[Resolved] Distribution NOWPick up of purchased mattress

One of our Staff went into the Brick in Fort St John and purchase a mattress for one of our customers. The staff provided a credit card and his full name when he purchased the product. He asked about the pick up process as we would likely have another of our warehouse staff pick the product up at the time it arrived. The staff informed us we would only need the bill of sale. The brick called our store looking for an ex-employee to inform him that the mattress he ordered had arrived. We put two and two together and realized this was the mattress that we ordered and for some reason they did not use the name and information we provided them at the time of sale. We then took the bill of sale to the Brick to pick up the mattress and they refused to give us the mattress because the employee name on the bill of sale did not match there records. We had to return to the branch empty handed and pick up the credit card used to purchase the material just to be able to pick up the mattress we already paid for. I cannot believe that your employee made the mistake in the first place and yet we were the ones being punished for the mistake. This was an extremely big headache and I must say horrible customer service on your end. I can say that every member of this branch does not want to purchase anything from you in the future due to the hassle it took just to order a mattress.

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    I wrote this complaint in wrong, it looks as though DistributionNOW is the one I am complaining about when I was attempting to voice my complaint on the Brick!

Jan 20, 2017

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