Dollar Treerude and unprofessional employees

I was at the Dollar Tree in Tucson Arizona on Ajo and 12th to customers were in a line that was apparently closed but the light was on number one register I was in number 2 they were there for about a good five minutes the employee Andrea going by the name Drea did not inform the customers that it was closed the customer asked if it was open she said in a rude voice no I said well maybe she should have turned out the light and once again in a rude voice she said she's throwing out the trash she will whenever she comes back I said you didn't have to be so rude she said she wasn't being rude I set the tone of voice you gave was rude the ladies behind me that we're in number one register agreed I asked for her manager she said she was right there I told the manager the manager walks away and goes into the room me and the customers behind me start talking among ourselves about my grandchildren Drea the employee was mumbling under her voice and I said to the customers some people do not need to be working with the public Andrea made a comment at least I have a job I told her I was going to call corporate she said I don't care call corporate the other manager came out I was paying for my stuff at that time and Drea said have a good day I said oh now you want to be nice and I looked at the manager I said you have employees like this that shouldn't be working with thePublic and the manager said that I was egging her on her name I believe is Francis or Francine all I did was say my opinion the employee did not need to be rude to me and other customers I will not be going back to that store or recommending it to anybody and another thing the shelves were not fully stocked the frozen food section was empty! Dirty store with very rude employees!!! Out of frustration that the manager let her continue I called her a name!!! Thank you

May 03, 2017

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