Dollar Rent A Car / scam! lied to!

Dallas Fort Worth Airport, United States
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I prepaid for my dollar rental on Nov. 21st. I purposely did this on the Dollar website so if I had any issues I could discuss with them directly. When I arrived to the counter to pick my car the attendant asked me if I had insurance I said yes from my credit card. She said THERE IS A NEW LAW IN TEXAS SAYING YOU HAVE TO HAVE SECONDARY INSURANCE ON TOP OF THE INSURANCE YOU HAVE WITH A CREDIT CARD. I asked her how much that would cost. She said with the car rental fee, it would cost a total of $277. She said I was not charged yet for the car rental and it would be a total of $277 only. She also said your credit card will only show a charge of $277. I said well that is only a difference of $141 more than what I agreed to pay so i said ok. I also asked about tolls...if I could purchase a toll tag. She said no they will charge you in the end.

A few months later I got charged $136 for the rental then $277 for additional fees and $164 for toll fees. I was told the contract states if a toll tag is not purchased you will be charged a $15 fee on top of each toll.

I later found out she lied to me. There is no law stating you need secondary insurance. I later found out she makes commission on additional fees and that is why she probably lied to me.

I am currently contesting the charge with my credit card but it makes me worry who else she has done this to. Dollar would not let me speak to the location and told me since I signed it there is nothing that can be done. The dollar attendant scammed me.

Jan 23, 2017

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