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I signed up for a trial period and before it was even over they called me to sign me up for a year at a discounted rate. I accepted, thinking what a great deal it was. They never told me I could not be refunded if I cancelled. When I started doing research to choose the best prices for the items I was going to sell, I discovered that in some cases their so-called wholesale price was higher than what retail stores were selling the same product for, or the profit margin was very low. I also discovered that most of the computer products were outdated and there were already new versions available in stores (not at Doba)for a lesser price than they were offering the old versions for. I also contacted them for help on some matters, and only once did they respond, but they were not helpful. Otherwise, they did not respond to my help requests. When they offer these special membership deals to people they should tell them it is non-refundable. I think that is unethical.

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  • Sh
      Oct 30, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Doba. Just to let you know, I use wholesale Central to purchase my wholesale merchandise. They do not charge retailers (they have a free wholesale directory on their site) and they do not require any type of registration.

    Good luck!

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  • Jm
      Oct 26, 2010

    doba representatives are very misleading. You pay for a membership to "be apart" of this great company. when you do your homework you realize that you have a small profit margin. then it gets worse, by having a agent call you and ask you if you would invest thousands of dollars of your money back into the organization. Cause it "takes money to make money" as this rep told me. Don't i already pay to be a member now? dont forget this is not a get rich scheme, this is a go broke fast system. I was told if I invest 2000 buy the end of the year I could clear 60000 in a year. Boy it sure would have been nice to know what kind of people I was dealing with before I waisted my money. Whatever you do DON'T deal with these shady business people

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