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I’ve been Calling Dodo support for over a week now.. Still wondering if they will charge me for calling them as I am on a Bundle broadband plan with them. My 1st question to them was why my up and download speed was so erratic, speeds varied from 64 kbs to 12 mbits download (I am on a ADSL 2+ plan) the answer I got was reboot my modem and see if that helped ... and they’d call back to hear is all was ok I am still waiting for that call. So after 3 days of testing i called again since the speeds were still very variable... tech support wanted me to reboot the modem again told them already did that.. and it became quiet on the other side of the line.. I suggested to update the firmware... and they replied yes that will help and is the solution... after downloading the firmware I tried updating the modem (D-link 502t) the update was successful I reconnected it back to my router but no lights came up only the power light... so I called again and tech told me my modem had died I asked now what will i do .. and will you provide a new modem since I bought it of you .. they said no you will have to call d-link and handle it through them.. I will send you an e-mail which shows the date of purchase... I still after a week have to receive this e-mail. I called them 2 more times about this.. They said it could take up to 2 hours hmmmmm more like 2 years..
I wonder why am i paying for something I am not getting is it possible to get a refund?
Dodo's service is based on dumb people as customers.
my max limit is 5 gigs (this is both up and download even if your computer isn’t on they are counting)
So last month i have gone over my limit.. and got charged 0, 18 cents per MB extra i never realized this it even showed a button to buy 1 more gig for 10 dollars now I paid 40 dollars for 380 MB... which is more than 2 times my normal rate.
I am now using an old modem with old speeds and that has the same problems. I am lost and want to have a stable connection with no hidden costs and a good Helpdesk... Big question why don’t I just move back to Holland where there are no limits and connections are stable.. and heldesk treats you as a real customer.


I could talk hours about this I have a feeling that the Aussies have just accepted this behaviour and live with it.. In my oppionion thats not right and some governing body should addres them and make them clean up their act.

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  • Na
      Jun 29, 2009

    Listen, I'm sorry to bust your rant but this is how internet service is in Australia. I'll start with some things that might help.

    1. You are not entilted to money back on the Modem. The supplier of equpiment ONLY has to return/refudn goods as faulty within 7 days of purchase. That is considered dead on arival. Anything else and the company has no obligation to refund or support the product as it isn't theirs. Think of the supermarket. You cant call Coles or Woolworths and ask how to cook a meal since you bought the supplies there. Its a massive stretch to that example but you see what i mean.

    2. If the problem is the modem this is actualy very difficult to test from the support bench. Dodo must be 100% sure before saying that "It'snot us, its you". If you were to send a device away under the advice of them and for some reason it didn't work etc... Dodo MIGHT be obligated to provide you with a partial refudn/discount as they didn't provide what you are paying for, I.e Internet access.

    3. Dodo make it very clear in their PDS that the connections might not be completly stable. This sucks I know. Not only do that NOT reccomend that this service shouldnt be used for business as it is so unstable. But as I understand it they even make you agree and verbaly accept that this might be the case and that Dodo will not be resonsible for any downtime etc... blah blah.

    4. All support desks for internet are bad with maybe the excepotion of iprimus and iinet. Dodo is good for the older generation because their call centre isn't a "Stupid indian call centre that you cant understand them". I hear this every day at work and I find it super offensive.

    5. Dodo IS CHEAP. You get what you pay for. YOu shop for the cheapest internet. You gotta have some issues. If you want service, go with telstra and pay the extra money (people, despite what you will say, Telstra service is actualy good compared to other places). Telstra is designed for people who dont know anything and about 85% of telstra complaints are about wanting to do somthing that you cant figure out etc. If you cant figure it out, PAY somebody to do it, or dont do it. Just like when people try to install windows on their computer and don't have a clu about drivers etc (its not hard but people just dont know. Australia is partiularly bad with computer related/internet stuff becuase we are always trying to be smarter then the guy in the shop. This isn't true, people in the shops are there for a reason.)

    6. If you truly truly believe that you have been rightly wronged by dodo (from Australian standards) then you can take your case up with the telecommunications ombidsman ( The first step will be to give you a conflict resolution contact number with dodo. This number wont be publicly available and you will probably NOT talk to the call centere, but somebody else in Australia. However remember that the TIO ISNT a government body so be carful if you say the TIO said this or that blah blah as it can backfire and they will reject your complaint. Also, Dodo would have the right to charge you for an investigation if they need be to resolve the issue. EVEN if they find in your favour.

    Hope this helps!! Nath

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  • Br
      Jul 06, 2009

    Dodo does shave a "Stupid indian call centre that you cant understand"

    All call centres should be within australia, and our government needs to address that issue.

    Australians should be taking calls from australian customers

    thats one example of growing anger against dodo

    dodo and telstra are 1 star IPS's.

    The reply from NathE is wrong in every possible way.

    Dodo are going to be facing some very serious allegations soon, for some of the worst conduct by any ISP in australia

    leave dodo, and dont look back

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  • No
      May 10, 2012
    Dodo - I am highly disappointed with DODO’s services
    United States

    I am not quite sure where to begin; I am highly disappointed with DODO’s services, I have no trust in the Brand what so ever. I personaly think DODO as a organization is a complete joke. I had purchased internet services and a phone sim of Dodo; Intially they were very quick in sending me the so called NETCOM for my internet. I was quite impressed with the fast dilevery but a litlle did i know that it would take atleast a week for my internet to activite. Anyway, the phone sim which I had paid for was not dilevered for AT LEAST a month; and day after day without fail I made calls to Dodo requesting them to send my mail my sim.

    Finally after a month I got fedup and asked for a suervisor; soon after they sent my sim but its bin almost 2 weeks since i got my sim my services have not been activated. I have made heaps of phone calls to dodo but no action taken. Now I just checked my bank A/c – there is a transaction of $100?? Dodo has debited $100. What for?

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