Domino's Pizza / store 5481 very rude delivery driver

A delivery driver by the name of Anthony Lumpkin, out of the East Ridge Tennessee location, store #5481 Delivered to my home on Saturday 6-9-18 in the evening, when he arrived me and my 7yr child went to door. The driver, smelled VERY strongly of alcohol and was VERY rude and unpleasant, just down right ugly. Then when my child went to hand him the tip ( which my son is special needs, and loves to give the tip!) He then berated my child stating "Wow, thanks for the 3 dollar tip, you little [censored]!" To say I was appalled was an understatement, but I didnt wanna say anything to him ( due to the fact that my husband was not home, plus i was afraid of what I would say to him, bc I was furious!!) I attempted to call the store numerous times to speak with a manager but was put on hold 3 different times!! Then I wrote about the incident on social media, and Mr.Lumpkin had the nerve to comment, calling me a "[censored]" and my child a "[censored]" . I want something done about this immediately!! I have the messages and Im also going to show them to my family attorney as soon as I can be seen Monday ( tomorrow) this is the kind of po eople you hire to represent your store? Insulting a loyal customer, and their special needs child, strongly smelling of alcohol ( while driving a vehicle??!!) I want a response back immediately and I will NOT be ordering from Dominos again, due to such a senseless, immature act. I want him terminated!! If I have to take legal action, I'm more than willing to do so.

  • Updated by LewAnn Camp, Jun 10, 2018

    The picture below is the Dominos (drunk) driver that delivered to my house 6/9/2018

    store 5481 very rude delivery driver
Jun 10, 2018

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