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Divine?Design Dating / No services provided

1 England, Cornwall, United Kingdom

In response to Design Dating/Divine Dating please read from the bottom e-mail up. Thanks to all those guys who posted about this company it helps everyone else not fall into the trap.
My wife and i thought this would be a great idea to earn a few extra pounds. but thanks to the guys that posted their experiences i didn't fall for the scam instead i challenged them and this is what i received. They are very Tenacious indeed.
Sorry to all you guys that lost out, but thanks for the warning.
My name in these e-mails is xxxxx.

Hi there XXXXX,

I understand very well you personal circumstances and I would like to help you to start working with us.

What I can do is to meet you half way. You can pay 75 pounds now and then the other 75 pounds after the meeting,

I hope this helps to build confidence

We look forward to our partnership

All the best


On Tue Mar 2 19:24, XXXXX sent:

Ok. if the client pays you all the money instead of my self i will fulfill the booking. Alternatively the client can pay you the �150 and myself the rest on the night.
I think you'll agree to pay yourselves �150 without even viewing your terms and conditions is a very big ask. I would'nt give �50 to someone i didn't know let alone a company. What assurances do i have?

Subject: RE: Your Thursday Booking
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 06:12:59 -0600

Hi there XXXXX, thanks for the email, your booking has been confirmed.

Here is some information which explains why we work as we do.

When we receive the deposit of 150 pounds you will be able to start work with us. The deposit has to be in place before we release your contact details to the client. The reason that it has to be this way is because unfortunately we have been let down badly by escorts. They have done this by not turning up to meetings. This means that the client is left alone and we lose not only the client but also very often the company she is working for as many of our clients are business women.

Your client will pay you 420 pounds cash at the beginning of the evening. Please wear smart but casual clothes not jeans.

I hope this info helps and I look forward to working with you very soon,

Best Regards


On Tue Mar 2 12:03, XXXXXX sent:

Thankyou for your interest in me and my money but i will not be persuing this any furthter due to startling revelations about your proposed company.
Unless you can provide me with a real booking before payment is handed over to yourselves i will want no further contact.




Subject: Your Thursday Booking
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 08:11:23 -0600

Design Dating
12 Clifford Street
North Yorkshire


Ref. W0E2307

Good Morning,

We have already emailed earlier today but some of our emails did not make it so we are re sending again, this time with the correct day on the subject line of the email.

Thank you for recently submitting your application to Design Dating as a professional Male Escort. We have gone through your application and have found that we will be able to match you immediately with a number of our clients and feel we would be able to supply you with a decent level of work, i.e. between 6 and 12 bookings per month.

We have already secured a guaranteed booking for you for you and it will take place on Thursday 04/03/10. It will be in the region that you specified in your application and the booking will begin at approximately 9 pm. It will be a hotel based booking with a client of ours who has used our service a number of times in the past. She is in her late twenties and has requested a three hour booking with someone new on our books. We have recommended you for this booking. We try and get everyone on our books a booking in the first instance as this is the only way we have of ascertaining whether or not you will be suitable for the role of a Male Escort. Your payment for the evening will be a minimum of 420 pounds. This amount will be paid to you in cash at the beginning of the booking and she will pay for any expenses incurred. The client will contact you prior to the booking to discuss her requirements for the evening, these will be what you should wear and where and what the booking will consist of, e.g. dinner, drinks etc. and of course which hotel to meet in. In the event the booking goes over the three hour period we ask that you continue to charge at 130 pound per hour. Please note there is no obligation on either party for anything other than a social booking to take place.

In order to accept this booking and to become active on our system so we can supply you with up to 12 bookings per month you will need to send us a deposit of 150 pounds. This figure is made up of three commission payments, as your commission payment to us is 50 pounds per three hour booking. This means that for the first three bookings that you complete you would not need to send us any commission as we would deduct it from the initial 150 pounds that you sent to us. (Please note this 150 pounds is a deposit and not a registration fee and can be returned at any time, also please read our guarantee below). You will need to make this payment by cash across the counter or direct transfer, i.e. online banking to any LLoyds TSBbranch. The account name is P.W.A Recruitment; AC Number is [protected] Sort Code 30-92-33.Pleas use your name as reference when you pay. Please No Cheques. Once you make this payment please let us know by text on [protected](text only number). Once we receive this text we will then start the activation process. Once payment is received both we and the client will contact you with all relevant information pertaining to the booking. This payment needs to be made as soon as possible so we can assign the booking to you. However you have until a day before the booking to complete this.

We ask for this payment in advance from you as a commitment on your part so that we know you will actually turn up at the booking and are completely serious about joining us. Usually when people make a financial commitment like this they will honour it. The last thing we want to happen is for a client to be left on her own without the escort turning up, this would reflect very badly on us and we would probably loose the client for good which is something we cannot afford to happen.

Our Guarantee to you. We know that currently there are a lot of unscrupulous agencies operating in the Male Escort Industry and that is why we operate a satisfaction guarantee, this is: Should you not be happy with any aspect of our service we will refund you any monies that you have paid to us without quibble. We do this for number of reasons, number one its good business practice but secondly we really do not want any bad publicity that can be generated by providing a poor service, therefore if we make a mistake we rectify things very quickly. Please note there are no other agencies operating in the UK that offer this guarantee in addition to this we are also the only agency that discloses our full contact details(Full postal address and Landline telephone number) we do not hide behind any facades and are completely contactable at all times. So if you are not happy with our service, just let us know and we will get your money back to you, by either cheque, bank transfer or in the mail.

If you have any other queries please feel free to call us on [protected] (Office Hours 9am to 6pm) and we can answer any questions that you may have.

I look forward to speaking and working with you very soon.

Best Regards

John Reid.

Design Dating,


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