Dogpedic / None Receipt of Merchandise

On July the 15th I ordered a large dogpedic mattress for my aging Akita and I received a notification that the product was shipped on July 19th requesting to wait a customary three weeks for delivery. I waited till August 9th and contacted the customer service at which point the employee stated that a replacement will be shipped immediately and this time I requested to have a tracking number sent along with a new shipping invoice. Of course did not receive any. Called again on August 23rd and Mario (customer service) did confirmed my earlier request for reshipment but unfortunately the request was not approved. And definitely another will be shipped the following day with a new email notification. Waited another day and called again on the 25th, at this point I'm requesting to have my money refunded. The customer service now indicated that one was definitely sent that morning and they are unable to give refund until they receive the none existent product back. Does this sound like a run around. I called again this morning and the customer service said "oh we sent you and email with the tracking shipment today, this is after all the run around. Since this transaction was done with a credit card, should they be able to invalidate the transactions? Because at this point this company has lied so often, I would not believe a word they say even if their mother was present. And I do wonder what Montel Williams get out of peddling this product? Definitely not the most honest way. I just want to say by cheating customer bad Karma will always follow any one associated with this company.

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