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Divorce law / despicable lawyer

1 Behzad SaffaryHouston, TX, United States

First visit into this office looked like i had just walked into a disorganized junk yard, papers starting from the entry way floor, huge piles of files, no fax, printer or any other office equipment except an outdated, broken phone. The receptionist presented himself as unproffesional in all grounds, and rude just like his boss Saffary which i later came to find out the hard way. I decided to overlook all that since the sign outside was very appealing (DIVORCE FOR $35.00), not knowing i was getting my self into the most despicable services i had ever had to pay for. I must have been one of the few whose documents were filled and actually got a verifiable case number after $35.00 + $650.00. Atleast a month went by then i got a call from Saffary who said i owed him $1, 000 for something he had to file in response to the respondents lawyers' actions. Clearly i did not understand any of this but i trusted him as my lawyer to represent me. Couple of weeks went by with me trying to find out of any progress with my case and every time i called the receptionist told me to go to the office any day after 4.30pm to speak with Saffary and bring $1, 000 with me. If i did not call i would get 2-3 collection calls weekly, never anything regarding my case. I finally got word that the respondent signed the documents and after numerous failed attempts to get intouch with Saffary, the documents were mailed to his office. I called to verify receipt of the documents just to be reminded of my balance and that i will need to speak with Saffary who never answered his cell phone, voicemail was always full (no need to be told messages from other clients in my shoes or worse). So i decided to show up at the office because it had been 4 months and counting. After an hour of waiting for Saffary, he shows up unproffesionally dressed stated he did not get any documents from respondents lawyers who are "a buch of liars and cannot even be real lawyers because they dont know what they are doing". He then continued to ask for $1, 000 stating that i should not expect them to work for free. I took it upon myself to notify him that from the beginning we had an agreement for him to represent me and at that point he took up on the responsibility to represent me and any fees incured throughout the course of the case should not be the determinant of whether i get advice or progress on my case. Saffary (now aggitated) said i was disrespectful, stated i called him incompetent and that the other stupid lawyers (respondents) are liars. When he was done ranting i told him that is exactly what i was talking about, the unproffessionalism, despicable treatment i was getting from someone i trusted to see me through my case. He continued ranting and finally told me to walk out of his office never to come back and that he withdrew from my case, which i was hoping he would so that i did not have to fire him and still owe him the $1, 000 (which i later came to find out that the respondents lawyer did not file anything that needed Saffary to file anything in return). This is a typical office which is all about collecting money from innocent victims in urgent need of help not knowing once they are in, their files remain pilled up on the floors, important documents with pertinent information missplaced and a lot of phone tagging and runarounds. With the $1, 000 he claimed i owed him, i went and hired another lawyer who actually knew what he was doing and my case was finallized in 2 weeks (02/2010). I hate to even think of the 6 months i wasted with this SOB. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS BEING TO ANYONE, NOT EVEN AS A FRIEND BECAUSE HE IS MORALLY UNDIGNIFIED AND FOR HIM TO BE PRACTICING LAW IS UNTHINKABLE! He gets the worst rating there can ever be.. poor will be granting him something that neither him, his employee or services deserve.


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