Dollar Tree / unethical behaviour

Burleson, TX, United States
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The last 3 times I shopped there I reported a 2 liter soft drink bottle that had been opened and resealed to the manager, assistant manager and a cashier. Each time I had identified the brand, flavor, where it was including which shelf it was on, and that the bottle wasn't hard and could be squeezed to identify it. Each time I left the store, I waited to see if they would go to retrieve it because I was the only one in the check out line, or to page another employee to pull it from the shelf. Each time neither was done, and the same bottle was on the shelf where it was last time.

This isn't the first product that I had to watch out for when I was in shopping, among the other items was a 16 ounce candy bar that had been opened, sitting on the shelf and the back was taped shut so unless I was looking for tampered packaging I wouldn't have noticed it.

Other issues I had with this company at this location was the cashier allowing another customer in the check out line to verbally assault me over a minute then walk off. The same manager that did not take action to check on the soft drink that had been opened and resealed, didn't even make a comment when I spoke with him about the clerk. I had even filed a complaint on the corporate web site about the incident over the verbal assault, asking if they take steps to provide a safe environment for individuals with a mobility impairment or those that have young children with them that come in to shop. I got no written response and 2 weeks later had called and asked to be transferred to customer service, got a voice mail prompt and left a voice mail. Again I didn't even receive a response.

My conclusion is this company doesn't concern itself with customer experience to improve itself. Each time I shop there, I do a quick visual check before I enter the store to make sure that it looks safe to enter; and if I go in, I always have to double check what I buy to make sure it hasn't been tampered with.

Aug 24, 2016

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