Dollar Treeemployees are rude and in my opinion abuse the loud speaker

Unfortunately I live in ridgecrest ca a small town riddled with bad people. I worked in this store in the past. I left on excellent terms with them. The employees they when I worked there where so nice. I never had no problems with them as a customer or a employee but the people the have now should not be working there. There are three people that work there that I can say that are great employees. The manager Chet, and two works travis and I think his name is Jared. The first incident was when I walk in with my book bag. There's no signs on the entrance doors at all about book bags. I walk in knowing where I had to go went past the cashiers register with no customers in the line. So that cashier makes a announcement to me so everyone hears it " there no book bags aloud in the store bring it up front." I go up front hesitatly know I got my Nintendo switch in there. I was mad because he embarrassed me in the store for no reason. I left it with him knowing that the people in this town are horrible people and wound not put it pass him if he stole it. I asked him when did this become a rule. His response is along the lines of this because everyone steals in a nasty way. I have a job and money. I pay for my stuff and notice that he has a vizer on I don't know if it is dollar tree because he's wearing it backwards and crooked. He was very rude and unprofessional and should not be working there if he acts like that and where's a vizer like that. The next day I go in and see Jared and go straight to him and ask if I need to leave my book bag up front. I told him what happened and he tells me no i trust you I know you don't steal. The next time I go in I see Chet and tell him what happens and he tells me that he can't tell me to do that And I didn't have to. Fast forward to may 29 there where four announcements first on 8:55 it was a woman "we are closing in five minutes" in a very stern tone then I here you sound mean. Then it was the left door is Locke go out of the right one. At 8:58 "In two minutes where closing you can be anywhere but hear." Then he starts laughing because he thought it was funny. I didn't I take my job seriously and not a joke or treat the people that are paying for your check you bring home. Then I hear that I'm the last one in the store Travis was the only one taking his job seriously and was polite. He was cashing me out. Then there was the last announcement which is the one they said before "the door on the left is locked go out the right door." I feel insulted. Since they weren't that far away from me they could of just told me but they shouldn't have to since I heard it three minutes before. Horrible people they think it's fun and just game. I work in retail and if I did that I would be fired no question ask. I make sure I can help the customer as much as possible. When i passed those two I wasn't even acknowledged or ask if I needed help. Unprofessional but that what happens when the crew doesn't care and young except for Travis also this is the first time I ever seen him. You guys need to watch them pretending to be customer so they don't know to really see how they are. It's store number. 2177

May 30, 2018

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