Dodds Furniture Fairfield CA / Horrible service. Shady business . Do not order from them.6

1 455 Lopes Rd., Fairfield CA 94534, Fairfield, CA, United States

Ordered furniture 7/3. Paid in full. Was told they will call when items arrive at warehouse, about 2 was. Call to follow up 7/16, was told items arrived but warehouse closed for weekend. Assured someone will call me on Monday 7/18. No one did. Called on 7/19 and after several minutes, was told were scheduled for delivery "tomorrow" between 3-5 PM. Reminded them that we arranged delivery closer to 5PM. We work full time and can't be home before 4PM. They never showed up. Called to check what happened, was told there were no deliveries scheduled that day. Asked to cancel my order. Was told a Jag will call me next day. Next day. I speak with him next day and I explain the situation. He said I was talking to "only" and they did not know hoepw the store works (why were they there then and left to answer phones?) O said they present the company. When I said I need to cut it short since I was at work. He had the gall to get irate and tell me he is not giving me my money back and its a final sale. What a ###.


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