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Domestic Auto Experts / Double charges

1 United States
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I went to Domestic Auto Experts and had all four shocks and a complete front and back brake systems put in. That was around three or four grand, just to begin with. The engine intake manifold broke before that, and that was about two thousand something. They supposedly replaced and fixed that and charged me thousands of dollars for everything. The whole ordeal came to about four thousand hard-earned bucks before they were through ripping my bank account's, and innocent blue-collar/worker motorist's 'mechanicee' cherry. Not less than ten months later this same intake manifold cracked or the gasket went out and they wanted another grand or two from me.

I called the Tomball location's manager and he gave me all sorts of bull about how the car had 30, 000 more miles on it. I asked if the work was defective, to begin with, and then he asked if he could drop the price down to 900.00 and tried to string me out on one of their car repair loans with interest. Needless to say, they fired my favorite service rep, and they didn't even say why when I asked, 'What happened to him?' I ended up taking my vehicle to a salvage/auction/body shop mechanic I've trusted for a long time and the same repair ran me about 300.00. God Bless the Pakistanis and their salvage cars. Without them I'd be at the mercy of Domestic Satanist Leachy Auto Experts. They can take their internet pictures of them leaching you, and your poor car, and put them on their My Space or U-Tube fan club following group for all I car.

Domestic Auto Experts are horrendous swindlers. They WILL NOT LIVE UPTO PREVIOUS WORK AND THEY CHARGE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR ANY SERIOUS WORK THEY HAVE TO DO. OWNER OF DOMESTIC AUTO EXPERTS, YOU'RE A CROOK WHO SHOULD BE ASHAMED. MAY YOU ROT FOR YOUR CAR REPAIR SHYSTS ON YOUR TRUSTING MIDDLE-CLASS CLIENTELE! SHAME ON YOU! Domestic Auto Experts should have a class-action lawsuit waged against them and they should be shut down. They are the badest of the worst crooked stereotypical mechanics. Domestic Auto Experts give the entire sometimes honorable trade of mechanics an atrociously bad stereotype. Other mechanics should shame them into going out of business.


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