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I rarely complain to companies about service - in fact this is the first time I have ever felt I need to take action.

I am utterly disappointed in the service I received from DJI Thailand. Here goes:

This is a terrible place - gives DJI a horrible name. The DJI brand should seriously investigate this shop.

Let me start at the beginning. I wanted to buy a Mavic, I started by sending an email, which just lied there in their inbox (while they do absolutely nothing in the actual store - playing games on their phones instead of supporting customers). After a week or two they replied - very abruptly, and saying it is not possible to buy the Mavic. I asked if they can order it - they NEVER replied.

I went into the store, the people there sucked. They really did not want to sell me anything. After insisting to speak with someone with a higher English level, the guy, called Tee, told me that he can have the drone ready in 2 weeks. I was extremely happy to hear this. He gave me his personal number and after about a week I started asking him if everything was still ok - he never replied.

Well well, time goes by and after 2 weeks I go to the store, again they did not give any amount of #### - they just cruised by playing games on their phones (other customers were also left to their own). After really insisting to get news, I was finally talking to the manager on the phone. He told me that the stock is on its way and I should have it by 4 Feb. I was a bit disappointed, but okay, I can wait a bit more.

All of a sudden, today, he tells me it is not possible anymore. What is going on in this place?!?!

To make things worse, I am a massive DJI fan - this would have been my fourth product from you guys - perhaps I should just go with the Karma. GoPro service is at least perfect!

Given the price of DJI products, I expect perfection.

Jan 30, 2017
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      Sep 19, 2018
    DJI - Googgles
    United States

    stay away from DJI Googgles, it doesnt work as company claims and its pure crap.

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