Dollar General / management

Hi my name us Quanesha and i never do complaints but i felt it very necessary to inform you all on they type of management you have running yours store. You employee Jess was a super star in thee situation at hand as well. Your manager's Ruby and Mark (im not 100% on his name).They are the managers at the center in the sahara center in las vegas nv on sahara and decatur... They were very rude and did not attend to not one customer who came to them instead they keep sending them to the one cashier jess who had a line of about five. I asked the managers to help her clear the line they basically said she got it and continued to both work on one pog together instead of helping customers. While jess helped and greeted everyone in the store while they said nothing (standing by the door). I dont get why they wouldn't come over and help and made it obvious that they didn't want to. Dont get me wrong i understand floor plans have to be changed and the store needs to be up to par BUT customers come FIRST and when you have one employee on the counter with a line you kill they line then get back to what you need to be doing. I was very disappointed as where many other customers. We all spoke about it and could clearly see the problem. Jess was amazing and kept apologizing for the wait and thanking us for our patients . Maybe she should be running this location.

Nov 14, 2017

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