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Imperial Beach, CA, United States
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Hello the city of imperial beach just recently opened up a dollar tree, with the being said I was beyond excited for the opening! The store alone is great amazing deals and great product, but unfortunately I do not feel the same excitement for the customer service. I live about 2 blocks from location so I come here often (dollar tree) and every time I come to pay it never misses that the ladies there always have an attitude and the worst one of them all in the actual manager i've dealt with her about 3xs with her ringing me up and she's always mad and upset and straight up rude! I've seen her have attitudes with customers and i've seen customers yell at her for her rudeness! Unfortunately I don't recall her name the times i've seen her she doesn't wear a tag but I know she is the manager there! She's hispanic long black hair always has her hair slicked to the side with a pony tail i'm only mentioning description because like I said I can not remember her name and maybe with the description you can figure out who it is i'm talking about. I feel that with the main person in charge the manager always having a bad attitudes it is why it trickles down to all the other employees having bad customer service as well, there are not led by example at all which is very unfortunate imperial beach is made up of friendly people friendly neighborhood to have such a bad store the dollar tree take over and have all such horrible employees. I honestly never the kind to write reviews so the fact that i'm taking some time out of my day to wright this review is because i've had enough with the lack of customer service. Please I hope you guys actually care about the review these people which are your employees are giving the company such a horrible stigma and with the dollar tree being an awesome store overall to shop for it hasn't been the best experience for the imperial beach location.

Oct 21, 2018

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