Dollar Treean associate

I went to store #1645 at 2301 Route 130 South Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 last night and it was the worst customer care, shopping experience of my life. First, the store was a complete MESS, so uncomfortable to shop and if it wasn't because I really needed things, I would have ran out the store. I couldn't tell who worked there or not because no one was approachable and seem miserable. A lady got called up to check out because there was a long line and she sounded miserable about it. Unluckily, I ended up on her line. I had a big purchase and glassware. She first asked if me and my sisters were purchasing together, if not there she can go to other line. (in which there was a line there too and there were more people in back of us in line). We said no. She was miserable and huffing. She said, "I don't have anything to wrap the glassware with and was starting to put them in bags. I asked, "So there's absolutely, nothing in this store." She, said no. I looked right next to me and saw newspaper on plain site on counter.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Riverton, NJ I grabbed it and handed it to her. She was huffing and yelled for another associate to come help her wrap. I asked her why was she so upset? She answered, she had things to do. I thought to myself, well it couldn't be cleaning up the place or organizing because the place was a mess. But I stay shut. Then I said listen we all have bad days and busy life but at work we need to put that aside to assist customers. She proceeded to throw her hands up and just stopped what she was doing and said, "I'm not doing this, I'm leaving, I need a break." And she called the manager and left outside. I was in shock. Manager came and just said sorry, non-chalantly and finished ringing me up. I'm thinking, like that's it. So we just going to ignore the fact that this lady left me here and just walked out. But ok, whatever. Now if this store and associates are a reflection of corporate than I must say they are doing a horrible job and really need to step up their game. I will NEVER go to this store again. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I did not deserve this being that I totally kept my cool.

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