Dollar General / firing of manager

United States

I shopt at The Dollar General Store #00164 located on 7th Avenue South Charleston, WV two to three times a week. After not seeing Sasha, the manager, for several weeks was told he had been fired. What?! Why? Explained to me he has been fired for not having a drivers license. Told he has to have a license in order to go to the bank to make deposits. The bank is three blocks from the store. We do not have a gang problem in South Charleston & have never heard of anyone being robbed on the "mean streets" of South Charleston. Who ever is responsible for the firing has made a huge mistake. Sasha was always friendly & helpful. Never in a bad mood no matter who he may have had to deal with. ALWAYS pleasant. Who made this foolish decision? Ive spoken to others who shop at the same store. No one can make sense of what has been done to a great young man. I will no longer shop at Dollar General & others have said the same thing. Will take my shopping needs to Family Dollar, which is right around the corner, or Dollar Tree which is right down the road. I do not know who the district manager is for the South Charleston store but he is a fool. Is he a bully or just have a personal problem with Sasha. Unbelievable. You've lost a great asset in Sasha. What a shame.

May 16, 2017

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