea what was going on or even where their truck was but she got angry and obstinate when I asked her specific questions and was, I believe, simply concerned about the wellbeing of all of my possessions. When I asked Emily to speak to her superior she assured me she was it, there was no one higher then her to talk to. Eventually I found out the owners name is David and left him several messages for him which were not returned. When I finally called enough that I got through to him (as Emily often answers the phone and assured me every time I called that he was out of the office, convenient for her) he denied ever getting my messages and then said that the things Emily had told me were complete lies yet she is still employed by Done Rite.

When my things finally were picked up it took several days of me calling nonstop to even get a status check and estimated delivery date. The day my things where to arrive I called all day and heard nothing until 8:00 at night when they finally made their way to my new residence. They moved things until 11:00 and the head guy was sullen and angry at the fact he was having to move my things in, like I was putting him out the entire time.

Several boxes marked “fragile dishware” and with clear “this side up” markings were moved in upside down and the boxes were not only visibly damaged but there were actually holes ripped in the boxes. No surprise several things that I really cared about and took great pains wrapping were broken beyond repair.

Also, as I have seen others complain, I was given an estimate for the move which was way off; the move was several hundred dollars more than estimated. To make matters worse you do not find this out until after they have your things and you have no choice but to go through with the move with Done Rite. There is no way to verify this “weight” they give you your price which you cannot verify or even question without getting attitude from Emily and I do not doubt that it is a sham to rip off unsuspecting customers.

I hope I have made this clear, more money spent else where is well worth it if you value your belongings. Horrible customer service, poor service when you are served and broken belongings…stay away from Done Rite.

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  • Jo
      19th of May, 2008
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    I read your comment and I can't beleive that I moved with the same company.

    This is the third time that I moved with Done Rite Van Lines. These guys were great. On time, nothing broke, they took care of everything, wrapped all the sofas and beds, and moved efficiently (not one of those situations where they move slower because they get paid hourly).

    I also called around to several other companies and they were the lowest cost too - and the price quoted is ALWAYS higher than what they actually charge you, so it was the lowest by far from the competitors.

    Definitely recommend these guys.

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