Dollar General (store manager)store manager and assistant manager

I am writing to inform the district manager of some Shaddy stuff going on at the Dollar General in Winter Haven FL Us hwy 17 Motor pool winter Haven FL! First the older lady, I believe she is the manager is so rude, to her customers and employees to the point that they (employees) complain about her, and how she can not run that store, to her not ever really working and just always looking for the "penny deals" Whatever that is. Seriously this is what is talked about while a lime of customer s wait to get taken care of.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Winter Haven, FL I have witnessed Mareen, Isis taking grey totes out to their car. Enough is enough with these 2! They both need to be investigated. They even talked about how someone's draw was short $100 instead of taking care of customers. Isis was the manager on duty that day, I have never witnessed anything like that. The store manager always talking to who ever will listen to her, and how she talks to the employees...! I was talking to my friend that goes there and she said she caught the manager and assistant manager taking grey totes to their car! It needs to be looked into!!!

Nov 23, 2018

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