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I am wanting to complain about the service that I received from your sales associate Angel at the Dollar Tree in Laurinburg, NC (store # 1039). I brought about 23 items back to exchange. She acted like she had a problem with the amount of items that she had to exchange for me. At one point during the exchange she got an attitude and threw an item back on the checkout area and went to look for the manager because she could not get the exchange to go the correct way. Once she located the manager named Debbie I heard her tell her that I brought this mess back to exchange. Plus I do not know if she was just tried or on something but she was just plainly unprofessional. Ms. Debbie took over the exchange. Another thing that bothered me was that another customer wanted her the help her get an Easter basket unstuck from some other baskets and she didn't have a problem doing that. I am sorry but if she does not know how to have respect for ALL customers then she does not have a right having a job in customer services. I loved shopping at Dollar Tree until today. I now will buy my merchandise for double/triple the price at other stores that offer great services. Catherine Owens [protected] [protected]

Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree

Mar 14, 2017

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