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1 Mooresville, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 704-660-3008

Bought vehicle from them in december 2006. From the very begging we have been lied to from getting wheels on our car, to refinancing, to trading in. We were told when we bought the vehicle if we got a cosigner and we made all the payments on time then after one year the car could be refinanced and the cosigner removed. After one year of making all payments we returned to have the cosigner took off. We were then told that we needed to make six more payments. so we did. When we returned again they informed us that they could do nothing. So now since we were lied to we are stuck with a vehicle that cannot be traded or refinanced.I also called the company that our vehicle is financed with and they informed me that I had been lied to from the begging because they do not refinance their loans. If we would have been aware of this lie we would have went elsewhere to purchase our vehicle. They are now telling us that we are stuck and they will do nothing to help us. The cosigner is very upset because he was also told that he could come off after one year. The salesman that sold us our vehicle no longer works their and they are saying that they acknowledge we were lied to and deceived but they will not offer a resolution.They are a lying dealership who only care about making the sale not the customer.

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