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Lost $120.00 to Doba after they charged a restocking fee for an engagement ring that they sent out which was the wrong size. First they said there would be no restocking fee in an e-mail. then they refunded only a partial payment and keep the rest as a restocking fee. I feel that Doba has misrepresented it self. And should make this issue right. As a new member of their service I have lost faith in their ability to be a good company to do business with.

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  • Ca
      Feb 08, 2010

    When I source wholesale merchandise to re-sell I always use They are a free directory of wholesalers, so you can go there and search for a wholesaler and then you deal directly with the wholesaler. There is no middle man, and Wholesale Central does not make you register and does not charge a membership fee.
    They also verify that each company listed on their directory is a legitimate source of wholesale merchandise.
    Good Luck!

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  • Dk
      Dec 01, 2010

    I just filed a claim/chargeback with my credit card company due to unethical and potentially fraudulant measures. I was told by the salesperson that if I wasn't happy that I could get a complete refund and that is not happening. I am even doing it within the 30 day period. I need to explain more of why this company is very fraudulent. There are thousands of poor souls just like me that are doing the same thing for the same reasons. I am shocked that a lawsuit is not being filed against this company with all their consumer complaints.

    Here is my story: I tried a company called and did a trial on 11/2/2010 – the problem was that you needed a credit card to access the “free trial” merchandise section. A salesperson called me up within a day of my free trial and said that normally the monthly rate for Doba membership is about $50.00 but – just for me – I would get a special deal – 15months for $299.00 and Jeff – that is the salesperson’s name promised that if I didn’t like it or didn’t sell anything – they offer a complete money-back guarantee. It’s a Drop Ship Company and they are very sneaky about how they conduct their business as well as their cancellation policy. I am not happy with this company and I called three times and the last time the rep Daniel said, “We have to review the tape of the sales call.” If I wait until Daniel reviews the tape, my 30 days will be past and then I have absolutely no recourse – even though Daniel said they don’t even have a 30 day money-back guarantee. I have information that shows they do and the salesperson – Jeff said if I wasn’t happy at all that I could call and get refunded. Well, I am not happy with this company – their products are way out of line price wise and all the decent products are continuously out of stock.

    Don’t take just my word for it – take all the many, many, many people that have written in about their experiences with Doba.

    This company is a scam and I am going to provide you with quite a few links from poor folks that got swindled.
    The person I spoke to today – Daniel – who said he was going to listen to the sales call to see if Jeff did promise me things that are not in their policy. He promised me that he would be in touch with me within 48hrs. I just can’t wait. He originally was rude and disrespectful but to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t the nicest either. We both calmed down and whether I believe he wants to truly help me remains to be seen so far. I provided a link to’s help and support section that must work closely with Doba and gives information about the company – including their cancellation policy and Guarantee. Daniel said this was put there without Doba’s consent. How does he know? He is just a CS rep. He doesn’t know what the marketing people do when they work with other companies to promote Doba. I have included the link for you to review. Daniel told me that Doba doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee or cancellation such as what was on the link. The only way you could get your money back – according to the policy is to wait the full year and not sell anything. Then they said they will give you your complete money back ($299). There are so many stipulations regarding what you need to do in that year to get the money.
    They are scammers and I disputed this charge on my credit card. I also sent them all these links so they know it isn’t just me that this is happening to – it’s many, many many people that are filing complaints and I will be another one that will do so. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and even in my own state there are places to go to file a formal complaint.

    This company needs to change their fraudulent activities or they will find themselves in a courtroom some day.

    Here are all the links:

    /URL removed/ (This one takes you to a specific area that has a lot of things negative that happened to customers of Doba.) (This is the site that has all kinds of information about Doba. Daniel from CS at Doba was very eager to get his hands on this and then said it is not from Doba. I said I knew that but it has everything about Doba in a positive light. Why would they put something ion their website that could be challenged? Again – I am sure it is Marketing that is working closely with because it is all positive information about Doba and gives lot’s of information about the company. (Another site from a poor soul that got swindled as well from Doba) This is just one of many that have filed complaints against Doba for their selling technique’s and cancellation policies – salesperson says one thing and once they got your money – they will not give it back.

    I could technically do this all day. There are thousands that got taken by this company. As of right now, with thousands losing money with this unethical company – I am so surprised there is no class action lawsuit filed with them. Maybe I need to be the one to start it

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