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1 Kelowna, BC, Canada

Recently I had my 2011 Chevy Tahoe into the Don Folks dealership in Kelowna to repair my front bearing repaired. During this service they noticed I needed new tires. I was told by the service guy Derrick they could provide me with the "same tires" that I currently had (Toyo). My husband also telephoned Derrick and was told "the same" tires could be supplied. After doing some research, we agreed it was a reasonable price and agreed to have them put on at our next appointment. When my husband came home from work (works out of town) approx a week after so had the tires on, he noticed the "same tires" as promised were not on. Instead my vehicle had Pirelli tires on it. After a call to the service manager, we were told "they were just as surprised that we did not have the Toyo's on."
As customers we are not happy. Not only did we get wrong tires (which they did not offer to do anything about, but I also had several things missing from my vehicle that went missing when my bearing were repaired. I left several messages for Derrick at service, and eventually called the service manager about it. He asked his workers, and offered me an oil change as restitution. I accepted because So felt at a loss. Don Folks in Kelowna will not be getting our business in the future: as we had several items go missing from my car, and the $1500 tires are not what we agreed to. I would love to receive a follow up call.
Nicole s Gullion

Sep 24, 2017

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