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1 12720 I Street Suite 200Omaha, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 402-934-8831

Found an attractive wicker crate for my lab/collie. Per recommendation for breed size, I ordered (1) XL Mr. Herzher's Rhino Wicker Pet Residence for lab/collie for $289. The website does not say anything about the product being unfit for animals that chew. Nor does it indicate that the verticle bars on the side are 4 1/2 inches wide with no horizontal bars to keep the animals from partially getting out. I was horrified to find that my dog had easily clawed through the wicker due to the large gap between the bars and got her head and neck stuck in between the bars after a storm at 3 AM. The dog could not back out of the cage and her eyes were bulging. I had to get in the kennel and extract the dog. When I contacted customer service they said the product could not be returned and any safety issues with the product were not their concern and I would have to contact the manufacturer. They pointed me to their return policy that indicates items can only be returned in original sellable condition. This is despite their guarantee that states, "Our concern for building quality pet equipment is backed by our warranty. We warrant equipment for a period of one year from the date of purchase to repair or replace, at our option, any part defective in materials or workmanship." They also said they never had a problem w/this product before as if it was my fault the dog got hung up between the bars. The advertisement photo does not show the interior side bars and therefore, it is not possible to see this defective design flaw of 4 1/2 inch gap between the bars. Interestingly, another retailer who is also an authorized dealer for Mr Herzher products - - had a disclaimer for animals that chew and said the manufacturer would not cover damage due to chewing and even recommended installing plexi-glass between the wicker and the bars in order to keep the animals from destroying the wicker on the side panels. While I was unhappy about the wicker, my main concern is that the kennel/crate is not safe for my pet and I am stuck with a $289 item that cannot be used. As far as the rest of the kennel/crate design is concerned, the bars on the rear of the kennel are 3" apart and are horizontal which did not create a problem for my dog as she could not get through. The front of the kennel has 1 1/2" criss-cross bar - which (in my opinion) is how the rest of the kennel should be designed for safety . When I called the Manufacturer - they affirmed the no return/refund policy of their authorized dealer and also claimed it as their own policy as well. While the customer service rep at the manufacturer and at were polite, I really felt that I had been duped into buying something that - had I known how it was designed and been forwarned - I would not have purchased. Unfortunately the manufacturer's only remedy was to offer to sell me a new side panel saying they had never had any problems like mine with the pet residence and have been selling it since 2002. Perhaps my dog is the only who has ever tried to get through a fence not quite wide enough for her, but I doubt that my pet is the only one and that other pet residence owners have also had similar experiences. Both companies are selling an unsafe product that is not fit and sufficient for the advertised purpose without enough disclosure to make the customer aware of the risks before purchasing. Please see the photos below.

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