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domestic harressment / domestic violence

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Sub: - In danger and threat to life from my husband Sh. Harvinder Pal Singh
Anand, two sons of my husband from first marriage namely Harpreet
Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Sister of my husband namely Swarnpal kaur and
Satvinder kaur, Ajit Pal singh (Raja), Paramjeet Kaur Brother and sister in
law of first wife of my husband for cruelty, harassment, criminal
intimidation attempt to murder, house trespass.
I Harpreet kaur W/o sh. Harvinder pal Singh Anand residing in my
matrimonial house C-245, vikas puri. New Delhi. My husband also has a home
at Chandigarh on account of his business, he keeps on shifting between
Chandigarh and new delhi. I got married to sh. Harvinder pal singh Anand
as per sikh rites at Gurudwara sh. Gurusingh sabha, C-block
Vikaspuri, new Delhi. This is my second marriage of me and my husband as first
wife of H.S. Anand died 6-7 years ago and I got divorce from my first
After marriage initially everything was fine and on account of
business of our family I along with my husband sh. Harvinder pal singh anandqxd
kept on staying in my matrimonial home at Chandigarh and at new delhi.
The sons of my husband from his 1st marriage resides at Chandigarh along
with the mother and father of my husband. Slowly these people started
showing their true colour and started harassing me as second marriage
of their father with me was not liked by children namely Harpreet Singh,
Gurpreet Singh sons of my husband from 1st marriage and daughter
Manmeet (Soaynia) and Jaspreet(Lily). They all used to abuse me and insult
me in front of everyone and forced my husband to leave me. I continued
bearing the cruel behavior in the hope that better sense shall prevail
upon them, but of no avail.
My father in law died on 04-02-2008. After performing his last rites
at Chandigarh the children of my husband from earlier marriage sons
Harpreet Singh and Jaspreet Singh daughters Manmeet and Jaspreet sisters
swarnpal kaur, satvinder kaur along with my husband scolded me, beat me
badly in sight of all relatives gathered there, threw me out in bare
wearing apparels on 11.02.2008. I came to my matrimonial house at C-245
Vikaspuri. But my husband Sh. Harvinder Pal Singh Anand came here after
me and started threatening me to leave this home also otherwise he would
kill me. Thereafter he left for his business purpose and kept on
making me tele calls in between and kept on threatening me.
On 29-04-2008 my husband’s son namely Harpreet Sing and Gurpreet
singh, sisters Satvinder kaur and Sawarnpal kaur, Ajit Singh, Paramjit
kaur brother and sister in law of first wife (now dead) of my husband. One
person named Gaurav and others all come to my matrimonial house at
C-245 vikaspuri in late evening and started banging the door of the house.
I saw through the window and got scared on seeing so many people in
late evening. Harpreet sing and Gurpreet singh sons of my husband started
shouting that if I don’t open the door he would kill me with
licensed revolver of their father sh. Harvinder pal Singh, which they were
holding in his hand. As they had the duplicate keys of the outer gate
HArpreet Singh opened the lock of the gate and thereafter broke the lock of
main door of the house and entered the house along with all the above
persons and 4-5 people whom I don’t know. I was shocked to see that a
police official who was carrying a name plate of Shivkaran on his
uniform was also accompanying these people. I quickly locked myself in
my bedroom. All these people keep on banding the door of my bedroom
with their hands and feet. After some time my husband sh. Harvinder pal
singh anand came and threatened me to open the door of the room. The
police official shiv karan also shouted at me to come out. Apprehending
danger to my life I did not open the door. I made telephone calls at no.
100 to call the police at 06:53 PM, 8:29 PM, 08:30 PM and 12:00 am in
the night and at regular intervals but nobody turned up. I again made
calls at 11:42 pm at social welfare dept helpline no. [protected] at 2:53 am
and at 3:26 am. One lady police official and one other police official
came but they did not pay any heed to my grievances. All the above
people kept on threatening me that they have come to eliminate me but
these police officials kept on seeing these quietly and went away. I shall
give more details of the said calls later on as now I am so
frightened and afraid as I am all alone confined in a single room
without food and shall recollect the details after I feel safe here. I have
given written complaints on 29.04.08 to the S.H.O P.S. Vikaspuri on
30.04.08 to S.H.O P.S. vikaspuri as well as to CWA cell, Kirti Nagar New
Delhi duly received by the police officials of P.S. Vikaspuri but till
now no redress has been given to me. The email was sent to the
respected police commissioner, New Delhi, Honorable Chief Justice of High
court, New Delhi and Delhi Police.

The local police of P.S. Vikaspuri is dancing to the tunes of my
husband and is rather pressuring me to leave this house. I am apprehending
serious threat to my life at the hands of my husband sh. Harvinder Pal
singh, Sons Harpreet singh and Jaspreet Singh, Sister-in-law Satvinder
kaur and Swarnpal kaur, sh. Ajit Singh, Smt. PAramjit kaur and Gaurav
and their own associates. At one time when I came out of my bedroom the
son of my husband harpreet singh snatched revolver from my husband’s
hand and pounced upon me to shoot me. I immediately rushed to my
bedroom and locked myself and saved my life. Since 29-04-2008 all the
aforesaid persons are abusing me, showing fists, threatening me to kill me. I
have locked myself in a bedroom and haven’t eaten anything since
29-04-2008. Today on 01-05-2008. Rampal head constable and Meera naidu Lady
inspector came to the house and asked me to open the door of my room.
I opened the door and came out and these police officials started
shouting at me asked why I am again and again calling at no. 100. I
told them that I apprehend immediate threat to my life but they went away
saying nothing will happen.
Sir Please save my life from above named persons sh. Harvinder Pal
singh, Sons Harpreet singh and Jaspreet Singh, Sister-in-law Satvinder
kaur and Swarnpal kaur, sh. Ajit Singh, Smt. PAramjit kaur and Gaurav and
their own associates and register FIR against them for domestic
Violence, Cruelty, harassment, Criminal intimidation attempt to murder, house
trespass and give justice to me so that I live in my matrimonial home
with peace and safety as now I am apprehending imminent danger to my
life and person.

(Mrs. Harpreet Kaur Anand)
w/o Sh. Harvinderpal singh Anand
C-245, Vikaspuri
New Delhi.

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  • Mo
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    how do you know, everything she has written is genuine, these are money making tactics.

  • Ng
      25th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    wow what a story.. she should try out career in file making.. for stories without logics...

    not eaten anything.. but able to write mails from where???? and interestingly able to give written complaints to police stations and other officers from the room ????? well this story seems more complex than Rubik's cube puzzle..

  • Gb
      27th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This is the wicked woman whose husband and fatherinlaw died with gunshots to their heads, soon after she published this completely made up story which has no truth!! They rare dead and she is still alive and kicking!! Who is the real criminal?? Any justice to the dead and their families..none obviously!! This ruthless woman is living on and the family members of the deceased can only pray for the departed souls to rest in peace...I personally knew this man, Shri Harvinder Pal Singhji...the deceased husband of this shameless woman, He married her out of compassion that she belonged to a poor family. He was always there for his friends and family. His late wife Smt Tejinder Kaur was a very compassionate lady and a perfect example for many women she knew. She earned great respect from everybody who knew her. His father Shri Charanjit Singh Anand was a man of great reputation and achievement, who has not only done a lot for his community, but never refused someone in need of any sort of help! They would go out of the way to help anyone. Theirs was a family which touched the lives of many people they knew. We have lost such wonderful people, this world is a poorer place. My heart goes out to them and their families. This wicked woman who has written this complaint needs some serious mental help because she will ruin more lives and families. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS TO JOIN MY CAUSE AGAINST CRIMES TOWARDS HUMANITY LIKE THESE.

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