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1 7793 colerain avenue, cincinnati, OH, United States
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My complaint is with Joe Daskevics the owner of D&;J. I met him when he came into work to visit with his wife Donna, one day after Thanksgiving I gave him my watch that has stones around it and some were missing and then a week later I gave him my ring which also had some stones missing too. He was at the work one day in Donna's office and showed me a picture of how he was going to redesign the ring, and said that I would get is back right after the holidays cause this was his busy time of year. I work with his wife and has been to their Blue Ash home several times so I thought I could trust him. Boy was I wrong!!! This is almost March and I have not received my jewelry back. I have driven by his store on Colerain and left a message on the door and one time there was a man who told me that he evicted them cause they didn't pay their rent. I told him that was none of my business I just want my jewelry back and he said "good luck" cause there has been several people here looking for their items. I went to work the next day and asked Donna whatt was going on and she said that Joe was involved in a car accident so I waited a couple of weeks to ask for my items again, and now Donna said that she hasn't heard from him he went to go live with his mother and she hasn't heard from him. I want my items back. I thought I could trust him I guess I was wrong. I know to him these items were not valuable but to me they were, the watch was given to me by a good friend who is no longer alive. I do not know how this man can run a business and treat his customers like this. I have asked Donna several times to help me and she said that she hasn't heard from him in almost two months, I can not believe he treats his customers like this and his wife too. I do not know how he stays in business so long stealing peoples jewelry like this. I have also tried to contact him through his Facebook page until Donna told me he doesn't use his personal Facebook page and then I sent two messages to the stores Facebook page and both messages were ignored. Donna gave me two phones numbers to try one was disconnected and the other one a man answered and was very rude to me and hung up on me. Great customer service isn't it...YOU HAVE STOLEN MY JEWELRY AND I WANT IT BACK...

Feb 25, 2014

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