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Dodge Dakota / Safety problems

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I had purchased a new 2006 Dodge Dakota at Jenkins Chrysler and Dodge in Cumberland, Md. last September. Several months later it developed an abnormal shaking in the vehicle when the brakes were applied. I took the vehicle back to Jenkins and they told me the drums and rotors needed turned and also the pads replaced.

I left the vehicle and they done what ever was necessary to correct the problem. I was asked to retrieve the vehicle a short time latter which I did but before I drove it off the lot noticed the brake pedal went almost to the floor, I asked a salesman to pull the vehicle up to the door and when he came back in stated he didn't think the vehicle was going any where. I left the truck their and was notified latter it was ready to pick up again, well the problem was still very evident so I had a talk with the general manager and was told their was nothing wrong with it to drive it.

I bucked a little and they pulled it back in and said the rear wheel cylinder was leaking and they would order one , a few days latter I was called and told it was done, again I drove the 40 miles to retrieve my truck only to find the same problem and again was told their was no problem with it to drive it, so I did.

By the time I got home I was very worried about the brake pedal fading to the floor and as I parked it that night seen that the emergency brake pedal went to the floor also. I phoned the dealer again and they told me to bring it in, I did so, when I arrived at the dealer the gen manager told the service manager to show me their was nothing wrong with the brakes as he positioned the truck on a hill and set the brake and put it in neutral I told him to pull the shifter into reverse as he did the truck took off down the hill as if the brake was never applied, he agreed it was not a good thing, at this point they adjusted the emergence brake somehow and said now it's done. I started back home with the same uneasy feeling the brakes were not right and decided to go a step further and took it to 2 different Pa. inspection stations and got the word [yes] their was a problem and the brakes was definitely faulty, I had 20 different people drive this truck and all didn't care for the pedal function.

I called the dealer once again and complained and was told to live with it their was nothing they could do. Now the fun starts no other Dodge dealer wanted to touch this truck because the selling dealer had input to Chrysler they had fixed the problem and their wasn't any thing to be done.

Ok, now I'm up again the wall Chrysler customer service wouldn't help I had called them 7 times and was told their dealers were their eyes and ears and their dealer said it was ok. Next move, go to a Chrysler garage, this paid off with in 10 minutes it was discovered the master cylinder was defective, it was replaced and now at last the vehicle seems ok.

This seems like a horror story and believe me it was, [I have only told part of the story it's too long and detailed ] I do not know why Jenkins would not repair the defect nor why other Dodge garages would not touch it or even after I had other garages write a report saying a problem existed, it was left undone.

Dodge has a 5 star banner on their buildings covering safety, I do know having a bad master is a safety problem I drove this vehicle for a month or so and as I told all at Dodge and the dealer [I once served my country in war and expected to give my life, but never through I'd come home and spend 30,000 to do the same]

Ron Miller

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  • Ol
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    Dodge Dakota - Very dissatisfied with them
    United States

    We bought a 2005 bran new Dodge Dakota. We were given 2 keys to the vehicle.

    Since 2005 both keys have broken. Not through misuse, but with normal use.

    We wonder is Dodge is trying to make more money from its customers with these faulty keys. We have to buy new keys now.

    We tried to turn this vehicle in and Dodge was going to charge us for turning it in. It was a lease and had been in an accident. We still owned money and they were going to charge us extra for the accident. The vehicle was fixed and had no problems due to the accident.

    Very dissatisfied with Dodge. They are gas hogs and the rotors are always wearing down and now the keys.

  • Pl
      4th of Jan, 2014
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    Dodge Dakota - Faulty Engine
    Northstar Motors
    1250 Main St
    Phone: (204) 586-8335

    We bought a 2005 Dodge Dakota on Nov. 29 / 2013 for 5500.00 plus taxes and on that day I noticed they took out a window motor out of the back seat and I noticed a hesitation in the motor but I was assured it was a good running truck and they were driving it daily. I just assumed it needed a tune up. The next day we had it I noticed the moulding was sitting on the floor of the truck for the window and you could not roll down the window or open the door from the inside. They did fix the window by putting in the motor they took out of the back seat and reconnected the clip to the door handle so it would work but they did not put the window moulding back on. I wound up having to remove the door skin to put it back on. A week went by and I noticed it was getting 45 km on half a tank of gas. I took it in to get the spark plugs replaced, oil change and a injector flush. A week later it helped a little for fuel mileage but was still only getting about 60 km on half a tank. A few days later I decided to replace the injector coils all 6 of them and did it myself because it was to costly at the garage to do and the truck was starting to drain our bank account in repairs. A week went by and I checked the mileage and got 127 km on half a tank and thought great finally fixed it but on Dec 31 / 20013 I started it up to take my wife to work and it started knocking so I took it to Canadian Tire and they checked the codes and did a compression test. I was standing by the mechanic when he performed both diagnostics and the computer read there was a miss fire in cylinder number 2 and when he did the compression test it was sitting at 60 on the tester which is bad for those who don't know. Now I am stuck what to do with it because I cant afford to keep getting opinions from mechanics that are going to charge me 100 + dollars just to look at it. Right now as it sits I can't test the other cylinders till it get warmer out again. Once I can test them that will tell me if its worth doing the 1 cylinder or if there is more low cylinders I will have no choice to rebuild the motor. As it sits right now we are over 7000.00 into this truck. (5500.00 cost plus taxes, aprox. 1000.00 in repairs for parts and labour) So what we got is a very expensive paper weight siting in the back yard. I did check around to see what I could do about it and was told I have to eat the cost because I don't have a warranty. To all others out there if they don't offer an extended warranty at a used car lot do not buy a vehicle from them. (Note: I am 38 yrs old and I have worked on cars since I was 14 yrs old until I was 30 yrs old when we bought our car which was only 1 year old at the time.)

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