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Dear 2Checkout Support,

My account [protected] was closed on 15 February 2017 while the order [protected] was placed on 14 February 2017. I got email that the order has been passed from fraud review system successfully. Later after closure of my account, I was told that the amount for the said order will not be charged case if you are unable to deposit that amount just for lame excuse that my account is closed over a year then this is fault of your system. I am just surprised to see how you guys keep your payment system growing? I know just only one thing that payment was done for the said order 1 day before closure of my account. This is why you guys are responsible to deposit amount in my account or keep all the amount safe. As I was told by your customer support team that the amount will not be charged back then where is the amount? I completed the order of that customer and provided him his complete work. Why should I bear loss? Further, if you guys were not able to capture or deposit the amount then was not it your responsibility to inform us that this order was not captured? There was no notification from you guys. You are the responsible of that amount so deposit the amount of said order in my account.

You are at the still same place and try to understand the problem and not taking seriously this matter and not interested to resolve this matter. I have reattached all the pieces of evidence for your review. we have fully spend time and effort on this order to complete it. we had paid high amount to the writer online to complete this order as it was technical order and our office writers were not able to complete it, that is the reason we had assigned this order to online person and paid high rates for it. once we received sales confirmation and fraud review confirmation email from 2checkout we had started working on this order. after that, we did not receive any kind of notification from 2checkout regarding this order. if 2checkkout notifying us at the time of order placing regarding this order, Like payment was not received and don't work on it then we surely inform to the customer and stop working on this order but we did not receive any kind of notification from 2checkout. That is the reason we had provided service to the customer. 2checkout closed the account and denied our access. when our account was closed we are unable to see anything. 2checkout held our all of the payment for 180 days 6 months. after 6 months 2checkout not paid for this order and informing us payment not captured even we had provided the services in a month or two after placing the order. after 6 months, how we can contact the customer? even customer already getting his work as for which he/she paid for. its a big amount and we are not at the position to bear this loss. 2checkout taken 5.5 % a fee from us for each order to protect our payment. that is the 2checkout responsibility if any issue with any payment/order need to inform us immediately for which 2checkout charged from us. Why we bear this loss due to 2checkout? Who is reas[posble for our financial loss? we strongly rejected your request and suggesting review this again and accept your fault and release our payment asap. if we feel any kind of injustice activity, We are determined to go to Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB). we will be forced to take a legal action against this as it's our right and we are at the right place and rightly requested for our held payment since from 1.5 years. we are waiting for the kind immediate response.

May 31, 2018

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