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Dominican Hair Salon by Massiel / Wrong Cut

1 2118 Scenic Hwy Snellville, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 6783448666

I have been Dominican Hair Salons before but this one has the worst customer service and they do not speak English well enough to provide the service you want. (The only reason I went to Dominican Hair Salon by Massiel was because my other Dominican hair lady moved back to New York). I went this salon to get a trim and cut. On the sign in sheet I wrote down what I wanted a wash, set and trimmed cut. When the girl started to set my hair after washing she only rolled half my hair and attempted to put me under the dryer saying she couldn't roll the back. My guess is because I have natural hair she didn't feel like to the work. I told the Spanish speaking only girl I needed all my hair rolled or it would break off. She called over another girl and translated that she couldn't roll it because it was shorted in the back. The other Dominican Salon I had been going to for the past two years did so without a problem even when my hair was shorter. I pointed to the yellow and orange rollers to let them know that was the size they needed to use. The girl then rolled up my hair with a disgusted look and rolled in patches-no part just took three rollers and rolled the back. Once under the dryer, I noticed the lady sitting in the chair after I was under the dryer was somehow finished before I was. Her hair was twice as long and thicker. I told the girl I was dry after feeling my own hair (and knowing my hair is fine so it drys quick) that I was ready. She told me a little more. Next thing I know it's been 20 minutes and I put the dryer hood up to let them know I'm ready. I sat down in the stylist chair and she blowed and preceded to oil up my hair to finish. I told her i wanted it cut (since that was already on the sign in sheet), she asked me how, I illustrated to her with a comb to cut the back to my neck and trim the rest in a bob style. She said she couldn't cut and Massiel would cut it. Once in Massiel's chair she asked how do you want it cut, I said in a stlye keep the length, like a bob. She began to cut my hair like I wanted, but then went back and started cutting off the top half in layers. Once she finished cutting and curled by in roller style little curls. Nothing like what I asked for and then said well I had to cut the top in layer. I asked who told you to do that! She said you siad you wanted a style. I asked for a bob and got a short cut with hair on the bottom (kind of like those short hair wigs in the store). On top of all that they tried to charge me a $1 for using my debit card. This place is the worst, DON'T GO FOR CUTS! AND STAY AWAY IF YOU HAVE MEDIUM SHORT NATURAL HAIR.

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  • Sw
      4th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am sure that is what happened according to the above complaint. I have almost gone broke going there. Every two weeks I go back they have changed the price of what they charged two weeks before. The price gets higher and higher. I was giving tips everytime I went also.(from $3 to $5). The reason I kept going was because I wanted to make sure that I was not misjudging them. I have been going to the Domincan Salon in Stockbridge, Ga. for about 4 months. When I first started to go, my hair was thick and healthy but gradually I noticed my hair started to get thinner and break off along the edges. On my first visit I got an inexperienced stylist ( but they told me everyone knew how to do everthing.). The stylist acted like she did not understand what I was saying and would have one of the English speaking stylist to ask me what I wanted. Since I have been going over 4 months this non-English speaking stylist has been saying some English words ( I said to myself, " I thought she could not speak English" ) . The first time she was doing my hair she put hot blow dryer directly on my face and on my neck and I kept telling her to keep the hot heat away from my face. ( one of the Spanish speaking person told her in Spanish to hold the hot blow dryer a certain way so the heat would not make contact with my skin. She did this for a little while then went back to her old ways. i had to put a towel up high around my face to keep her from burning my skin.

    The next time I went I did some observation and noticed how slow they were and people in the dryer were ready to go to the chair I slso looked around and saw some women in the chair looking like the blow dryer heat was killing them. I told this new stylist to make sure she keep the heat off my skin. She did better than the first stylist I went to . The third time I went the stylist held the blow dryer better. The fourth time I went I need color on my hair and I told them I wanted this particular color but the ower insisted that I go with the color she thought was best. Hair turn out too dark and they had to do a double process charging me for the double of almost $200.00

    The last time I went, I was pretty sure that these people did not have respect for their clients. They were being slow delibertly all the time talking to you in a kind sounding voice but saying something else in spanish. The Stylist I went to the last time spoke good English and I was able to have a back and forth conversation with her.
    Everytime I would ask her something about what she was doing to my hair she would say, " I will take care of You". but this person was just lag-a-gaging and even left the premises while I waited on her. When she finally came back she had me sitting in the chair waiting on her while she was eating, talking to the other Spanish Stylist and doing a Salsa Dance.. I asked her if she was ready to finish my hair ( I had been there since 8: 15 a.m. and it was going on 3:00 p.m. ) She turned to me and said in her soft voice " I will take care of You".
    But, I'm thinking I have been here almost all day. She finnaly started to Blow my hair out but she said something that I will never forget. She said, " HERE COMES THE PAIN ". I said, Oh No . She proceeded with the hot blow dryer and I had to constantly tell her to take it away from my face. She looked like she enjoyed this part where the client quinches and squirms in the chair. I knew that would be the last time I set foot in that place again.

  • Da
      8th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This place is HORRIBLE!!! Do not waste your money or your time in a place like this. Apparently, it is absolutely normal for them to burn your whole scalp when they give you a relaxer. I told them over and over how bad it was burning and they kept saying it is okay. The next day my hair was sticking to the burnt areas in my head. I went back the next day to show them and they told me that it was normal. There was also another lady in there crying because they were yanking out her hair talk about unprofessional. The people who work there are also very RUDE. I would not recommend this place to anyone. In fact, you should stay far away. They should not even be able to do hair.

  • No
      7th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    THE WORST!!! I actually liked this place when they first opened in Snellville (off of Scenic Highway). Omar, Lorraina and Giselle are the only customer friendly people in the salon. Giselle is awesome and very sweet. I went there for the last time today! Massiel is a mess! She is the owner, by the way. She is money hungry and has no business owning a salon. Massiel is also very rude. She has the cliche' "stank attitude" about herself. I don't know who gave this chic a license! She charged me $45 for a $25 wash and set. She claimed that because it was Labor Day, the discount did not apply. Ok, so I drove down to another Dominican salon and asked the stylist how much she would charge for a wash and set...$25. I called Massiel and told her that she was ripping people off and I would not be coming back to her salon again! I guess she needed that money more than me.

    Where is the health inspector? The shelves are dusty. They don't sweep and their stylist stations are messy! When one of the stylists puts you under the dryer, she goes and sits in the "lobby" and watches tv. Oh, don't let one of their favorite soap operas come on! You will be under the dryer until it goes off, doesn't matter if you've been dry 30 minutes before.

    Please save your hard-earned money, seek a better and more professional Dominican salon. This place is really not worth it!

  • Gi
      27th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE: This Salon gives other Dominican Salons a bad reputation. I have been visiting Domincan Salons for over 15 years and the only time I have had a problem was when I visited Massiel's. The customer service is lousy. The African-American man at the front desk tries his best to provide customer service, but unknown to him, the hairdressers talk about him behind his back in Spanish. On my first visit they overcharged me and I vowed never to go back. Today I was pressed for time and went there against my better judgment, again they overcharged me. They quoted me one price when I arrived; however when the "owner" got there, the price went up by $10 and I didn't even get my hair blown out. They tell you that you need to stay under the dryer for 10 more minutes so that they can put friends ahead of the line. Their prices are not competitive with other salons in the area. Finally, not all of their hairdressers are not licensed. Some are as young as 15 years old. Even the receptionist was shampooing his friends hair today. It was not worth it the first time I went there, I gave them the benefit of doubt and went a 2nd time...big mistake. Massiel is a "mess". Her girdle is to tight so she cannot think straight. Her attitude is nasty; when the receptionist tried to explain that I brought my own conditioner, she said I used her electricity...WOW! She brings her kids and they run around the salon acting like Bebe's kids. She has a 4 year old feeding the 2 yr old hot cup-o-noodles in the lobby area, while the "baby daddy" talks on his cell phone outside the salon. How professional!!! I am now at home blowing my own hair. I will be reporting them on Monday and I will make sure I never recommend anyone here. There are three other salons in the area that do a much better job and their prices are competitive.

  • Sh
      4th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow! I have been considering getting my hair pressed for a while now at one of the Dominican salons. Now, I think I will just do it myself. I would never sit and allow someone to be so rude and disrespectful to me and pay them too- no way. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Gr
      10th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I went there one time never again they they are rude can't speak english I wanted alot of body and when I got out the chair it was a hot mess it was so straight it did not move at all. My hair comes to my shoulder then she told me I'm going to have to charge you more because your hair is long. Give me a break. Never again.

  • Di
      15th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    All this people are lying...I go there twice a week and never had to complaint to anybody... They are very good of what they do, great customer service, good prices, this Salo is awsomed...

  • Ro
      17th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I took my 15 year old daugher there ONCE! She had super thick, shoulder length natural hair. When I picked her up, her hair looked thin and broke off. She told me once they go her out from under the dryer and removed the rollers, they started talking about how "nappy" her hair was. She said someone then put another "conditioner" on her hair and put her back under the dryer. After they rinsed it out her hair was much softer and easier to comb out. Anyway, she said the woman was blow drying roughly and she could see and feel hair breaking off. To make a long story short, her hair looked thinner and damaged. A couple of weeks later my daughter's hair was looking more thin and she told me it was shedding alot. I decided to wash and press it myself..well, it did not revert back. It went straight when I wet it. I kept wetting and waiting for it to kink up but it didn't. There was visible breakage. There is no doubt in my mind that they put some kind of chemical in her hair to make it easier to handle. (My daughters hair is very thick and could very easily overwhelm you). I am so mad!! I have cut her hair and got micro braids to grow it back out. You can even see the new growth which is natural and the rest is thin and straight. How dare they put chemicals in her hair without my permission!! I have never taken her back and since then I have learned of another woman who is certain they did the same thing to her childs hair because it is not reverting back to it's natural state either...BEWARE...Do not go to Massiels!!!

  • Fo
      22nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I must agree with the posts! I was a loyal customer but they apparently have lost their minds. They are so rude. Massiel is extremely money hungry, but she will loose both of her businesses if she doesn't change that attitude. She had better remember who feeds her, HER CUSTOMERS! Well, I won't be feeding her any longer. Her and her husband are extremely rude and sarcastic. They think people don't understand when they are talking about you. They had better realize that just like there are like a million nail shops, there are now also a million Dominican hair salons, some of which, will treat you MUCH MUCH BETTER!

  • No
      17th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    @ Dior,

    No one has time sit here and make up lies. This place is horrible! I haven't been back since September 09! Too Groovy Salon and Spa is a great natural salon! Also, try Keisha at Ricks Cuts and Styles (Covington Highway). She does an awesome press!

  • Di
      6th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    My mom went for an array of services ( relax, dye, cut, style etc...) When her roots were still curly which I thought was ridiculous but worst yet was the dye job. My 4 year old niece could have done better. They left dye on her ears and forehead but worst it dye was encrusted on her forehead. I insisted she go back and have them take care of it. They refused to do anything for her. They claimed all dye jobs look like that and it will wash out over time. The manager and Massiel refused to fix it at all . Also the manager tried to take a towel to her head to rub off the encrusted dye on her forehead. Needless to say when you have a business you should to satisfy legitimate complaints. These people have no respect for their clients. I suggest you keep driving by.

  • Pe
      29th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Yes I agree and not only that this people still your money WARNING !!! if you pay with credit make sure that you black tip area if you don’t they will put the amount for you, if you leave tips give cash PLEASE someone told me that the owner don’t give the tips to the poor people that work there. I will never ever ever again will do my hair in that place..God don’t like ugly and he is watching you.

  • Br
      16th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    They have noooo idea how to do natural hair!! They have the worst customer service in the world. I have no idea how they are still in business. To add injury to insult, they charged me $65 for a wash, conditioner and set. Mind you my hair is barely below the shoulder. If anyone is thinking of going there...DONT!

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