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I received a call from an Officer John from Dispute Resolution Center on behalf of U.S. Cash Advance. He informed me that I had not paid off a payday loan that I took on on March, 2010 of this year. He left 2 messages on my home phone as well as my cell phone. Informed that I had to speak to him by Tuesday or that a suit was being filed against me at the courthouse for nonpayment of the payday loan. If I did not comply my employer, manager would be notified and that I would be in jail for 3 years. Therefore, I did call the gentlmen to find out what this was all about, this man answered the phone stating his name was Officer John and asked me what I was calling about. I proceeded to tell that he had left a message on my phone and that I was returning his call. He asked me to verify my name. Then he wanted me to verify my SS # which I then in turn told him I do not give out my SS # over the phone. He said, then let me read off the information I have on you. He had all the information on me, address, drivers License # and what my checking account # was. The one thing that was incorrect was the email address he read off to me. I had him repeat it 3 times, and it was incorrect each time he read it off to me. He then proceeded to tell me "it must be a computer error". I had trouble understanding the man because of his middle east accent. He then informed me that i had a $625.00 loan with U.S. Cash Advance and that I hadn't paid it back through my checking account and that the legal fees and fines had added up to an additional $825.00 to clear this up. In addition, he had informed me that he was recording the conversation. Several times the connection went dead. He returned the call immediately, and proceeded to explain this to me again, for which I still have trouble understanding him. He then proceeded to inform me that he would answer all my question after he read some legal document informing me of the payday loan agreement I signed. When I went to ask him questions, he stated he was limited to time and that I would then have to speak to his manager. His manager got on the phone, informing me her name was Stacey Wright. She too also had an accent and proceeded to explain to me that in order to resolve this I would have to write a letter as such:
I___________ authorize my creditors/debit $825.00s from my debit/credit card towards my outstanding amount. I ensure the payment won't get declined and I won't dispute this payment. Date of amount to be paid.

She then proceeded to inform me that I could buy a prepaid debit card from Walmart and that it had to have a 16 digit number, my name on it, the expiration date, the CVV#. I also had to provide a current billing address, my signature, a photo ID such as my driver's license. Then she gave me the fax # [protected] and proceeded to tell me that I needed to sent this information no later than Oct. 5th, but I could send the money October 6th, because as I informed her I couldn't get to the bank. Then the call was turned over to an Officer Scott now, same fella I presume, same accent and he proceeded to inform me once again that if I do not comply with this matter in full no later than October 6th @ 3PM which I stated to Stacey that I could not possibly get to the bank to get this taken care of, that the documents would be filed in the courthouse and that I will go be hind bars for 3 years.

I also asked if I could have a copy of all these documents that Officer John/Scott or this Stacey Wright person was referring to. They said I could not and that I would only get the documents when I showed up in court.

I called the Verizon 411 on 10/1/10 because I didn't recognize the #, they informed me that the number was from Washington State somewhere in the Seattle Heights area and couldn't locate it exactly.

Today, 10/2/10 I called U.S. Cash Advance, which I might add is located @ 7953 Mall RD. in Florence, KENTUCKY 41042. I spoke with an employee of the company and she asked me if I was call directly by them or by a "collection agency". I told her that it was an Officer John and that he was from Dispute Resolution Center. She proceeded to inform me that I do not have an account or an outstanding account with them and that they only do Face to Face LOANS. You have to come into the office in order to start the loan process. We do not do loans over the Internet. She definitely informed me that her company was being targeted by SCAMMERS. Their number if [protected].

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  • Da
      Nov 23, 2010

    I recieved the same call one from acls... and Dispute Resolution Center on behalf of U.S. Cash Advance. ACLS contacted me with the same story and like a dummy I believed it and paid them the $348.36 that they said I owed them then I got another call not even a week later from Dispute Resolution Center for the same company I just paid . The only differents is I was contacted by men and women with the same accent the only differents was their names and numbers. The guy I talked to name was Mark Brown and the girls name was Ruby Melo or something like that. Their numbers are [protected] and fax number was [protected] that was contact number for Mark Brown the number for Ruby Melo is [protected].
    The other guy I talked to never gave me his name but when I talked to him one minute he was speaking english then next he was speaking spanish then he was asking me questions like did I understand him after over a dozen times of me telling him I didn't understand.

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  • Zi
      Dec 14, 2010

    I recieved a similar phone call as well from a man with an accent. The name Mark Brown was given to me as well. These people had been calling me repeatedly.They called demanding I pay back the $300 dollar I borrowed or I would be arrested. However I was suspicious because I never followed through with this loan. I had never cashed the check. Here is their number again [protected] and fax 714 9190. I asked them to email me the information about this lawsuit case. They were reluctant at first but then they finally did. This is their email address acls.[protected] I looked up the organization they said they were from, America Legal Services and discovered that these people are SCAMMERS. The sight where I discovered that these people are scammers is . The sight said to get the address they want you to send the money to and to report them to your local FBI. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION.

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  • Lo
      Feb 08, 2011

    These people are at it again this time from an Austin TX phone #. The woman is identifying herself as Pam Frost. The lines are always static filled and you can never understand what she is saying because of the accent. The first 5 times they called me they used an odd phone # that started with +52 leading me to believe it is international. There is a Detective in Houston investigating this as well.
    Tell them if there is an actual legal case moving forward then you are requesting formal service of legal documentation by a sheriff or other court means.

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  • Pr
      May 11, 2011

    I recieved a phone call today, by [protected], by someone with a very thick Indian accent. saying I owe USA $899. I almost gave in, by giving them some Debit information. They said they were Dspute Resolution Center, first FLorida...when I called back, it was Austin Texas...odd. They said Im under investigation, and that they were going to have an Officer arrest me at my home address. Either that, or I would get Court lawsuit of $7, 000+ dollars!!!

    I was scared at first, they said I could avopid this by paying $899 instead. They transferred me to another person, "account officer", who ALSO had a thick foreign accent. When I tried to say I'll call them back, they said: "So you are running away from the situation?" very threateningly. I know I owe some payfay loan companies $...but NOT USA! So I thought it was odd.

    When I tried to call them back a 3rd time, the call was directed to someone with a normal voicemail, not indian sounding, and no mention of any financial institution. I googled DISPUTE RESOLUTION CENTER in AUstin Texas, and I found that there is a huge SCAM going around, with people w/ similar stories. Very scary! Cant even call them back now, since I aksed for their location a 3rd time, they said they were not able to give that information...even though they did the 1st and 2nd call...Odd.

    ALL had thick foreign accents, and calls kept cutting in and out! Beware!

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  • Mi
      Jul 21, 2011

    I too recently recived a call from Dispute Resolution Center. This time they said they were out of Tampa Florida. They called my work and INSISTED my boss put me on the phone. They called my cell phone and my house phone as well. They had the last four of my DAUGHTERS social NOT even mine shes only 12.. When i asked if i could have account informatation to pass on to my lawyer so she could call them back they hung up on me. Then I called from my cell phone as soon as I said my name I was hung up on. They told me a sherif was going to come to my work and give me an arrest warrent for this unpaied payday loan through US CASH ADVANCE. Very frustrating and scary. Now i have to either switch my ss number as well as my daughters, ,

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  • To
      Sep 01, 2012

    I received a call from a Jimmy Johnson (para legal) but did not say with who. I was also lnformed that legal action wasd being taken against my SS# and I needed to call him back immediately and ended with "God Bless." The second call was not quite so friendly; I was told the local police would be involved and if I did not respond he would see me in the Sheriff's office. This occured on 8/31/2012. I was never told what the legal action was supposedly about. This person had a very heavy accent and seemed to have difficulty pronouncing my name I did not answer the calls or return them.

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  • Cs
      Dec 20, 2012

    Phone # they called from is now [protected] and the adress they gave me is 1523 Gulf Beach Hwy Lot 2 Tampa Fla. I checked out the address but couldn't locate it on the internet. Same story as above. They get real mad if you press them for info.

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