Dollar Tree / unauthorized credit card charges

I went to the Dollar Tree on 115 Stuart rd Cleveland TN on 11/18/2017 at 1:42 pm. My total came to $16.32 and I used my card at the register, the credit card machine said approved and I removed my card. The cashier kept pushing buttons on the register and stated to me that I had to run the card again that the amount was not approved. I questioned her that the credit card pin-pad stated approved and she said I didn't know how to use the machine. I proceeded to run the card again and the same thing happened. After 3 times the purchase was finally " approved ". When I returned home I checked my bank and the purchase for $16.32 was charged to my bank 3 times. I called the Dollar Tree and talked to "Deb" the manager on duty and she stated that it was an accident. I then proceeded to ask her for the corporate number as my bank was closed and I could not do anything until Monday. She laughed and said that it was only $16 dollars and that I should not bother with it. I told her it was $32.64 taken out over what I should have paid. She did not give me the corporate number and told me I would have to call back for the number. This is very bad business for Dollar Tree. I am going to my bank to have the 2 extra transactions disputed.

Nov 19, 2017

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