Dogwood Springs RV Park - Jasper, Arkverbal harassment and denial of refund

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I am writing to tell you about the worst experience my family has ever had at an rv park.

On June 25, 2009 my husband and I drove from Oklahoma City to Jasper, Ark for the Annual Elk's Festival. We arrived at the Dogwood Springs RV park at approximately 1:00 p.m. Upon arrival we were informed that check-in was at 3:00 p.m. We had just driven 6 hours hauling our 28 ft. travel trailer up the mountain and we had no where to go. We asked if we could please place our trailer on the site we had reserved months earlier and after much deliberation we were told that we would have to pay an additional $2.00 per person for early arrival. We advised that we had never encountered such unwelcomed arrival and upon that a lady (Tammy Wenzel) came out in her bathrobe and yelling that "if we didn't like it we could get out". We did this - dropped off the trailer and went into town to meet up with old friends who were participating in the Elk's Festival. My husband Rick and I left early that evening to return to the trailer to prepare dinner for our friends. At approximately 8:30 p.m. that evening our friends arrived for dinner. We ate dinner and went outside under the awning and were having a pleasant visit when suddenly we heard a lot of commotion. We looked over to where the noise from coming from to see approximately 4 people who we later learned were Doug Wenzel, his wife Tammy and daughter Tara and an unknown young man standing behind my friend's vehicle with a flash light. They were screaming about the vehicle not being registered and something about controlling their property and the people on their property. We quickly got up to see what was wrong. We were emphatically told that they must leave or they would tow their vehicle away. We (my friend and I - my husband had already gone to bed) attempted to resolve the apparent grievance that they had against us. They were screaming and cursing at us and Mr. Wenzel was right up in my face with his finger. I advised him that I had never in my 30+ years of camping ever experienced such an outburst for no apparent reason. He continued to use profanity and then attempted to go and unplug our trailer. I advised him that my husband was asleep and that it was after 10:00 p.m. and we had no where to go. He told us he wanted us off of his property and that we had to leave by 11:00 a.m. the following morning. My friend and I quickly retreated to our trailer and locked the door. We were in fear of our lives and were not able to sleep at all that evening for fear of retaliation by this man and his family.

The following morning my friend and I advised my husband of the horrific ordeal from the night before and that we had been evicted from the campground. He was shocked and appalled. We fixed breakfast and our friends arrived at approximately 8:00 a.m. We sat down to eat at 8:15 a.m. when all of a sudden my friend exclaimed "oh no he's back". This time he was screaming and yelling at the neighbors who were parked in the next spot. My husband quickly went outside to find out what was going on. Mr. Wenzel screamed profanity at my husband and told us to get out. We never provoked this man. My husband Rick advised that we would leave upon his refund of our camping fees for the following two nights of our stay. Rick and Doug Wenzel walked up to the office where Doug Wenzel threatened my husband with violence and attempted to fight. Doug Wenzel repeatedly said "you want to fight, I know you want to fight, go ahead hit me". This man is a threat to society and we feared for our lives. My husband returned to our trailer without a refund. Doug Wenzel advised that we would have to "sue him" and repeatedly threatened that he was going to call the police to which we asked that he please do that. Shortly after my husband returned from the office Mr. Wenzel again arrived at our trailer. My husband was beginning to unplug everything. Mr. Wenzel came to the back of our trailer, grabbed the electrical plug to our trailer and violently jerked it out of the plug. My husband advised me to pack the inside as quickly as possible so that we could get out of there. I threw out our breakfast which we did not get to eat and quickly wrapped up the dirty dishes and put them in the cabinet. My husband took the awning in and quickly placed our 5 chairs in the side compartment and we literally fled for our lives.

Upon arrival into the town of Jasper my friend advised that she had contacted the Chamber of Commerce who in turn called and made reservations for us and the neighbors who he were also treated the same way. We drove approximately 13 miles up the mountain to our new campground and were welcomed with open arms. The owner of the campground advised us that Mr. Wenzel had just called her stating "I'm sending you some people and good luck with these". We surmise that Mr. Wenzel called every campground in the area and defamed us.

On Friday my husband and I went to the police department in Jasper, Ark and filed a complaint against this man and his family as did the other couple who were unjustifiably evicted. We also spoke directly with the Chamber of Commerce and told them of our experience and learned that this is something that he has done repeatedly. This man has no business dealing with the public. He ruined our vacation and took our money, verbally harassed us and threatened bodily harm.

We just felt like this was something that should be brought to your attention.

If you have any questions about this horrible ordeal my family went through at the hands of Doug Wenzel and his family you may contact me at my email address or my husband at Rick at [protected]

Thank you .


Linda S. Andrews


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      Jul 01, 2009

    Are you sure you wern't at an econolodge in ohio!

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      Jul 30, 2009

    We stayed at Dogwood Spring in Jasper, Arkansas over Elk Fest weekend. We are Good Sam members and we only stay at Good Sam Parks because we know that they are inspected and rated. In the Good Sam Directory on Page 10 and they quote" The Good Sam Park maintains a high level of quality throughout the year. In addition to annually inspecting each GSP, making unannounced visits each year. The Quality Assurance Program ensures that GSP continue to meet or exceed the strict membership guidelines. It's your assurance of a higher degree of overall parks consistency and quality." Any seasoned RV'er knows that. This customer must NOT be a Good Sam member or a seasoned RV'er. Anyway, we did not bring our RV to the campground this year and stayed in one of their cabins (the owners gave us our 10% off for GS even though we did not have our RV) WOW Back to the story we arrived on a Thursday afternoon, checked in, was shown to our cabin, unpacked, had dinner and was sitting by the campfire when the people down from us was apparently drinking and laughing/talking and all around being loud. The owners came down and apparently asked them to hold the noise down. We overheard the people yelling that they didn't have to pay for guests visiting the park and that their guests was parked in an RV site and they would not move the vehicle. The owners left and at 10:00pm the guest was still there and the owners asked the guest to leave since it was quiet time and the people starting yelling and using bad language telling the owners to get out of here that they had paid for their site and the guests was not leaving. The owners were very polite to us and very courteous to everyone that we saw. We even talked to a State Farm Agent from Louisiana that was staying there with the boy scouts and he overheard the same thing that Mr. Doug Wenzel was very nice and trying to work out everything with this customer.

    It is the closest park with full hook-ups, pool, playground, very kid friendly and the cleanest bathrooms around and we definitely will be back.

    Thank you,
    John Mayes
    from Oklahoma

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