Domanex Srwithdrew money account without permission

This company called me about a sleep aid, said they would send me a sample for .99 I accepted. I got the package, tried it, did not work. One month later they billed my checking account for $159.25, which was not approved. I have not recieved any merchandise and do not want any, but I do want my checking credited for the amount they took out.What a shame companies like this make the internet look so dihonest and take advantage of people like me who trust people. I have tried to get my money back, but it does not look like I will manage that. These people should have to answer for what they are doing to the general public. I work hard for my income and to have a dishonest company take that should be a crime against honest hard working people.Dormanex is a dishonest co. Shame on all of you for letting this happen.

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