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As a frequent donor to, I am pissed off about Brendan Burgess's decision to pull my donation for himself. Burgess claims the move is because their newly adopted guidelines do not allow them to donate money to organizations. But let’s cut the crap: this is nothing more than a snivelling move to thieve your money:

Burgess has been under pressure from objective posters to drop its smokescreen for people's hard earned cash, which received over €4, 000 from people in 2011. Most recently, Burgess forced closure of poster's accounts to stop posting this truth about his ponzi scheme has revealed his desperation to keep this under the rug. Groups have also called on supporters to boycott entirely, and decried Burgess's site as a “non-worthy donation.” But Burgess continues to censor posters by banning their accounts forever without any valid reason.

One thing Burgess misses, however, is that this money isn't declared by Burgess himself raising the possibility Burgess is a tax cheat. Isn’t it oddly convenient that his new guidelines coincide with these events? Why, it’s almost as if he adopted those guidelines in order to find a way around this, while simultaneously attempting to deflect attention into his illicit tax game.

We can speculate on Burgess’s motivations until we’re blue in the face, especially since he won’t even reply to requests to discuss the decision. But the motivations don’t change the result: Roughly €6, 000 a year will no longer be going toward but straight into Burgess's pocket which he is left to voluntarily declare at his discretion. Burgess warrants closer attention from Revenue...


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