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DLG Investments / Bill Yotty has taken money from me and my family for a bad investment!

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DLG Investments, American Capital Investment Corp, William D Yotty A Criminal AKA Bill Yotty's New Company To Steal Peoples Money! Dan L. Gootee, Martin Mair, Teresa Jackson, Roy Tegtow, and Jerry Genschorck Are Criminals. Bill Yotty has been a criminal for the past 20 years. He has taken money from me and my family! Lodi California

William Yotty AKA Bill Yotty has been scamming people for over 10 years. He has convinced me and my family to invest buying telephones with him and he lied to us the whole time about the company, while we were losing our money he was taking money out of the company. He just took our money as well as other investors money and never performed. My family and I lost all of our money with his telephone scam and I just heard he is at it again trying to scam other innocent people.

He is doing it again with his new company trying to raise money from innocent people and trying to take another company public with false statements. Someone should report him and his partners to the SEC and the DOC. His new company is DLG Investments with their website at He is also taking the following company public Thanks to [redacted] now they are trying to change their company name again to American Capital Investments Corp. They are trying to raise money illegally and they have already been shut down by the SEC once.

Bill Yotty's new puppets are Dan L. Gootee President of DLG Investments and Barry Brooksby President, business opportunities, Roy Tegtow Sales VP, Martin Mair, Jerry Genschorck, and Teresa Jackson. They have been investigated by the SEC already and the DOC. We need someone to call the SEC and warn them about this group because they are trying to raise money from seniors with a new scam. The general public should be warned about these criminals and not allow them to continue stealing money from the public.

DLG Investments, Bill Yotty, Dan Gootee, Martin Mair are raising Capital from seniors, families and individuals for fraudulent Real Estate companies. They pocket the money and leave investors with nothing.


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  • Gk
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    This name is somehow associated with Bruce Grogg of Fortuno Inc. It is run out of Lodi CA. It is involved in real estate investment fraud. The deliver false promises.

  • Te
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    Absolutely True!! Bruce Brogg, Bill Yotty, Fortuno Inc. Professional Rip-Off Artists

    I am a current investor with Fortuno Inc. operated by Bill Yotty, Barbara Thomas and Bruce Grogg. I know firsthand how their scam works. They con you into giving them your money with the promise of providing “Cherry Picked” REO properties in the value range of $45, 000 to $120, 000 at a cost to the investor of $30, 000 each. The investor does not have the ability to view the prospective properties as their inventory is supposedly to fluid to do so. Please see link to verify if you wish ( They promise you will not receive an undervalued property or you will receive a “Swap Out” for a property that does fit their promised criteria. After they have your money, Fortuno will assign a property that is free and clear but is worth much less than the money provided or is completely worthless. (Condemned, unlivable, terrible condition etc.) They will then tell you that it doesn't matter because they are going to sell it for much more than what the actual property value is. Bruce Grogg informed me of this personally! Who in their right mind would believe purchasing a property at a value well below the purchase price is a good investment? I call it what it is, a SCAM!! Fortuno will then place a buyer in the property who usually does not make the payments. I know this because I have spoken to many other Fortuno investors.

    Fortuno sold one of my homes in November of 2008 and I have yet to receive a single payment. My other home which has never been legally transferred into my name has yet to be sold. The purchase funds for these properties was submitted in September, 2008. Both of the homes I was assigned were and are worth much less than the purchase price. One of which I chose not to complete the purchase contract and Fortuno still removed my money from the so called escrow account.

    Contrary to what Fortuno claims the eviction process is extremely time consuming and expensive. I will not have access to my property until September, 3, 2009 by court order. Bruce Grogg informed me when I made a complaint that this property was quote “Squared Away”.

    These people have ripped me off to the tune of $60, 000 and are completely indifferent. They will, without a doubt take your money and not even come close to providing what they promise.
    I have filed a complaint with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office Real Estate Fraud Division. And am also currently working on a class action. Anyone wishing to do so can Email me at I have the District attorney complaint forms scanned into PDF format and can forward them to you.

  • Ba
      29th of Jan, 2012
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    Stay away from any company which includes any of the individuals listed above. These guys lie about everything and just want your money. I unfortunate in buying a property in Ohio from American Capital Investments Co. "ACIC" after a recommendation from someone I thought was a family friend. They offered the idea that I would but the property outright for $35, 000 and they would find a "qualified" buyer whoe buy the property from me and I collect their monthly mortgage payment. They also offered $400 a month for the first year until the property is sold. Well, it has been over 2 years since I originally took ownership and they never came through with anything except the $400 per month for the first 12 months. They continually lead you on saying they are reviewing applications, but nothing. After the first year, I found that the house was suddenly being vandalized, broken into and I received several citations from the city for not maintaining the property. This led to more money for repairs, etc. I then hired a realtor who was not able to get any buyers because the house is in a "bad neighborhood". I eventually had to sell the property at auction and after all fees and expenses I walked away with about $5, 000 of my original $35, 000 investment. Martin Mair now runs a company called Wood Ranch Partners and is running the same scam.
    I talked my friend into this deal when I got in and he has run into more problems than I. He tried selling his property and found that a third party had lent ACIC $16, 000 to buy his property and ACIC has not given her a dime. She inturn placed a lein on the property so my friend can't get rid of this burden. He is also experiencing valdalism and constant break ins.
    Over the past 2 years, we have not heard of any success stories through this program. Nothing but heartbreak and dismay. These so called investment properties are in bad neighborhoods, in depressed areas and often found be be listed as condemmed with the city. I recommend that you contact the city building and planning department and a local realtor in the area where the property is to get an idea of the property, or better yet, stay away from these companies. ACIC and WOOD RANCH are criminals and will take their month and run.
    They target individuals who can't afford to go after them with legal action and create new LLC's to hid themselves from legal action.

  • Mi
      22nd of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have had the same issues with Wood Ranch and Martin Mair. My friends have purchased 5 homes only to find out they are only worth about 13, 000 and they cannot be sold because they were never transferred out of the WoodRanch name. So frustrating. Martin should have a class action suit against him and go to jail.

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