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Dobson Cellular - Cellular One / Lies and bad service

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I was a former Dobson Cellular (Cellular One) Customer, one who was with the company for several years. While with Dobson Cellular I recieved good customer service, had a good plan, good phone coverage, and was overall impressed and satisfied with their services.

In Deceber of 2007 I was informed that Cellular One was merging with AT&T. I was sold or told by the AT&T salespeople that I had to swich to AT&T. They also informed me that I had to buy new phones, they told me that the free phones were cheap and that they did not work. I was also told that AT&T was a better company and had better coverage.

In early January I finally made the transition. I attempted to make my last payment to Dobson Cellular (Cellular One) that is to make sue that all bills were paid, and would have a clean break to move to AT&T.

The very night that I tried to convert to AT&T, it was very painful, as I had to wait three hours in order to disconnect my old phones and set up with the new ones. The manager at the time was present, her name was Shab. She was eating, talking on her cell phone and ignoring me and the salesperson (who was new) who was attempting to set up the new account for me.

Also present was another sales lady who did absolutley nothing.

After 3 hours of waiting - I went home with 4 phone, two old and two new.

From that time on I had little or no phone service - and the salespeople would not help me after that.

I have a photo business and did not have any calls for at least two weeks. Missed three events - it cost me around $1, 500 in wages.

I tried numerous times to have the Dobson phones disconnected and only have AT&T Service.

Since that time I have been charged nearly $1000 for phone service that should be only around $300.

I was double charged, had my phone disconnected many times, have been misinformed and lied to.

Since that time I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, several other govermental agencis and have contacted several attorneys.

I do not apprciate unethical behavior, being charged for bad service and locked into a contract.

There has been a lot of of pain and suffering.

I am a photojournalist and a journalist. I plan to contact our local paper, the internet, the Washington Post and the television stations.

You will know that I do not like bad service, being lied to, and pushed around. My family is suffering because you have taken our grocery money, have not been able to communicate, and have had lost wages.

I will sue for pain and suffering!

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  • Da
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Wow! After AT&T took over Cellone they have done nothing but try to force me into a new contract that is going to cost me twice the amout of the contracts that I already have. I've had 2 contracts with Cellone for 4 years now witout ANY problems! AT&T is refusing to help me with any of my problems. They have told me on numberous occassions that if I switch to AT&T then they will help me with. I made the mistake of having to switch one of my numbers and AT&T took away from me some of my services, specifically my AOL. They have started to drop all my calls and have provided bad service since the merger! They said that since AT&T doesn't offer it than I can not have the service back, but I had it before my number changed. I didn't change contracts, I just changed my number. Now AT&T has started to create extra charges on my bills for things that should be free (due to my contract). They have lied to me, they have even gotten rude and yelled at me in the stores. If I don't switch to AT&T than they no longer care about me as an consumer! 4 years of me paying my bills on time. 4 years of loyalty...gone down the toilet because AT&T had to take over like the Germans tried to so long ago. They are forcing me into their contract by not honoring my current contract because I made it Cellone.
    I have a contract...why are they not honoring it? Does any one know of the lawyers who are sueing AT&T because of the contract they are breaking? Its got to be illegal to threaten me and refuse to help me just because I haven't switched over! Help!

  • Jt
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    I have 62 phones under a Dobson account that expires in 2010. My rates tripled when the merger took place, I lost free weekends, free nights, and free text paging from the internet. I have spent hours and hours on the phone and all I hear is they will help me once I convert to a At & T contract. They are trying to satisfy me but I am still skeptical that it will work out to the same price that I have been paying .Every time I meet with a representative it turns out to be a sales call. They want me to switch to their plan, their phones and pay 1800.00 a month as opposed to 800.00. And if I don’t then they tell me in the near future I will start having phone issues and drop calls problems etc. Should they not have to adhere to the contract that I signed? They haven’t even asked to see the contract. Some folks have been helpful but I feel that in the long run I’m going to get burnt.

  • Rj
      17th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I talked to an ATT rep over the phone about disconnecting my wireless phone because I was moving overseas. They told me that I would need to send an utility bill with my new address on it showing that I actually moved over seas and they would not charge me for the rest of the contract, $164. After, 2 monthes when I returned to Anchorage to close on my home I found a collection agency letter stating that I owed 164 plus collection fees based out of minnisota . I was quite upset when I called and they said I still had to pay and ATT doesn't care about my problem. I went ahead and paid to get it over with, however to date they have yet to debt my account with the payment I made. I do not trust this agency or ATT and expect I will be getting a bad credit rating out of this and I paid way before thier collection agency suspense.

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