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DonCosa images microdot process / cut hair off!

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When removing the hair because it started to itch, create sores, and hairline balding, they also cut off my hair in the process.
Their is no product warning on this and I am warning you, do not go here.
They will put a curtain over the mirror and cut off your remaining hair.
Your only option is to keep getting services from them.
I did not. I have opted for a wig and a good dermatologist!
This is the worst thing I ever did and the staff is hardly, empathetic and rude.

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  • Am
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    If u want this system done right, by honest compassionate people... call mystique hair enhancement grp 201 288 3600
    We undersell DCI everytime and we use indian hair as our standard hair not chinese... we also have euro hair & WE DONT PASS IT OFF AS RUSSIAN HAIR for 7000 & up. You keep all your scraps for future hair adding and we stand by our product IF there is a problem. No confusing, tricky contracts

  • Je
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    If any woman is experiencing a real hair problem and not just a minor bad hair day, Doncosa, the microdot replacement, is the place to go. I was a client of other companies who claim to do the microdot replacement and I found out the hard way that knock-off people can’t really help a situation that is thinning.
    “I am a white woman who needs very silky hair, so why would I want Indian or anything else that is not what my hair origin is. Also, why would anyone want scraps of hair on their head?” as this comment posted states.
    Lesson learned; you always get what you pay for. You go to a place that is cheap and you’ll get cheap hair. Again, investigate your options and go for consultations and you make your decisions that way. For me, I found my fit with Doncosa and so far I’m happy.

  • Ge
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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  • Ly
      24th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    DON COSA completely ruined my hair. my hair was just stuffed under a really expensive wig. They pulled and tugged on my hair so much, it ripped all my hair out. They lie and scam, and went i went there for the consultation, i knew i should have been weary. they did nothing but bash the competition. they bad mouthed other companies so much. If a company has to bad mouth its competition so much, and not rely on the integrity and quality of their product alone...there's a big problem. BUYER BEWARE OF DON COSA! They will also tell you that the competition is the reason they have bad reviews on the internet - that it's the competition writing all these complaints. It's not. It's real people, like me, who have been utterly screwed.

  • Ph
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    The Doncosa Salon is a total rip off. I went there for a consultation with the owner, James. I contracted them to do the procedure and I applied for financing. The very next morning I called the salon and told them I did not want to do the financing and wanted to cancel the contract. I told them I would come back at a later date when I could pay in cash and a credit card. I spoke to the salon, their billing department and the financing department at Chase where the loan application was submitted to but not yet processed. I told them all I wanted to cancel the loan application. They assured me it had been cancelled then a week later without my authorization or knowledge they resubmitted my loan application and charged me $4, 000.00. I am disputing the charges with Chase. I have tried to call James, the owner of Doncosa Images many times and he will not return my calls. Stay away from this place. They are dishonest and it is a big SCAM!!!

  • Ra
      13th of Oct, 2010
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  • Mi
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    I went to Doncosa Images without researching them. I went there and they were fast talking salesmen, did not accept credit cards and now I know why, because so many people would be protesting charges that they would be in court all the time. Yes, they did give me a fine print contract, and I should have read every line. What they SAY to you is not the same as what's in the contract. My fault. But they only care about money, I went back for a supposed free followup for a correction and they tried to charge me for a wash and dry, $90 for something I didn't ask for. They want me to spend $3000 a year when they led me to believe upkeep would cost around $300 a year. I would not have gotten the hair placement if I knew the REAL TRUTH SPOKEN UP FRONT to me. What a terrible company do not go there. From Roslyn

  • Mi
      20th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    STAY AWAY!! RIP OFF SCAM ARTIST AT THEIR BEST!! The owners boast about how many homes and cars and boat they have and they are gaining all of this by ripping ppl off. The sad thing is I am sure they all sleep well at nite after lying and cheating ppl out of their money. I will never refer n e 1 to this company. Karma is a B**CH!!! They hire ppl to write FAKE reviews on how satisfy they are about their product. That in itself should speak volumes...STAY AWAY!!! Save your money...

  • Je
      18th of Nov, 2011
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    how much is the actual price for this process it really that bad?

  • Di
      21st of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Trust ME, everything being said here is true. This place cares about NOTHING except making money. And it's not simply a matter of being satisfied with their outrageous startup and maintenance fees -- they're always scheming for more. Even if it means actually CUTTING THEIR PIECES DOWN 'just so' that there will always be empty spaces. Nothing immediately glaring, but 'just enough' that after a while, you'll have no choice but to seek out a 'repair'. FOR A FEE.


  • Lo
      20th of Mar, 2013
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    i think people should listen to others mistakes and dont make the same mistake two of us the same mistake and the worst of a life time. met in Doncosa image in Manhattan 133 e 58 st
    i am advising the public not to go to this salon they are a bunch of crooks
    they put this wig on your head and sew it down and destroy your hair under it it kills your hair the growth
    please stay a way do not make the same mistake like two of us client almost ten thousand dollars they charge us said the hair is quality believe me go and buy REMY they are fraud this is the worst mistake we can only talk they get u to sign a contract and then tie your hair with strong thread that cuts the hair even when u are taken it out they cut out your hair
    please please stay away
    donot let these people intimidates u
    for once dont go there

  • Lo
      20th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    they dont know nothing about hair care, please stay away they wants to get people money trust me i am not lying i am a living example to rip off people not my complain alone i am going to put a picture of the tangle hair how they distroy my hair on line after this is final they need to stop misleading the public and the attorney general should investigate them for fraud
    crooks stay away please

  • Mi
      15th of Aug, 2014
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    I have been going there for 8 month after first 5, 000 for the initial hair they have charge me $90 for thing ins and $310 for off/ons they cut my hair when they do the off/on they keep charging me 300$ for adding very small pieces of hair because the original hair is all gone because it falls off on top of the on/off. After putting so many new small pieces now they telling me I need a brand new piece and they blame me for it. When they have been the ones charging me for the small pieces they have put in. I though I had no choice but now I will be trying the other place mention here and I will let you know.

  • Cd
      25th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    glad to see this place is out of business. Paid $3200 for the hair which was essentially a wig sewn to the top of my head. turns out i was not even a candidate for this type of hair because i didn't suffer from a thin scalp & that reg extensions were more appropriate& these would actually cause more damage to my hair since it couldn't breathe at all but of course they didn't tell me that because they wanted my money. My 1st consultation was with James who seemed nice, and my installment was with Stacy the daughter. As she did my hair she talked about the guy she was seeing, and how he was, in her words, a sucker who she had wrapped around her finger because he was so nice and easy to control. He had lots of money but she hated his 2 kids they made her sick and that she was only playing the role she needed to and was tolerating them for as long as she needed to and once her claws were with the father that things would change. She talked about meeting their birth mother for the first time and how the woman approached her to be friendly &introduce herself and how she refused to talk to her because she didn't care about her or her so why would she bother. She also bragged about all the cosmetic procedures she was having done and how she was paranoid about aging and didn't want to age gracefully but stay looking 22 forever. That whole interaction alone gave me red flags and just a really bad vibe that this person was just NOT a good soul. Like sociopathic or something but whatever it was it freaked me out. Also as others mentioned each time i went there were more and more charges always added on with he attitude of well what do you expect there is maintenance involved after i was assured initially that there was no way these additional charges were going to be occurred so often other than the cost of tightening the piece . but their were always more charges. they would not only charge the $310 for on/off but if they washed and dried you hair on top of that was additional $90 (which i thought would be part of the off/on process but was not- and if you wanted it styled - that would be that much more ). Anyway the WHOLE thing was Shades-ville and that chick Stacy had a very...VERY dark aura about her...liked a wicked queen or stepmother right out of a Disney movie. That alone tells you what type of people run the business and what they are capable of. Not surprised to hear any of these reports. on this board and a few others as well!!!

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