Wasn't sure where to post this. For homethreatre enthusiasts beware. is a web based company that sells expensive wall paint for home theatre projectors as an alternative to the more expensive projection screens. There are other companies selling similar products like screen GOO which I haven't tried but seems to have a better reputation. Something I didn't know about at the time.

Anyway I order paint which I received in the mail costing me $400au. This is expensive but still around half the cost of a low end projection screen of similar size(120"). Anyway I'm not going into details because it was long drawn out experience but the paint simply did not work. In fact it was a step backwards from the house paint white wall that I was using because it caused hot spotting and subtle streaking which was quite noticeable when watching movies. After alot of effort and emails to fix this problem they,, concluded that I was at fault and refused any kind of refund. What I was left with, was $400 out of pocket and a wall that was unacceptable for projecting onto. In the end I had to buy some more white wall paint, another $30, and paint over it. This was a long expensive experience that I hope others don't have to go through.

My recommendation is to stick with standard house paint(flat white) which I think works very well for modern digitial projectors or buy a projection screen, and at all costs avoid


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